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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Well, thatw as most troubling news, but fi they wanted a fight, he'd find a way to do so no matter what - well, avoiding the being 'unmade' part if possible. He was certain he'd see it in action once before, in the lack of effect, and injury to one of their own during that chaos.

He was going to object quickly when it happened, and he went stubling back, trying to get clear of the flailing limbs of the two, trying to avoid being knocked by a tail and then-


Right on his butt and nearly all the way onto his back had he not caught himself. His hat was askew now as he took in the sights and sounds, realizing then that it was all fun and games. He gave a roguish grin and the sight, finding it quite the contrary of what he'd think of Xia and this newcomer.

I thought I sensed one... Zhiji? I admit, quite the nice display... She wasn't fully willing to openly admit to being amused by it.

Kheviel laughed. "Xuan thought she felt something was all, I wasn't quite expecting that." He attempted to right his hat, flashing a grin at Illisia. "Welcome!"
User Image That his mock-attack against the Emblem Pillar was so successful was a pleasant, delightful surpise. Laughing at all the curses that flew his way, he rolled all around with his brother, even forgetting for a moment his curiosity at this host he had never met before. He was careful of his claws and even his fangs, as he ever was at play, but fur certainly flew - they both had plenty of it.

Once the flurry of draconic activity was at an end, Zhijian set to nomming contentedly on Xia Lu Ling's tail, even as he eyed the blonde elf. Just as he was about to ask which brother Yu had found, the host said something of she, and that could only mean one thing: Qian Lung. The Dragon King who was not a king at all.

Xia Lu Ling's tail was abandoned as the Fangbridle now pounced to seize and cuddle Xuan Yi's host. "Sister~!"
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Since his meeting with Lord Creation, it was fair to say that Laurence had... well, become notably more relaxed. He understood things now, and felt privileged that he, out of all people, had been able to finally meet with God in person. Shuo was content too, if not quiet, and the priest had to wonder what the normally talkative dragon was thinking even as he stretched out his long legs for a walk. It was a little too hot for his tastes, so the black trench coat had been shrugged off his shoulders and slung over one of them, leaving the golden cross to jangle freely now.

The sound of commotion immediately made him wary, and he paused for a moment; his instincts were still rattled and stuck on permanently high-gear after what he'd been put through, but he was slowly starting to accept that most of the things around here, no matter how frightening their faces, meant no harm. You brooding? He suddenly asked the dragon, abrupt as always.

I am not brooding, I am merely thinking about... some things. Shuo replied. It had been so good to see Him again, and that ache of longing was temporarily subsided, but it frustrated him to think there was so much he had forgotten.

Don't buy it. The priest snorted out loud.

Yes, well, you are skeptical of many things, and I--oh. The dragon cut off abruptly. Could it possibly be? Though he was weak, he sensed them, and some of them seemed so strong! I think my siblings are at hand, Laurence. He finally sounded cheerful, more like his usual self.

Ah-ah, no changing the subject, I don't buy that either. Still, he leaned past the tree to take a look, his gaze sweeping over the gathering of... well. Dragons. The black behemoth that was Yu caught his attention immediately, as well as the... well, he wasn't exactly sure how to describe the furry, horned, winged thing that was cuddling some man, but he assumed it to be a dragon. A more manifested dragon. And there was Illisia, too, and his shoulders eased some, but the man would remain where he was for a moment more. They'd meet them all soon enough, but for now, he was a little wary.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Zhijian had caught Yu at just the right moment - he'd been distracted by Xuan and Kheviel and not paying as much attention as he should have been. His beastial brother was probably the only one (beyond say, Tian Yue) that could sneak up on him so well. It was kind of fun to see who would sneak-up successfully on the other. Fur and fluff and some feathers did fly, but nothing serious - just playing (which was a helluva lot more fun when there was fur to soften some of the sharpness).

When they were done, Zhiji was gnawwing his tail just as he was chewing at one of his horns. But then the green-blue Dragon King realized who Kheviel held within him and all but tackled Xuan Yi's host. "Yes, she's back." His ears twitched as he caught another scent - too faint to really pinpoint, yet familiar. Yu got up and dusted his thick fur off so he was standing in a somewhat refined manner. Serious dragon being serious (trying).
Illisia watched from her hopefully safe spot, clearly amused - at least it was good to know she hadn't been the only target of Zhijian's antics. And, well, he looked like he was...

Yup, he was going for Kheviel next. And Laurence, hanging at the corner of her vision - she did turn her head to smile at him. "Careful, Zhiji pounces."

Not that the priest needed a warning, but hey.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.He'd had no warning when he was pounced, and fell backwards onto the ground, trying to avoid flailing and squirming hopelessly under the much larger mass above him.

Xuan was laughing, even if she knew it was irritating Kheviel slightly. "Yes, brother Zhiji, it is I, and my host Kheviel," she said with a smile. "Although as much as being pinned friendly-like is fun, you might wan tto be careful not to squish him too much. I do need the body in one piece." She gave a wink.

Kheviel came back with an expression of mixed horror and flusteredness at what she'd said, but at least hoped maybe she'd save him from being squished or something. He knew she had a point but... well, did she have to make it so pointed? Ah well, no reason to fuss, she was among family, and it was all good. He had to get used to them anyway at some point. "I'm not quite used to being randomly pounced," he admitted.

He was, at the moment, oblivious to the fact there was someone there, and far more concerned about Zhiji on him. He'd definitely have to do laundry after this one.
User Image Zhijian wasn't the least bit concerned about how Qian Lung's host might feel about being pounced. His sister was here - sort of! - and that was all he cared about. While he did oblige Xuan Yi by shifting his weight off the elf, he didn't actually let Kheviel go. What he did do was rub against the blonde like the very happiest of cats, with a deep, rumbling purr.

Sistersistersister. And not only was she here, so was Yu, and Xun...never in this life had he been with three siblings at once!

...and who was that? His enthusiastic cheekrubbing stopped for a moment - though the purring didn't - when he took notice of yet another host. He blinked his green-on-blue eyes and sniffed in the priest's direction.

With this 'discovery' of Qian Lung, nearly all of his siblings were accounted for, save for Shen Lung and Mang. Which beloved brother did this man bear?
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Spotted. Send up the alarms and guard dogs. Still, he'd offer a tight-lipped smile to Illisia, venturing out from behind his tree and more out into the open. It somehow felt a bit like a walk onto death row, but he was trying, at least. "So I noticed." He'd mutter wryly, an amber eye warily fixed upon this Zhiji's face. No, it was clear that the Dragon King wasn't at threat... but if he could avoid getting knocked on his back, then by all means, he'd try to do so.

"How're you and Xun?" He'd ask the elven woman, knowing he'd been pretty absent from the duo's room as of late. He'd been meaning to stop by, truly--things had just started piling up one after another, and, well, he was here now.

Still feeling eyes on him, he rolled his shoulders a little, unconsciously attempting to shrug off his discomfort. "...Laurence Pershary." Came the curt introduction. "...Host of Mang, Shuo Huang Zhe."

The dragon didn't even have anything to say at this point, all but swelling with happiness at the sight of their mostly regathered numbers. Two missing, among them... One was Shen Lung, wasn't it? Laurence thought that was what he'd been told--but then again, he really only recognized Yu, and Xun.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Boy, the Dragon Kings were a boisterous bunch - but then, they were a Brotherhood forged by deep-rooted connections, one to the other to all; it was only natural they be excited for such a reunion. Just as being close together naturally brought them peace of mind and heart and soul - and being close to Creation even more so.

Yu's wickedly scary face had contorted itself into quite the pleased expression. Zhiji did what he wanted to; that is to say, Zhiji pounced and marked Xuan the Sister's host and also seemed ready to do the same for Illisia...and the newly come Laurence. What a tacturn looking gentleman, so reserved in semi-familiar company...even after having basked in Creation's presence. Xia Lu Ling snorted in the priest's direction and twitched his tail in a happy manner. They were here! Almost all of the Kings! It was cause for celebration...of course Tian Yue wasn't there, nor were Chien Tang or Jin Huang...after that, yes - only one of their number remained...unaccounted for.

"Come now, Host of Mang, Laurence." Here the dragon laughed and shook his great head so the thick silver-tinted hair moved out of his face where some had fallen (thank you Zhiji); he remembered the way this one had regarded him at that first meeting...the way that he'd wished to 'cast him back to hell' or some-such nonsense.. "None here will harm you. Come, be welcomed by your kin, o' Brother Dragon."
Whispers of so many Dragons gathered did not escape the ears of those brothers still within the Pantheon's walls - so it was that within a few minutes of the impromptu gathering, Tian Yue launched himself off his chamber balcony with a delighted roar, coils whipping at the air as he took dragon-shape and curled downwards to seek his siblings.

"Having a gathering without me? This won't do," he proclaimed, ears fully upright as he landed, his jaw dropped in a huge draconic smile, his tail lashing with delight.

Nearly as undignified as Zhijian at his most enthusiastic...

But he didn't care. These were his brothers and sister, and his heart rose as he saw how many were there; some he didn't know yet, even! The Dragon King settled to the ground, his sides rumbling with a happy purr as he peered at those present.
"We've been doing fine." She'd noticed his absence, but was not upset by it. Laurence just did as he wanted, much like she did. She'd offered shelter as a quiet place, a safety - not an obligation.

The sudden roar did make her ears stand up straight on pure reflex, which did look rather comical.

Tian Yue apparently made it his life's work to freak her out.

It was a little surreal, so many of them in one place after they had been told, again and again, how hard it had been for them to find each other. Xun was very much in that same kind of silent glee than his brother Shuo was in, well, except from one single word, with deep amusement coloring his tone.


Illisia couldn't help herself on that - she did laugh, but at least attempted to stiffle her giggles with her hand. She probably looked batshit crazy.

Well, maybe not, keeping in mind those around her.
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.He was certain his hearing my be slightly impaired from all the purring possibly, at least until the loud call of a dragon. He couldn't do too much in reaction, being as he wasn't exactly able to do too much, but it was hard to not notice the very large dragon there.

He craned around though to see who Yu had addressed, and noticed the other man, who was apparently the target of Zhiji's stare now. At least he wasn't being rubbed against anymore, because ti was incredibly awkward. His hat was knocked off somewhere to the side, and he probably looked worse for wear, but he'd manage. He threw a wane smile to Illisia, since he really couldn't feel too enthusiastic while being nearly flat on the ground.

Mang? Xuan queried, echoing Yu's introduction/call, taking in the sight of the man. Certainly, the dragons had all taken such different hosts. She'd been put to a man with a sense of honor and right, who also had a personality that definitely did not match hers, Zhiji and Xia had taken more beastial hosts but were no less different for it... the variety was startling, to say the least. But then, they were all very different themselves in some ways. She felt truly content, truly happy to have so much of the family together at once, so many brothers, and to finally know about them and their return! Some were further along coming back then others, but still, it would be a matter of time.

"It seems a good day indeed, to see so many of us together again," she observed. She now knew of so many back, there weren't too many more unaccounted for to her, and even then...

Kheviel decided to behave himself and not comment on what came to mind after what Xia had said - if he was lucky at least maybe then he'd be able to stand up again and dust off. And not be purred at so loudly. It made him think of Zhiji as a giant housecat, which was incredibly awkward considering he was trying to not upset Xuan at the same time with this thoughts, and let her enjoy the moment.
Mang! It was Shuo! Kheviel was spared further rubbing as an enthusastic dragoncat made to leap at Laurence - who was in turn spared by the arrival of Tian Yue. While he didn't have favorites among his siblings, well, he had something of a special attachment to Tien Lung. He roared in answer and bounded over, shedding his clothing to join his brother in dragon form.

...his being much smaller, of course.
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The toothy one—Yu.—was talking to him, grinning and offering reassurances that he was safe here. It wasn’t that he doubted the great, black beast. In fact, he was hesitant that this would all lead to more cuddling and other uncomfortable things. Still, he owed Shuo this much, and grudgingly, silently, he’d nod and begin to step forward.

That was when the great, shattering roar echoed across the gardens, and the priest flinched despite himself. A dragon, an enormous, ******** dragon, and had he not been so stubborn, he probably would have been feeling a little weak in the knees. Was that....? Who the hell was that? His heart was pounding, despite himself, a mingled sensation of awe, admiration, and, yes, a bit of fear for being startled so.

We are nearly here, all of us, after so long. The dragon was aching with happiness, his presence stronger than ever. Then sister spoke, and Mang could not resist the temptation to speak to his siblings any longer despite Laurence's shock at hearing, well, a female voice coming from the obviously male host. "We are nearly whole again, nearly one. I am so happy to see you all again..." And he knew they understood and sympathized, for they were his siblings.

When Zhiji began to pounce, Laurence nearly tripped over his own feet trying to back away--but then there were two dragons, the smaller joyfully racing towards the larger.

Laurence watched for a moment, stunned, and decided it was a good time to find a tree and sit down.
Tian Yue's tail wriggled in delight as Zhiji shifted and bounded to join him; he dipped his head to nuzzle at his smaller brother affectionately. "It has been too long," he rumbled, partly to Zhijian alone, and partly to the group at large. As he lifted his head again, he could see Xia Lu Ling, Illisia, Kheviel... and one he did not recognize, who nevertheless smelled like brother.

He tilted his head to one side, curious, and extended his long neck in the stranger's direction. Could it be Mang, perhaps? He had met all the others, had he not? "I do not believe we've met in this life, Brother-host," he said, sniffing daintily at the man. "I am Tian Yue, Tien Lung... and you are...?" Even though he knew how intimidating it was, he couldn't keep his jaw from dropping in a draconic, toothy smile.

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