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Welcome to the Breedable/Changing Pets Roleplay forum! This forum is designed to house roleplaying threads and journals for the Breedables community, and is open to all. There are a few special rules for this forum that everyone should follow:

- Only roleplaying threads related to Breedables belong in this forum. This includes RP threads for shops, diary/journal threads, private roleplay, and RP events. As long as the roleplay revolves around pets and characters obtained in Breedable/Changing Pets, it belongs here. Roleplay threads that do not involve Breedables will be moved to the Barton Town forums.

Note that threads for showing off your pet collection are not permitted here either. All such threads will be moved to the Chatterbox. If you want to show your pets off, please either create a thread in the Chatterbox, use the 'Show off your pets!' sticky in Breedable/Changing Pets main, or use your journal or guild.

- Do not post in private roleplay or diary/journal threads without permission. These threads are intended as a place for the owner to tell a story and keep a record of roleplay. Interrupting threads and posting in them without permission is considered very rude, and such posts will be deleted by the mods as spamming.

If someone posts in your thread without permission, either PM a Breedables mod or use the 'report this post' button to let one of us know, and we'll take care of it for you.

- Follow the rules of the thread owners. Most of the threads here are connected to a shop based in Breedable/Changing Pets main. While some threads are open to all participants, some shops only permit owners of their pets to roleplay in their threads. Please visit the main shop for each thread and become familiar with the rules there before posting in any thread.

- Follow the Gaia TOS. The general rules of Gaia are, of course, in effect here. Please remember to keep your roleplaying within the TOS and the PG-13 limits (this means no sexual roleplay, etc is allowed).

And that's it! Enjoy, and have fun roleplaying your pets. ^^