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What's a good indicator that you were kidnapped as a toddler?

The child on the milk carton looks a LOT like you 0.35897851970548 35.9% [ 17698 ]
You overhear your parents talking about the time they kidnapped you from other people 0.21926532930367 21.9% [ 10810 ]
Your family often refers to your birthday as your Kidnap Day 0.11472383927304 11.5% [ 5656 ]
Your middle name is "Thechildwestolethatonetime" 0.11472383927304 11.5% [ 5656 ]
There's a book on your parents' bookcase called "So You've Decided to Steal a Child" 0.19230847244478 19.2% [ 9481 ]
Total Votes:[ 49301 ]
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awesome biggrin
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Um...I don't know how to respond to that... sweatdrop
Paradox Zephyr
eek Oh... sweatdrop
Paradox Zephyr
I dont like milk D: .... unless its that kind of milk heart whee

redface omg an artist ..... draw me like one of them french women I heard you love
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Oh! This sounds interesting.
It honestly reminds me of the moment in Eerie Indiana when Marshall saw his own face on the milk carton. (:
read this a while ago it is an older book but was good if you like that sort of thing and if you really enjoy it there are following books
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Isn't this an old book? I'm pretty sure I've read it before. I think a paperback copy is chilling on one of my bookshelves. If I remember correctly, it was a decent read.

It *is* an old book. It's very good and so is the sequel. The author is a great writer, lots of YA books. And did you know her child was murdered? sad
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Birthday as kidnap day
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OMG is all I got to say exclaim
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blah!! heart
Kidnap day. Lawl.
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