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Adi was in a wonderful mood - of course, she usually was, but this was an especially wonderful mood, because after her birthday, today was the single greatest of the year. It was Valentine's Day! There were presents today too, the difference being that they weren't all for her. Which was fine! She liked giving presents, too! Which was why she was wandering around the Pantheon grounds with a big box full of cookies to give to anyone she happened across. They were, of course, heart-shaped and slathered with pink icing.

Adrienne was even done up a little bit, dressed in pink instead of black, since she didn't have any plans to go digging in the dirt or hunting for dinner...well, maybe a little later, but she'd change first. Even Phlox, trotting along behind her, hadn't been able to escape the occasion, and had a little red bow tied around his tail. At least it wasn't pink.

When Glyph came back, she'd have to ask him if there was some sort of...Tree Day or something. That would be just as awesome! And she could make, hmm, tree cookies. Or flower cookies.
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He had been helping in the forge, though not as a creator. He steered clear of the forge itself, which meant he generally kept clean. Instead, he was often in the dark, solitary storage areas for the many weapons being made. A clipboard was seldom far from his hand, and a pencil was often stuck behind his ear, tangled a bit in his hair. He'd been diligent, but it wasn't enough work to keep him always busy. Not only that, but he found the storage area entirely too gloomy. Thus it was that today he had taken a break, both from tallying as well as from the hustle of the Pantheon rooms.

As far as what day it was, he was completely clueless. Perhaps he'd have been more wary or anxious about being waylaid had he known, but instead he was blissfully unaware, sitting out in the daylight on a wide swath of grass. His legs were crossed comfortably, and he was leaning back on his hands, gazing up at the sheltering dome above them. For once, he wasn't fretting over anything or ruminating on deep subjects. He was simply enjoying being outside, without anything to occupy him.
Aha, a someone! Someone who seemed maybe the slightest bit familiar, which was always a possibility when you lived somewhere like the Pantheon. Adi wasted no time at all in bustling over, and crouched in front of him with the open box. "Have a cookie!" she insisted - in a friendly way, of course! - with a wag of her tail. "They're fresh~"

Cookies first, then introductions. Priorities!
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Startled by the sudden appearance of someone else, Arc sat up straighter, blinking owlishly at his new companion. To his chagrin, he found himself gazing up at a rather scantily clad girl. The fact that parts of her were furred, that she had a tail, mattered very little to the self-concious god. His cheeks immediately flushed pink, which clashed with the bright green tips of his hair and slight shading on his skin. He dropped his eyes immediately to the box she shoved nearly under his nose.

Cookies? In the shape of hearts... that seemed significant. He gingerly took one, doing his best to not look too much as their bearer. He stared at the cookie in his fingers, only half seeing it. Yes, there defnitely was something about the shape, the color... what could it be? Hesitantly he probed the echoes of memories left behind from Rairne. Yes, yes there was something. Heart day? Love day? Something like that. Love day, hmm... his eyes drifted back to the fetching teenager and his cheeks heated again. Love day?! He hurriedly took a bite of the cookie to cover his embarassment, inhaled too soon afterwards and sucked crumbs down his throat.

He spluttered, sending crumbs and bits of icing scattering. He managed to have enough sense to turn his head before doing so at least, but he had to cough and gulp to get down what was doing down, and get out what was coming out. With a last wheezy hack, he looked up at her again with watering eyes, gave her a weak smile, and managed to rasp, "Yummy."
Why the god was blushing, Adi wasn't quite sure - maybe because she'd surprised him? If she'd known the actual reason, she'd have been thrilled. As it was, she was all set to wish him a 'Happy Valentine's Day!' and finally introduce herself when he choked. One one of her cookies!

"Oh no!" Expression turning to dismay, she hurriedly put down the box and moved to pat him on the back. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay? I knew I should've brought milk, but that would've been a lot to carry..."
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He gulped, stifled another hack, and swallowed hard several times, clearing his throat of stray crumbs. His troat ached and his eyes were watering badly, but he swiftly attempted to return to normal. He dashed the tears from his eyes and cleared his throat.

"You are right," he managed, "on both counts." He gave her a rueful half grin. "Milk would have been nice, but it is too much for you to carry." He sucked in a normal breath finally and let it out slowly. "Let's try this again," he resolutely took a bite, paying more attention to the cookie this time than to its baker. It was quite good, and he nodded in appreciation of it, raising it in tribute to the furred girl.
Oh, dear. She felt very bad about that! It was always unpleasant when things 'went down the wrong pipe,' as Rio sometimes called it. Still fretting, though he seemed to have recovered, Adi tried to think of something she could do to make up for the lack of milk. "Oh! Would you like tea? We could go to one of the teahouses..."

Something was better than nothing! Unless that something was coffee. Blech.
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Her simplicity of concern and thought was refreshing after rolling about in his own head. Though on the one hand her curvy figure made him terribly uncomfortable, her mannerisms and personality was putting him at ease. The outer person was easy enough to set aside in his mind, and thus see her only as who she was on the inside. He chuckled at her suggestion, rising to his feet.

"Yes, I think tea is exactly what we need," he agreed amiably. "But this time won't you have a cookie too? I feel selfish enjoying them without you." He took another cautious bite. The frosting was a bit sweet, but shouldn't it be? "Did you make them yourself?" He scooped up the box and began walking towards the nearest teahouse. Tea most certainly did sound good right about now!
"I've had a few already," she answered with a giggle, "But there's really no such thing as too many cookies!" At least, not for someone as perpetually active as Adi. Fortunately for her, her love of eating was pretty much equal to her love of running - and climbing, and swimming, and generally not being still.

"I did!" she confirmed, following with a little skip. But then she remembered something, and laughed. "Oh, I almost forgot! I'm Adi."
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He smiled sidways at her, bemused by how catching her light and airy manner was. He was feeling slowly more at ease as she continued her blithe attitude in such a relaxed and natural way. It was definitely helping him to focus on her as a person rather than being overly aware of her general lack of clothing over curves. She acted like a child, and so he began to perceive her as one. Had she acted as sultry as she looked, he'd definitely have continued being awkward and uncomfortable. This thankfully was not the case, however!

"It is indeed a pleasure to meet you, Adi!" he replied with growing enthusiasm. "I'm Arctang, but you can just call me Arc if you like." He set down the cookies inside the teahouse and began to hunt for what they needed for the tea. "Hmm.. I don't know where they keep everything in here." He glanced at her hopefully. "Don't suppose you know where they put things?"
"Have you not been in here before?" Adi inquired, somewhat surprised when he admitted that he didn't know where anything was. She'd assumed that he was from here, or at least had been about the Pantheon, but if he didn't know where things were in the teahouses, maybe he hadn't been in one before...and if he hadn't been in one, maybe he hadn't been at the Pantheon long. Which was strange, she'd thought he smelled like he might be a god. Maybe she wasn't as good at smelling things as she thought!

The werewolf readily indicated the hiding places for all the supplies. "Sugar's here, honey, and the teas are here!"

Lots and lots of tea. "What kind of tea do you like?"
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"Oh, I've walked by before," he answered hastily, "and they looked like nice spots to come, but... well, I usually drink my tea with friends. Elsewhere." It sounded terribly lame, once he'd said it, but it was entirely true. Usually he sipped tea with Taj in his rooms, and the once he'd taken tea with Lisana on one of the lawns. Further awkwardness was incoming with her question about his favorite tea. "I... well, I don't know which I like best. Usually... someone else... makes it." He stumbled to a halt, feeling foolish and horribly like he'd been lording it over others that he was a deity, even though he hadn't. He frowned, caught on the feeling of discomfort at realizing how much he'd been served by others, but not been serving others himself. At least not tea, anyway.

"Why don't you pick one?" he finally answered with false cheerfulness, trying to break his own circle of awkwardness. This time it had little to do with her clothing, or lack thereof. No, this time it was him. He was growing tired of his inner struggles to define himself, to become comfortable with this life. He gritted his teeth and shoved the darkly roiling feelings aside, determined to make the most of what should be a very enjoyable occasion.

He sank down on one of the cushions and folded his legs underneath himself. "Have you given away very many cookies today?" he asked lightly, this time succeeding in sounding more cheerful.
Adi tried to puzzle out why he started acting awkward all of a sudden, but she couldn't place it. They were just talking about tea! Huh. She certainly hadn't done anything to bring the little bout of awkwardness about, at least that she could figure. Her long ears twitched curiously as he continued, as though to try and pick up on it somehow. It also seemed odd that he didn't know what kind of tea he liked, even if he didn't make it. Wouldn't he at least know if he liked it or not?

Oh well. "Hmm...green tea's probably not much good for cookies. We could just have earl grey, that's pretty simple."

"Oh, lots!" she answered, getting together the appropriate supplies. "I even had to make some more."
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He mutely nodded agreement with her choice. Right at the moment he'd have been fine with just plain water, so long as it prevented further dry throat. He wondered briefly if being socially awkward could ever be considered a respectable deity quality, though he seriously doubted it.

"Kudos to you for all your hard work then," he said with admiration. "Though I suspect it's a labor of love, pardon the pun." His mouth quirked up on one side, his eyes warmed with the smile. "You seem to enjoy handing them out, and I would suspect you enjoy making them as well, if you were willing to make so many." Having had the host he did, he knew next to nothing about such domestic niceties. Street urchins did not bake cookies or make a pot of tea. She would have loved learning these things, he knew. Once again he pushed away the melancholy that came with thought of his host, determining instead to enjoy it on her behalf.

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