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sweatdrop I actually read Historical Fictions.
Not too much of the real history.
Dont get me wrong, I love history.
Its just I have to take so many college courses about it, it wouldnt be a relaxing read for me later.
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I LOVE reading about pirates. I have five history books about pirates. whee
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It's rare for me to pick up a history book. Steve Jobs is the closest history book for me. titles I did read: Cheaper by the dozen, The Family Nobody Wanted...

Now Historical Fiction I already jumped in head long. Pirates YES!, Bloody Jack (series), some other but my brain is having a huge brain fart.
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I like reading about the ancient Greeks and the American Revolution. I read 1776 for school and it was pretty good.
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Well not exactly history but most of the books I read on anthropology touch that subject. I usually prefer pre-WWI history books though and I'm into pre-history as well. I've just recently finished Alexander the Great. It was okay but the author included too many personal views.
I picked up Guns, Germs, and Steel for $2 recently. Wouldn't mind starting that soon.

For weird science history, i'm looking forward to The Disappearing Spoon and The Violinist's Thumb by Sam Keane and The Poisoner's Handbook by Deborah Blum.

Devil In The White City and Thunderstruck by Erik Larson were fun too.
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I didn't think I would be interested in history until out of sheer boredom I read this old book lying around the house about the twentieth century. It was mostly concerned about the two world wars.
I was also very interested in this other book about criminal history. So maybe I just like criminology and horror or I actually like history. I haven't been able to verify it since I've hardly come across any history non-fiction after that.
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A fair number of old / antique books I came across in my various library book sale adventures were history books, but I haven't read most of them, unfortunately. Plan to someday, after I can move my library across the country to wherever I settle down next... I miss my books. crying

My father has two old ones; A History of the Great War (published 1918 or 1919?) and What "The Boys" did "Over There", which I've read part of -- anecdotes from soldiers during WWI, along with portraits and small biographies. Really interesting stuff!

Most of my own historical non-fiction was WWII-era or thereabouts, if I recall correctly. Can't remember a lot of the titles. There was one old (1920's?) schoolbook that discussed Classical history, which is really cool!

I guess The Naked Communist is historical nonfiction, since it talks about where it came from as well as what Communism is. Same for The Naked Socialist. Don't think Cyber War really counts for the historical fiction genre as much, though it does go into quite a few incidents of how it's used, and by whom, so far in this century.
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I'm not that into history so I haven't really given those types of books a chance. Maybe I should. I really liked Night by Elie Wiesel, where he recounts his experience at Auschwitz. All Quiet on the Western Front is one of my favorite books too. That one is great. It's about a man named Paul and his experience fighting in WWl. It's fictional though, but written by an actual WWl solider.

It seems to me that I like the personalized accounts of history rather than history in the general sense. I like learning about WWll and the Holocaust. I went to the Museum of Tolerance in January and that was a great experience. I got to listen to the testimony of a survivor and hug him and share an elevator with him emotion_kirakira

If anyone cares his story is right here
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I am reading one on Civil War at the moment I am typing this. Didn't know a slave discovered a way to dry tobacco faster.
Have half of a shelf dedicated to space history. Made me sad there isn't a lot of hard fiction book about NASA (or I am not finding them?)
Have an outdated-by-two-decades encyclopedia on the shelf (that shows Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson alive, Gadhafi alive, that guy from Egypt as leader, Glenn Research Center as Lewis Research Center). Did you know that the Wright brothers built war planes for the U.S. Navy and the older one served as adviser for National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, one of U.S.'s response to World War I, a copy of Britain's Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and one of the departments that got transferred to National Aeronautics and Space Administration, until he died?
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I've found some nice middle ground by reading historical fiction. Regular history sometimes gets a little boring for me, but the facinating fictional characters make it more interesting. I'm currently reading Alcott's "Little Women". The only thing surprising about this is that I haven't read it before now. I love the Victorian era, what with all it's fine poetry and literature and the like. I'd also like to note that "Jane Eyre" is one of my all time favourite books. xd But fiction aside, I have recently bought a book detailing much of the history and myths of the Cherkee Indians and plan on reading that one next, right after I finish "Little Women" and "Complete Tales and Poems" by Edgar Allan Poe, that is.
Me personally, I'm more into Historical Fiction books. One of my favorite topics is the Tutor Era. Henry the 8th and all that good stuff. well, England history in general I guess... I love reading their history.
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I looooove Alison Weir's non-fiction historical books. She just has a way of writing that makes everything flow so well.
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I have a whole shelf dedicated to history and biography.
Mostly contains works on Germanic and general European history and a lot of stuff about Napoleon, too.
Haven't taken the time to sit down to read any yet, but I'll get around to it, hopefully...
Almost all of what I read is fantasy or historical fiction, but I also have a couple shelves dedicated to history books. They take me longer to read than the fiction, but I'm always working on one while I'm reading my eh . . . less educational books. I mainly stick to Irish history, but I dabble in other subjects when they catch my fancy (pirates, turn-of-the-century New York City, fashion, daily life in different eras, etc.)

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