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The Underland Chronicles holds a special place in my heart. Originally my brother had first picked up the series and I thought the cover
looked nice so I read it as well. Despite what people say I do judge a book by its cover.^^ll

And then I heard about HG with one of my favorite author's name on it.
My brother and I both gave it a shot. Despite the pretty cover and the crazy dystopian world, I couldn't really love the book or the characters.

By far I liked Gregor and Luxa more than Katniss and Peeta. :I
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User ImageI love both series about the same, but I do think Underland chronicles handled I few things better than Hunger Games.

I could relate more to UC's characters, so when bad things happened I was genuinely concerned for their well-being. I liked the cast of HG, but never connected with any on a personal level.
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I read HG before I read the Underland Chronicles and I gotta admit they both are really good. I mean, I probably would have read the Underland Chronicles if I would've known about them, but my friends didn't suggest this series to me until AFTER I read HG. razz
It's been awhile since I have read that series. I think I finished the second book and then stopped reading the books. I should go back and finish the series. I should also finish the Pendragon series. But from what I can remember the series was pretty well-written and better than The Hunger Games in my opinion.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?~ I re-read all 5 every summer! & basically The Hunger Games Characters are just The Underland Chronicles' Characters (Ripred=Haymitch, Gregor=Peeta, Luxa=Katnis, ect.) So technically we do find out that the Luxa character ends up with the Gregor Character.... So they do end up together... *sigh* & It does tick me off that everyone's screaming "HUNGER GAMES" & I'm like U should read "Gergor the Overlander" By Suzanne COllins too... & THey are like "read whaaaat?" -_-
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I heard about the Underland Chronicles..I tried tos ee if I could find more of her books..But when I read the description..It didn't appeal to me..The plot may be different, but it jsut sounded to much like Narnia..Instead of someone going through a closet, he's going through a door in the Laundry Room : /

Besides, one thing that ticked me off when Gaia started advertising that cooka bout a prince..They said, "by the publisher's of The Hunger Games"..My thought is, it's Scholastic Press..The name stood high way before Hunger Games. Everyone knows of Scholastic Press, and Scholastic in general..They don't need to give the name of the Hunger Games. If you've been in school, you know about Scholastic. But this is off topic lol
This is something that has been bothering me for a while. Why has no one heard of the Underland Chronicles? I read the Underland Chronicles first, so when I found out about HG I was excited to be reading more of the author's work.

I couldn't really get into the Hunger Games. They were good, but I think the Underland Chronicles were so much better. I just felt like the characters were more likeable and better developed. For those of you who haven't read the Underland Chronicles, give it a shot. I thought they would be super boring, but as soon as I read the first chapter I couldn't put that book down.
I came on the Underland books
when just looking at the shelves in the
kids part of the library, not knowing anything
about the Hunger Games at all and after
the first book, Loved the idea of a whole
under world under new york!

Taking in Gregor is about 11/12 and
dealing with a shock and trying to get
his sister and how he comes to deal
with everything, I liked him better then
Cat right off the bat once I did spot the Games...
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Wow, The Underland Chronicles seems so outdated now. XD

I read the first one a few years back, before I knew about The Hunger Games, and it didn't really grab me the way THG did. Don't get me wrong, Suzanne Collins is a great author, but the whole "Hey-Look-I-Found-This-Cool-Place-Everyone-Is-Albino" thing was strange to me at the time.

In Gregor's defense, he was a little less depressing than Katniss at times. Maybe it was the third-person POV...

I might revisit the series, though. smile
Oh wow, I haven't heard The Underland Chronicles mentioned in awhile. It brings back memories. All I've heard are people talking about The Hunger Games and yet no seems to have heard of The Underland Chronicles. Sad really, because in The Underland Chronicles, the characters were better developed and seemed real. In The Hunger Games they seemed flat. But to each their own I guess.

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