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Illisia was silent as the rest of the dragon conversed. She had brought forth her ideas, and now she couldn't think of much else - she simply did not have the knowledge, and neither did the dragon that slept within her, recovering from his first failed rebirth.

She felt a pang of guilt come from him from that, and she did her best to squash it - it simply couldn't be helped.

She remained careful of her surroundings even as her long eyebrows knit together in a pensive expression, not keen on ending up flattened under massive dragons. Not that she thought any would do on purpose - but the fact of the matter was that, well, she was so tiny and Tian Yue and Zhijian were... very big.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Oh, to bring Gianfar of Knowledge before the Bretheren! If only that were possible! "Brothers, I too would bring Knowledge before this Council so that we may each have the pleasure of pulling information from his feathered behind...but he is not currently available." The Dragon growled softly, eyes shutting as he delivered what could be considered yet more bad news.

"Neither of Knowledge's mates have gotten sight, scent or feather for a long time. Perhaps I, in my workings with Gianfar, was the last to speak or see him." And that had been..oh, before the Lotus Ceremony, by...days? Weeks? It was hard to recall, with so many things having been such a blur due to Gehenna. "No, Gianfar will not be able to aid us, unless we were to seek him out in whatever plane he currently resides....but the spiderine Aoide, Destruction's servant...Xedre...he may yet be of use to us."

And yes, he still wished for Tian Yue to expand some of his learning of Names...if not him, then...another. The more that had the knowledge, the better. And Harmodius' imperative that they should reforge connections - stronger ones, ones that could last this time, perhaps - was yet another thing to focus on; if nothing else came of this meeting.

(OOC: Sorry to go out of turn, but...I thought it best to do so, this RP is so freaking OLD at this point I'm mostly wanting to write Yu out of it, but if others wished to add more/get more from it, I am happy to continue.)

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