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I admit I do sometimes if it has a bit of a...quirky, lets say, cover, I'll be more hesitant to read it.
I'm so sorry sweatdrop
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Oh goodness, I have to admit I do this more often than I should. Especially with nonfiction books. The more the cover intrigues me, the more inclined I am to get it (and of course, if the subject matter is good too).
Absolutely! I know I shouldn't but - sometimes you just find one of those books that gives you cover envy and you cant help it. Works in reverse as well; some hidden gems are buried inside tacky covers or ones that are far too plain that I probably never would have picked up.

Edit; I should note that this applies mostly with books I know nothing about. Most everything I pick up and read Ive read a synopsis for already. But those I pick up by way of cover are usually followed by the reading of the back/inside cover.
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Yes and no... often enough, when I decide to get a book, either I've read it in the past or I've read enough about it that I know I want it, so the cover is incidental. On the other hand, if I'm browsing the shelves and deciding between books, then sometimes it does come down to whether or not the cover art is something I want to be seen with (I often take a book with me when I'm out and about, and I'll usually end up on some bench or leaning against a wall, nose in the book as I wait for someone). And since I do most of my book buying at a used book store, it's not unusual for there to be different editions of the same book. Sometimes they're priced differently, depending on the condition they're in, but when all else fails, the deciding factor between one copy and another is going to be the cover art. It just is. xd
not really, though I did get the Three Kingdoms books, thanks to playing dynasty warriors. lol
I always consider the cover when choosing a book. If the cover looks interesting there is a really good chance I will enjoy reading it.
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Well. Yes and no.
Like if im looking for a good book to read, Ill look for an interesting cover. Then read the inserts or back of the book.
Im surprised how many books ive read just because of a badass over.
usually that book isnt that good. sadface.
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No. Because in the end, it doesn't matter how beautiful the cover is--If the book sucks, then it sucks. No amount of pretty artwork is going to solve that. Although, more often than not, once you read the book you usually realize that the artwork does tend to match the book itself in some way. I give you some examples: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater has a simple and understated cover, while still being very lovely. This fits the story very well, as it is about werewolves, but in an understated sort of way, with a beautiful love story winding it's way through the book. The Raven Boys also by Maggie Stiefvater has a striking cover that is just glorious and a bit mysterious at the same time. The story itself, is likewise very stiking and full of mystery and adventure, with just the right amount of fantasy (and the paranormal) to make your head spin. And if you want a bad example, there's always Jennifer Barnes' Raised by Wolves Trilogy. The covers are all unoriginal, cliche, and completely to be expected in the YA genre. The books themselves were even worse. Especially Taken by Storm. I'm pretty sure that book would beat out anything Stephanie Meyer has ever written in terms of how much it truly sucked. I only bought the first book because I am obsessd with werewolves, and thought it might be better than it looked. I really should have known better.
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Yes and no, but it does help that all YA books look like they're in a competition for the ugliest photoshop manipulation.
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I confess that I had started reading The Sisters Brothers by Jame DeWitt, because I thought the cover looked cool. It was a fantastic read, so I wasn't disappointed. I loved the interactions between Eli and Tub.
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Most of the time, no. Only book I bought solely on it's cover was The Stars At War (which is actually two books, Crusade and In Death Ground); saw it in the book section while working at Dollar Tree, and I thought it would be interesting (it was; I plan on getting the other books eventually). I did consider getting Death Troopers (Star Wars zombie novel) when I saw it, but didn't have money for it.
When I saw the book 'Battle Royale' and I saw the cover.

I bought it for that purpose.

Awesome book. Mediocre movie.

Generally if I am desperate enough to buy a book rather then go to my college, public, or use Internet sources. My choice is already made and I am knowledgeable about what I am buying. The book can have a cover of corpses, if I know that I want it. I'm buying it.

Same can be said if I am going through my college library, I already know what I am looking for (Generally, this might not apply if I am shopping through fiction looking for an interesting read). At which case I can deduce from the author (If I know them) if I may or may not like it, so the cover hardly plays a role.

The only way a cover will sell me is if it has awards on it, and it has a good introduction on the back. Otherwise, I'm not interested. Besides if we judged books by the cover, do you think people would buy books with Christ getting crucified on them?

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Sort of. If I'm just wandering around looking for something to read part of what draws me is the spine, title and cover. All of that is a preview for the preview as far as I'm concerned. It should have some sort of character to it that shows what the book is about. Older books I give a sort of a pass to on how it looks, same with if I'm looking for something in particular. Older books because a lot of them are kinda fugly or confusing about what the book is about. And books I was already looking for because often if the covers aren't all that great at telling you about the book it's because it's an older edition or cover style.
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I admit I do sometimes if it has a bit of a...quirky, lets say, cover, I'll be more hesitant to read it.
I'm so sorry sweatdrop

not when it comes to the purchase, but yes, when it comes to whether or not i bother looking at the summary on the back, then i tend to be more enticed to do so when the cover catches my interest as well as the title
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Only all the time.

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