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I recently watched the movie and have been contemplating the book.
Is it worth the read or?
Oh yah
the books only get better
as you go along even
'to the very last one!
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Let's just say that the movie was NOTHING like the book and the series is MUCH better! It's a bit long, sure, and by the 10th book it gets a bit...surreal...but overall, a great series and definitely worth reading! smile
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I really enjoyed the movie and I thought it managed to capture the general spirit if the books, but the story was quite different. I read them nearly five years ago, so I hope they're as good as I thought they were when I was in eighth grade. XD They were definitely worth my time and dedication then and I don't regret it one bit. If you liked the movie in any way, you'll LOVE the books.
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I honestly found the movie to be a dissapointment. As I watched it I became very irritated as to how much they added that wasn't even in the books. But I would definitely recommend the books. You will fall in love with characters and you will cry. There is a little romance, but there's more action than anything. I've read the series 3 times and love it every time.
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I would recommend the books long before the movie. They made the movie too kiddish/cookie-cutter, in my opinion. But the books are very entertaining, and quick reads. 3nodding
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The books were great! But, as said before, the movie was a dissappointment. There was different stuff in the movie than the books. I read over half of the series before watching the movie, and it was really a dissappointment. It was depressing to see such a great series of books be turned into a movie that isn't somewhat relavent...But, that is just my opinion.
As a movie, the movie is okay. But there are SO MANY THINGS wrong with it.

Read the books. One of my favorite series.
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The movie was s**t. I don't even know why they bothered to produce a movie when they not only took out so much information, but also added a bunch of s**t that was put in there merely for romance. What complete BS.

I would definitely recommend the books more so. The story is much more captivating.
the movie really sucked. i waited years for it and it was such a disappointment. but the series is really good. i went through the whole 12 book series in a month when i was in 5th grade and that was a big deal back then cuz i didn't read at all back then. it's really worth your while i promise
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Cirque Du Freak has got to be in the top ten for worst book based movie. It was utterly awful.

The books are amazing. They're fun quick reads, and keep your on your toes at every turn.
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The writing was a bit "this is for a thirteen year-old boy" style for me, but who am I kidding, I loved it!
I didn't even mind the writing style; it made the books quick and fun, and they're amazing overall.
There is another good series by the same author called Demonata that you may want to check out, although that one is significantly more gory. I honestly couldn't put those down.
I read the books before seeing the movie, and I definitely recommend them. They're fast and fun, and I really grew to love the quirky characters.

As for the movie... I actually really liked it (except for the random bullshit romance added). It doesn't do a good job if you're comparing it to the books, but as a movie I thought it was funny and kept me entertained. Plus, Josh Hutcherson was in it. sweatdrop
The movie is nothing like books. (Mainly because there's twelve of them and only one movie...)
I'm going to answer your question with another question: Do you like having your emotions played with, heart ripped out, and then stomped into the ground?
If so, yes, you should read the books. Your torment begins around book nine.
If not, you should still read the books, but bring tissues.

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