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Woah. I just got the clambake achievement and realised that everyone who's posted is a girl whee
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I'd like to see... maybe Sabriel by Garth Nix, that could make a good movie, but if you wanted to do the rest of the trilogy it would have to be a TV series. I'd also like to see some of Isobelle Carmody's works adapted, but again it would have to be TV.

They've also started making Terry Pratchett tele-movies/ mini-series... and I have to say, Going Postal was epic, but I'd like to see Nightwatch made. Also the Tiffany Aching books would make for some awesome TV.
Ohh the Garth Nix ones would be cool, but only if done extraordinarily well. Like Chronicles of Narnia well.

Also the Godspeaker books by Karen Miller. The fight scenes would be really cool. Also I could totally see the WWE wrestler Kofi Kingston playing Zandakar. They would also have to be done extremely well. Like two parts for each book because so much is detailed that happens.
Movies of them would never be made I think due to the effort that would have to be put in and lack of the size in fanbase that could guarantee a return on the efforts.
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The Companion Quartet, the Kane Chronicles, the Immortals series, and the Nightworld Series, and the Marked Series would be amazing if they were made into movies. razz
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I would like to see the Tortall series by Tamora Pierce made into a movie series. as long as they don't ******** it up like what they did with the new generation cover art.
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The Uglies Trilogy. I'm surprised it hasn't been done already!
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At this point in my life, I've reached such a level of skepticism that I just want Hollywood to leave all of my favorites alone unless they do a DAMN good job of it. The only adaptation I've seen as of late that's been up to my "required" level of perfection was The Hunger Games.
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Yeah, Hollywood does tend to make a muck of it when they do book adaptations rolleyes
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I second the Kane Chronicles. Percy Jackson was good, and that's coming from someone who doesn't like Greeky Mythology. Now Egyptian Mythology... mrgreen
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Although many of my favorites were already mentioned, I would love to see some books by Margeret Peterson Haddix turned into film, specifically Running Out of Time, and umm, that series I can't remember the name of... The ones about time travel...
The Warrior Cat series. Period. It would have to be animated, though, because it would look kinda odd with real cats. I've been waiting for that movie ever since I discovered the books. However, I'm afraid that, if they made a movie, it would be horrible @~@
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Wow more replies than I expected.

Personally I'd like the Gregor the Overlander series to be made into a movie. Something about seeing gigantic rats and bats appeals to me. ouo

...And dude I got Clambake as well. O_O
The book I do
want to be made into a flick
was a cartoon but
seeing a live action would be killer
for the Last Unicorn

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