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The quality of energy is like a slowly unwinding spring.

... Go figure xD

The forest kept close around her, trees hovering nearby.
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entombed for centuries suddenly exposed to the day.


The dwarves of yore made mighty spells
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"'Press?' I couldn't quite keep a nasty slur out of the word."
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"...on the telescreen there marched the endless columns of the..."
His mother had taken off her blouse and dropped the shoulder straps of her white slip to let a man who was not his father suck on her breasts.

.... confused
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"Hey, unlike you I'm not into fat girls."

I'm re reading Battle Royale. So I think you guys lucked out with lines.
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"It bubbles and hisses angrily"
. . .
I thought it would be more beautiful
But I ended up putting such an ugly line!
"'...from college and his family.'"
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Father's. He claimed it with a silent fierceness that you did not test. My
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The world is not beautiful

"...changing style as it changed technology. Rebel captains who..."
"...and talked about the smell of spring and the taste of the..."

Therefore it is.
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"...be extremely uncomfortable should he make any sudden..."
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'mouth. "Ugh, this tastes like crap"'
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"Scatter!" I shouted. "Get out of the firing range!"
there, that's my line 3nodding
"It probably had more to dowith the hurled bombs, thrown down..."

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