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I'm not sure how many people have even heard about Christopher Stasheff, but right now he is one of my favorite authors. I really enjoy his book Warlock in Spite of Himself and its sequels because of the issues it discusses in a sci-fi realm. biggrin It talks about issues like government razz and religion. surprised It also talks about personal relationships. It even talks about historical arcitecture! eek I was just wondering if anybody else has read his books, if they enjoyed them and, if so, why?
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This thread needs a little love, so...

I have to say, Christopher Stasheff is more of a GUILTY pleasure for me. (; His books have that cheesiness that just make you groan -- but they're also incredibly entertaining. I was always a fan of the Her Majesty's Wizard series, whatever that was called -- especially The Witch Doctor. I was never as big of a fan as the main character as his wise, secular friend. (;

I found my copy of Her Majesty's Wizard a few days ago, though, as I unpacked a box -- it's all beat up, the cover gone and replaced with a thick layer of scotch tape. I really loved that book, in high school. XD!
I did really like his books, except for the Warlock Rock... you know how he always has a couple puns in each book? Well, this was like a pun dump. The whole book was one vast, bad pun.

But otherwise I love Stasheff. I have to say I like the Wizard in Rhyme books better than the Warlock ones, though.
the wizard in Rhyme books are great. I just wish he would write more.... last I knew he was still alive. the last book that he published was The Warlocks Last Ride..... that was a good one. out of his sci-fi books I have to say I liked his Wizard Abroad better then the Warlock series. I liked how it had more types of governments and he explained how they worked. it also did not get as dole to me as the Warlock did.... he (referring to Gar Pike) had so many new planets to see. I loved how he brought Gar back to his dad in the end in The Warlocks Last Ride
I liked Her Majesty's Wizard but found it quite odd that he reused a few pages from The Oath Bound Wizard in The Witch Doctor.... I wounder how many of you who have read them noticed that. Five hundred gold to the first one that can tell me what pages it is on or what was happening.
I enjoyed the early Wizard in Rhyme books but after about the one with the ghost I just stopped reading.

The books were getting too repetitive.
the Feline Wizard was good and with a bit of difference to it.... would love for him to do storys about Matt and Alisande children. kind of like he did with the warlocks kids.

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