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"I think that's wise on your part," He said seriously, a little impressed at how responsible and levelheaded she was being about the whole situation. "I'm sure he knows that a lot of people cared about Illisia." So, in theory, hopefully the dragon understood.

"Yeah... It's both a happy thing and a sad one. I don't think it's an easy process for anyone."
"It sounded easy, when I was little." And perhaps in some ways it was, but not when you were involved. Just hearing about it was different. "I thought I understood, but I guess not." Adi's current calm was, well, relatively recent. She'd gotten the throw a fit stage out already, and that tended to be tiring.

"It's good for Harmodius, though. I'm glad about that." She did very much like rainbow-haired god.
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"I'll bet." He had to wonder how Rio even explained such a thing to her. Did it bother her now, knowing that her actual, biological mother had gone through the same thing? "It's hard for anyone to understand, I think. But yeah, it's really good for Him. ...That's why I agreed to becoming a host in the first place, you know." After he was sane and could think about it. If he'd disagreed, though, there was probably no real way to remove the gem.

"I wanted to help Him. I think I'll be able to, once Shuo is stronger."
Adi was glad, at least, that being a host was what Laurence wanted, and what Illisia had wanted. It would have been so much harder if they were like Arden, if they didn't want it. Then she would have been angry. "Did you go and see him?"
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A smile unexpectedly touched at Laurence's lips, though the priest didn't seem to notice. "Yeah. He was entirely different from what I expected--and yet, exactly the same. It was a weird experience." A good one, though. One that had lifted a heavy burden from his shoulders.

"You've more or less grown up with him around, right?" Or had it been his... other aspect, or whatever?
Adi nodded. "I've only talked to him twice, though, and I was little the first time, and he was Destruction. And I tried to chew on one of his tails." She grinned at the admission. "Everybody seemed kinda surprised he was nice to me, but I gave him a name, so maybe that's why. Still, my dad freaked out a little."
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"You did not." A grin had flickered across Laurence's face, and he rubbed his jaw with mirth at the thought. "Seriously? That shouldn't be funny." It shouldn't be. She'd more or less been chewing on God, but just the thought...

"Maybe he just liked you. You're pretty likable."
"Did too! It tasted weird." She laughed along with Laurence, better aware now that she was older that trying to chew on Harmodius - whether Creation or Destruction - was pretty ridiculous.

"You think so?" Adi smiled, glad to be dubbed 'likable.' "He wanted me to give him a name, so I did. I called him Tails."
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"Better than it tasting good. Don't think that would have gone over so well if you'd tried to make Him a permanent snack." The thought very nearly made him cringe. Better enough for everyone involved if God did not have to deal with a baby, however adorable, attempting to gnaw off bits and pieces.

"Would I lie?" He did had to pause at the name, then laughed again. For some reason--well, he'd been expecting something a bit more official. "Tails, huh. If I didn't think Shuo would pass out from embarrassment--" And he kept talking here, to keep the dragon from calling him out on his bluff-- "I might try and address HIm as such."
"Yeah, that probably would've been a problem. Not everybody has wings you can eat." That would be pretty awesome, though! Especially if they were all different flavors...

"He probably wouldn't mind." Adi would like to see that, someone else using her name for Harmodius! "He said later it was okay, that the important part was that I meant it."
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Wait, wait, wait, back up. What? "Wings you can eat?" Laurence sounded stuck between skeptical and horrified. "That sounds painful. And harmful." And just generally sort of weird. But then again, Adi had been flipping his world upside-down and around ever since he'd gotten here.

"Meant it..." That made his brows furrow. "How do you mean? Like, it wasn't a joke or something?"
"Wait, you don't know?" Adi blinked at her friend, surprised that she had somehow never told him. Well, she was going to have to fix that right now, because seriously, it was pretty amazing, if she did say so herself. As if he wasn't horrified enough, she was quick to reach back and tear a small piece from one of her gummi wings to offer to him, grinning. "It doesn't hurt at all! And they grow back, which is good, 'cause Rio breaks his all the time. Anyway, it's candy!"

"He said what mattered was that I gave it wholeheartedly. So I can still call him that, even though he doesn't usually have tails anymore."
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Laurence nearly leaped out of his skin when she ripped off a part of her wing, his hands immediately shooting out as though to stop her. "Christ, Adi." He swore without thinking, mortification spreading across his face before he hurriedly ducked his head, muttering a soundless prayer for forgiveness. He did, however reluctantly, reach out to take the piece of wing before he gingerly took a bite. He wasn't fond of sweet things, but it surprised him to find out that... well, it really did just taste like candy.

"Should try giving him some candy." He muttered to himself, snorting at the thought.
Adi couldn't help but laugh at his reaction - goodness, it was like he thought it was actually going to hurt her! Which was sort of cute, that he was worried about that. She continued to grin while he ate the piece she'd given him, tail waving. She had successfully been distracted into feeling better, at least for the time being.

"You think he'd like some? I gave him some flowers once..."
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"I think he'd like anything you gave him," Laurence said honestly before he took another bite, chewing thoughtfully as he did. "Hey, how long's it take for your wings to grow back?" A nosy question, maybe, but how often did you meet a wolf-girl who could take her candy wings off and give them to friends to munch on?

"Don't think anyone could really say no to you though, let's be honest."


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