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The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause is a sweet book.
and it brought me to tears with and sad, but good ending
I agree... I read that book years ago and I loved it smile
The Outsiders made me cry when I first read it. And there is another book, but I cannot think of the name.. It was about a boy & his dog and the dog gets shot or attacked.
A lot o-o lol XD
Hmm... The Harry Potter series made me cry. When Sirius, Snape, Dumbledore, Hedwig, and Dobby died ;~; </3 Night World Series made me cry~ When Poppy had cancer and was dying o-o Damn I dunno o-o Too many books. Usually if a favorite character of mine dies thennn I shed a tear or two XD
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Very few books have actually had me in tears by the time I was done with them, however there is one book in particular that comes to mind. Bridge to Terebithia is one of the few books I can think of off hand that made me cry at the end.
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Catcher in the Rye

When Holden started crying for the 2nd time, I cried too crying

also Flowers For Algernon

I really pitied Charlie, poor guy.
I think the only book that I have ever started crying was in the Time Travelers Wife.
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Black Foxes by Sonya Hartnett. The last few chapters really got to me. I was an emotional wreck for hours.
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The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
The Owls Go ---
Don't laugh....but....

Harry Potter. sweatdrop


I cried reading Deathly Hallows.
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Dead Air by Bob Larson.
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The Hunger games, Neverwhere and Watchmen
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Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time)

When I though Rand set the room on fire (or balefire?) and his father was there and i though he accidentally killed him. I cried till I read the next chapter. False alarm lol. Wasted tears.
The Book Theif and Smiles To Go crying
There was this one about a girl who was married at the age of 9 to a guy who was 30 something. I was bawling my eyes out crying
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"Firewing" by Kenneth Opal, I cried when Shade gave up his life so that his son could live, and then the ending when he went as a spirit to hug them, it was beautifully sad.

"Shadow's Edge" By Brent Weeks, cried after when Logan gave his speech the men who rejected their female family members/lovers/sisters/daughters for going into brothels to save themselves suddenly realized their mistake and they all reunite... yes...

"There's a boy in the girl's bathroom." this book made me cry TWICE. When he went back home and saw his father on the porch and there was finally an understanding between them. The other when at the end of the book he gave the counselor the 'gift from the heart'. TT__TT

Book titles are deceiving little things. XD

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