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In the middle of "Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett. This book is Hilarious! It is so quick witted it'll have you laughing out loud sometimes. Awesome 21st century fantasy filled with satire. One among many in a series but each book is an independent book in itself!

Original Summary: When The Hogfather, Discworlds incarnation of Santa Clause, goes missing just before Hogswatchnight, it is Death who takes his place. Follow Death's granddaughter, Susan, as she tries to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance before Discworld's entire myth system comes undone. I've been reading this 400 page book since earlier today and am already more than 300 in. I love Pratchetts style. You should check out his seamless, and witty storytelling for yourself(:
Been reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, and it's been one hell of an adventure. I feel like I'm reading a corny 80s technology flick like Hackers or something. Sometimes his jokes are just plain corny, though. I mean, stop and stare at the page unimpressed corny. Overall, it's a pretty great book if you like video games, you're an 80s enthusiast, or a VR evangelist.

I would love to know any other corny technology adventure/thrillers. I just recently bought Cybermancy by Kelly McCullough. The synopsis was so corny, how could I not buy it?
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Has anyone read the book series Acorna by Anne McCaffrey
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Ok, book recommendations go!

My current fix is Tess Gerritsen.
I have read most her books.
I also like Erica Spindler, Alex Kava, Heather Grahm, JT Ellison, Lisa Gardner. I also love Patricia Briggs.
My go-to genre is the horror, mystery, thriller, cop/detective stuff.

I'm pretty open to most genres, save for the romance stuff.

So, recommend me some good stuff!
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I will definitely have to keep an eye on this thread. I work in a bookstore and sometimes it's ridiculously hard to come up with recommendations for people, especially when my wheelhouse is so different than theirs. (C'mon kids, be brave- read something other than The Fault in Our Stars!)
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Anyone have any suggestions for some Fantasy or Cyberpunk? I know, My tastes is weird and runs in different directions but... XD
Or anything really, as long as it's not the modern High school stuff, romance or vampires involved in romances. ^^'
The Rule of 3 by Eric Walters
I recommended one of the current series I'm reading, Ignite me.

If your wondering, the book is about a girl and her friends in the middle of war, and suddenly got shot in the chest from a commander, however, she was able to survive with the shot, with the commander's son Warner, with his help and her friends, they will be able to end the war with Warner's father?

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