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So, I'm a big reader and a bit of
speedy. I can do 500 pages in 3 hours
or in books, 2500 pages in one week if

Or how many books
can you read a week?

Can you read more then
one at the same time?
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I read about 2 to 3 books a week but I only tend to read for a few hours every day, usually before I go to bed.

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Original Fatcat

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I can read about 400 pages in 5-6 hours. ._.
Which, I suppose now, is quite slow compared to you.
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I normally read at work. So in a six hour shift I can read 200-300 pages, but that's around serving people, doing chores and such things. How much I read also depends on if I can concentrate on the book. When I get excited I tend to prolong the excitement by putting the book down and pace while thinking about what might happen. If it's too boring at a part, I put the book down and have trouble picking it back up so I might only read a few pages in an hour. So in a week I can read 2-5 books or not even finish one, and it depends on how big the books are as well.
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I've read 11 books from the Macro & Cato series by Simon Scarrow in a week.
I take my time. I see no benefit for rushing through a book because sometimes, moments and key facts can be skip over. But I read about a book a week, depending on interest and how busy I am.
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I can read about 400 pages in 5-6 hours. ._.
Which, I suppose now, is quite slow compared to you.

According to this I read slower than third graders. But I take my time t actually SEE each word in my mind's eye.
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If I'm REALLY into the book I can usually finish a novel in a day or so. If I'm NOT into it but want to finish it anyway, anywhere from a couple days to a week.
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If a book grabs my attention, I can read around 100 words an hour and I could perhaps finish a book in a week but I wouldn't try to do that usually since I just wouldn't take much of it in.
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I take my sweet time and it takes even longer now that I'm busy. One book every week is my minimum.
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I remember reading a 300 page book in one night, once, but generally I don't see any point in rushing through something. If I'm enjoying it, I'd rather make it last.
There have been a few books
I will just speed read a bit, like I always
will finish book even if its dull
and slow....so at times when I have too, I speed
read it
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I read about 550-600 words a minute.
I don't know how many pages that ends up being,
but I read pretty fast.

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I can read about 400 pages in 5-6 hours. ._.
Which, I suppose now, is quite slow compared to you.

That test says I read 975 words per minute and 290% faster than the national average.
I have to read 3 - 4 novels a week and class readings so I've learned to read fast. I can finish a 400 page YA book in 2 hours.
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According to that Staples test, I read 194 words a minute, which is 22% slower than the national average.

I used to read a book a week, but I don't have that kind of time any more. When I do get to read, I like to take my time and enjoy the book because like someone else said before, I might miss details from rushing.

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