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Do you like to read?

Like to? I love to!! 0.86298547439992 86.3% [ 16754 ]
Yea, a bit. 0.11156897084578 11.2% [ 2166 ]
I like movies better. 0.017513134851138 1.8% [ 340 ]
I can't stand reading! 0.0079324199031627 0.8% [ 154 ]
Total Votes:[ 19414 ]
i'm reading down to the bone by karen harper then after that i'm gonna read harry potter the 4th book then i'm gonna read the angels triology by lurlene mcdaniel
right now, i'm reading 1984 by George Orwell
blue is nightmare
im reading the new harry potter book its cool i like harry potter but i should b reading the sherlock holmes book i have 4 summer homework stressed i hate school i guess i might get the review off spark notes lol o well
I'm currently reading Pendragon: The Rivers of Zadaa. It's a series of ten books and this is the sixth. I prefer it over Harry Potter. (Dont shoot me. <_< wink

I was reading A Clockwork Orange, and that was entertaining, much like the movie.

Soon I'll be reading, Blood Legacy: The House of Alexander. The second of an upcoming trilogy.
Lioness Rampent by Tamara Pierce
Re-re-rereading Kushiel's Avatar. Just finished re-re-rereading Kushiel's Dart. I heart those books.

Also reading The Count of Monte Cristo and I should be reading October Sky. (For college, bleh)
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I'm reading a book surprised
just finished daughter of the drow
I'm reading two books; Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.k. Rowling, and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum!
right now i just finished frankenstein by dean koontz and waiting for the second part due in august.this is a whole new look at the creation from dr. frankenstein.its so rich with imaginative originality.
imagine the doctor himself and his creation amongst us today survived by genetic manipulations and quatum physiology.
has anyone read ann rice's sleeping beauty.now thats some freaky stuff.
I read any V.C. Andrew books I can get my hands on! Right now it's Willow, tomorrow probably Rain! I love V.C. Andrew's books! Oh, and Stephen King is awesome too!
Currently I'm reading Return of Nightfall by Mickey Zucker Reichert.

It's the sequel to Legend of Nightfall with was published back in 1993(Return came out in 2004) My non-spoilery impressions

Hee! Glee glee glee.

Edward you naive loveable noble fool.

Ohh dayamm!


Hee more glee.

uh-oh trouble.

more glee.

oh ********!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha
I'm reading True Confession of a Heartless Girl by Martha Brooks
i am reading tales of the OTORI across the nightingale floor episode 2 journey to inuyama it is real good you should check out the sieres twisted

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