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Of Mice and Men made me cry. The ending was so sad. crying
    Agh! How could I forget to mention this one in my first post??

    You're right, it's so sad! gonk I was the only one in my grade nine english class who enjoyed reading it.. >.> Freaks, they just didn't appreciate a good book.

    In fact, so few people actually read the book that our teacher brought in the movie instead. Haha, Gary Sinise was in it. I love him.
hibari amano
books that have a person dying... except if its the villain who died or a less mentioned character...
    I cry for villains AND less noted characters.

    3nodding They're fictional people too, you know.

    Or animals/hybrids/plants/machines/trees/cookies/etc.. sweatdrop
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Where the Red Fern Grows. Completely broke my heart.
Quite a few have:
Bridge to Terribithia
A Walk To Remember
Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes (i didnt fully cry but just about ans i'm still readin this but its sad)
A Child Called It (real or not real it made me cry and almost sick)
umm and i know theres a few others but I can't think of them right now... cry crying
The one and only book that has ever made me cry was The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak.

Read it.
Harry Potter: HBP and OotP
The Outsiders
Where the Red Fern Grows
Memoirs of a Geisha
All books make me cry. When I'm on the home-stretch in the book... I just want to bawl. The adventure's almost over... my time with the characters is ending... everything's resolved... the characters go their seperate ways... *tear*
Hp books 5 and 6

Lion witch and wardrobe: aslan! stupid lion....made me cry!

Eldest when brom kicked the bucket

JRR tolkens Lord of the Rings *sniffles* its always the old wizards....


Series of unfourtunate events!

Memoirs of a Geshia


Reading is emotinaly unheathy....
I'm reading a book called Tory's Tuesday, about two girls in a German death camp, I'm barely into it and it's making me cry, and I know it's only going to get worse cry
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The Perks of being a WallFlower made me cry. emo
Bridge To Terabithia was the first book that made me cry ever. I think I was around eight or nine. Soon after Where The Red Fern Grows got me. Reading everyone else's lists reminded that A Child Called It not only made me cry but messed me up a whole lot. *shudder* I'm still not okay after that one.

There have been several books that have made me cry that I just can't remember.

The most recent one was Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince. I was a bit embarrassed since I was in front of my family at the time, but then I talked to one of my friends a day later who was still crying. She cried non-stop for three days.
I can't remeber all of the books that make me cry, but Narnia because of the religous Jesus dying for us, Bride To Terabirthia, and I think Gaurdian Of Honor-I think I cried readsing that. If I did, probably because of deaths or almost having the main character die.
yay!! i made that Ode-to-edward signature with paint! yay!! oh, and a book that made me cry was guitar girl by...by...forgot.
Memoirs of a Geshia
Where The Red Fern Grows
The Outsiders(Oh man did this one make me cry!It was in class too!In my head I was screaming,"JOHNNY,WHYYYYY!?!?!?!" wink
When I was younger I used to cry every time someone died. For example "Anne of Green Gables" and other parts about Anne's adventures.
Now I am rather incredibly sad when I finish some books, but I cry sometimes too:
- "Attic" W.Wasilewska (I'm sure no one knows that old Polish book ^_~) Sad story about the orphans.
- HP
- "The Little Prince"
- "Roselynn"
- "About a dog which took a train" (I was really young and it was shock for me, I remember when my mum cheered me up)
- "Kalamburka" Malgorzata Musierowicz
I don't remember the rest but I am sure that there are more...

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