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Zhijian lounged in an open area of the Pantheon, stretched out to his full length as a dragon. Near him stood a second dragon, perhaps a third of his size, and brown in color - a generally more 'western'-looking dragon, with webbed wings and less length to its body.

"Thank you, Likoth." The Fangbridle dipped his large head approvingly. "You may tell J'lah I will be along in a few days." Once given that leave, the smaller dragon lauched itself into the air, and soon faded from sight.

When Likoth had gone, Zhijian sighed. Having followers could be so much trouble, not that he didn't like them, or that it wasn't worth it in the long run, but this lot was particularly needy. He was used to the ancient, self-sufficient errais, so shepherding these stranded newcomers had been considerably more work than he was used to. There were things to explain, things to help with, and - occasionally - drama to weather.

Hmph. He needed something exciting, something to get into, or at least a brother to wrestle with.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Today's swim had revealed a rather serious scene, so Xun Jiang had remained more or less hidden in the lake, waiting for his brother's visitor to leave before starting any trouble.

Even if the urge to do so while the other dragon had been around had been high.

Now the tiny dragon had left, and Xun's head peeked out of the water, only from his eyes up, water more or less hiding his grin. Zhijian had his back to him. How fortunate. How... handy indeed.

That fact was all that he needed to use both wings and tail to send a medumly-sized wave of water against his brother's back, and the newly-reborn dragon king vanished back in his element as quickly as he could after grapping a breath. Let's see someone trying to catch him in his element !
What?! Zhijian whipped his length around, looking for the culprit. Someone had splashed him, someone who was, presumably, in the lake. Someone who was also, presumably, a dragon. After all, who else would dare disturb a Dragon King? And if it was a dragon, the options were Tian Yue - too large - and Xia Lu Ling, unless...

Hmm. The Fangbridle took a deep breath and slid into the water, coiling through it. This might be Ti Lung's element, but Zhijian was fast no matter where he was.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.The Fangbridle was quick to take matters in his own hands, not that Xun Jiang had expected any less. He was cutting through the water with obvious ease, wings and tail aiding him rather than hindering him. He knew that Zhijian would catch him sooner than later...

But hell, that was part of the fun.

He darted back to the surface as soon as he saw Zhijian close on him, scrambling up on a rock. He might have made it in time for his brother not to see him, had it not been for his tail hanging in the water still...
And that tail was all he needed! Zhijian was quick to seize it in his jaws and pull the other King back into the water - but not to stay there, oh no! He hauled the smaller dragon out of the water and pinned him. All without actually hurting Xun Jiang, of course. He was (mostly) careful!

"Do you have any idea how long it takes me to dry?" he growled, feigning irritation.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Xun Jiang let out a yelp as he was dragged down by the offending limb - betrayed by his own tail, what madness ! - and went crashing back in the water. From then on he had little choice but to go wherever Zhijian would take him - this was just a tiny bit unbalanced, really !

"How thoughtless of me." He didn't seem too worried, even when pinned down by something nearly 10 times his size - the body had not grown an inch from the transition from night elf to god, and he was pretty comfortable with his height as it was. Likewise, the body's sex seemed to do little to bother the god within. It was easy enough to realize who he actually was, and saw no need to point it out. The skin color practically gave him away.

"As long as you don't start smelling like a wet dog~" He was grinning, much like an annoying younger brother might have. Rather fitting, really.
"Wet dog, no. Wet dragon, yes!" He snuffled at his brother, having of course recognized him as Xun Jiang by now. If the water attack had not been enough, he still looked quite a bit like Illisia. But with wings! This was very interesting, as Tian Yue and Xia Lu Ling did not have them.

Zhijian released the water-dragon, settling back to eye him approvingly...but not without teasing. "How pretty you are, little brother. But what are those wings, hmm? They're in the wrong place!"
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Xun moved to sit when Zhijian finally let him go, rubbing as his shoulders a bit. Good thing he'd been careful with it, or he could have gotten squished. Dragon pancake. Not an appealing thing.

"What ? Are you jealous ?" He gave a mock pout - it only served to make him look even more feminine than he already looked.

"My wings are perfectly fine, thank you !" He had no idea why he had wings down there. Not a one. Surely this was a reason, and if he remembered what he had once looked like... But he couldn't remember a thing. Sometimes he wondered if he ever would, or if whatever had been had been all but burned away by two deaths.

Well, it wasn't that important, wasn't it ?
Zhijian laughed, the sound booming, and his green-on-blue eyes lit with merriment. If only Xun Jiang knew! "Jealous? Hardly! You should ask Tian Yue what I looked like fresh-reborn."

He shook himself, shedding a great spray of water from his fur and mane. He would be very fluffy before long! Well, maybe...it was very inconvenient to be so large while with someone so small. Was this what it was like to be his fully-ascended brother? Zhijian shed his dragon-shape to better join - and properly cuddle! - Xun Jiang. Naked, but when had he ever cared?

"It is good to see you, brother," he purred.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Hm ? "Well, now that you made me curious, I certainly need to." He said with a laugh, as Zhijian took on a more managable size. Well ! This was better, yes, and he did nothing to stop the cuddles. Xun's own shirt and pants were nearly constantly soaked, so he had nothing against naked ! Sometimes he stepped out almost naked, until he remembered. He blamed Illisia for that.

"It's certainly good to be here." He said with an happy rumble. "And be able to drench you correctly." He stuck out his tongue.
This was good, this was better, another sibling returned. Maybe soon Shuo, or Xuan. He was not generally an emotional sort, but he loved his brothers and sister so, missed them. Now the world was a little closer to being right. He curled affectionately around Xun Jiang, tail twisting with delight.

"Just remember when I start to smell, it was your fault." Of course, the only thing to do with this brother now that he had him was to chew on him, one of those nice webbed wings. Gently. It wouldn't do to put holes in him.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."Oh right, it's always my fault, isn't it ? You just had not to turn your back to a body of water." Duh. This was begging for trouble, right there. Silly Zhijian.

"My wings are not chewtoys." He couldn't help it - he flicked his brother on the nose much like one would a misbehaving dog, through Xun was quite certain it wouldn't make his brother cease and desist. "Bad dragon."
"The lakes here have not previously been so rude," he sniffed.

Xun was quite right, it would take much more for Zhijian to stop...well, being Zhijian. In some ways, it seemed to be his place among the brothers - playful, irreverent, an instigator. Not that most of them didn't have their moments, but he had a lot of them. He wrinkled his nose and snapped harmlessly at the offending finger. "Wrong. Everything is a chewtoy."
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."But certain things do nibble back..." A threat ? Perhaps. Either way, it was obvious that Ti Lung was more amused than annoyed with the turn of the situation. Everything felt good, felt like it should have - he didn't need to question things any further than that, really.

It just felt good to be alive - the serious things would catch up soon enough, he was certain.
"I doubt you are very good at nibbling," Zhijian hazarded playfully, "You do not have the teeth to do it properly. So what have I to fear?" The Fangbridle clacked his fangs together in the air for emphasis.

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