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The Witch of Blackbird Pond. I think I had to do a book report on it, I have no idea how that project went. I remember the lady at the bookstore recommending it to me because, "Oh I loved it when I was young and it has great reviews blah blah blah I'm a liar." So I buy it and I want to rip out the pages, shove them down my throat and throw them up again. I'm not usually graphic or violent, but god DAMN did I hate that book -_-

Need I say the Twilight series?
Well, Twilight. lol

And though I haven't read her most recent two because I'm still twitching over the last one I read, xd Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series got really bad. The main character has become a joke, etc.

Can't really recall any books that top that level of horrendous. lol
Twilight. herpderp.
Upton Sinclair's 1906 novel The Jungle. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISS.
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That was uncalled for. If I said something to offend you, then I apologize. However, everyone has different opinions. Just because mine do not agree with yours doesn't mean I'm unintelligent, nor does it give you the right to prejudge me. If you happen to like those novels, well, good for you. That's your opinion, and I respect it. I would appreciate it if you showed me the same courtesy.
Oh, how I've longed for this day...

The fact of the matter is that most people who fail to see the brilliance in those novels are unintelligent. Brave New World is a difficult read, admittedly, but others should in no way be discouraged from reading it just because their peers are too close-minded to understand it.

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...the day I might finally cast away this mask to reveal my true self.

Unless they're not going to get it either. If the horse isn't going to drink when you lead it to the water, don't waste your energy leading it there. </mild cynicism>

However, I disagree with your first sentence. I find it far more likely that they've just not been taught how to appreciate literature. I'm sure I could find some pretty damn intelligent people who just weren't interested in what most consider 'classics', simply because they've never been taught how/why to appreciate. Same thing with most people who trot round art galleries, spending all of thirty seconds inspecting each painting and then whine that "modern art isn't art". They're not unintelligent, they're just unlearned (and I use 'unlearned' because for some reason it sounds slightly less sinister than 'uneducated').
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Old Man and the Sea. It just seemed to have no plot to me. All it made me do was want raw tuna.
I didn't like The Scarlet Letter that much either, which was odd because I really expected to like it. It was just so wordy, and everything seemed so incredibly passive.
I had to read River of Earth. So unbelievably horrible. Interesting things happen(the mom burns the house down, a cow gets a corn cob stuck in its throat, someone shoots a school teacher), but it's portrayed in such a boring way and in Appalachian language. Might appeal to some, I don't know, but not me.
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I couldn't tell you precisely why - and I know that someone is going to come along and hate me for it - but I absolutely hated The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. There was just something about it that annoyed the pants off me. I couldn't finish it - not even for school.

I used to think it was because of the mishmash of mini-plots, but I've read books since that have those, and liked them just fine. It isn't the age of the book, because I love most classics.

'Tis a mystery. confused

You are not alone. I hated the book, not for the same reason everyone in my lit class did (Its too hard to read the dialect, blahh) I didn't care for it because it was a slow moving story line that took too much effort to even connect things together.

Another book I hated: Tuesdays with Morrie.
I cannot stand that book. It sickens me! Its a glorified self help book with dialouge shoved in. Albom's other books I liked just fine, I just hate that one.
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The lord of the flies. I dunno there was something about that book that just made want to rip the author's throat out. Maybe its the fact that the kids were annoying.

Twilight just for the fact that it became to popular and the fans are crazy.

The bluefurd books or whatever like "Summer of Secrets", "the gun", "the bully" those short books were nothing but after school specials and another teenage problem book.

Surprisingly that's really it on my hate list.
i absolutley hated this book called Betwixt,i dont remember the authors name.i found the plot ridiculous and underdeveloped and the characters seemed flat though the whole thing...idk i just didnt like it
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Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
I was bored the entire time.
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I hate the House of Night series. I absolutely loathe it. My mother bought the it for me because she thinks that I'll love naything that has vampires in it. It seemed like the author was trying to write a TV show so someone would pick up her book and make it a movie.
It's a personal thing, so I'm not going to get into the why, but Thirteen Reasons Why. I refused to finish it, which kinda bit me in the a** because I was reading it for school.
Absolutely hated Brave New World. I can see why it's a classic, but I still hated the book. And we were reading it in class and the teacher made us write a paper on it that I half-assed because I hated the book and couldn't think of a good topic. :/ The teacher didn't like me much anyway so I don't think it really matters.

I also really hated the House of Night series (I could only finish the first book and that I only did because I forced myself to finish it).
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Everything by RA Salvatore. Don't know why I'm still reading them; just hate giving up on things.

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