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So I always see threads about fiction books here, which isn't a bad thing. But I never seem to see anyone talking about history books; you know, those books that cover specific historical figures or events. So I wonder, does anyone else read books about history?

Personally, I think about half the books on my shelf are about history, specifically World War II. I've got books covering the Fall of Berlin, the Doolittle Raid, the Cabanuatan raid, and biographies for Pappy Boyington and Eisenhower, among others. I've also got a book with a huge number of historical "what if?" scenarios posed by historians, which I'm currently reading.
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The stray history book makes it in to my reading pile. xp

Honestly, I love history. But I just don't read it much since I'm no longer required to read it for school. I have trouble finding good history books that hold my attention.

You sound like you would get along well with my dad. He loves WWII history. Mostly he focuses on the aviation aspects of it, probably since his dad was in the air force in WWII, but he reads pretty much all of it. He used to have a whole bookcase dedicated to the subject, but his bookcase kind of died and now he just has a giant table of books.
I like reading about the American Revolution.
I did read The Mental Floss History of the World a few years ago and read The Mental Floss History of the United States this year.
If the history is explained in layman's terms, I enjoy reading it. But I hate reading a non-fiction book with lots of technical terms and people I don't know anything about.
I did read a non-fiction book about Area 51 a few years ago too. I don't know if that would be considered history or not though.
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I do, primarily concerning ancient Rome smile Although due to university, it's expanded into Greece, Stuarts, Tudors and so on.
I'm mostly interested in those historical works that cover what I'd call "weird history". Interesting crimes and mysteries, for instance. I'm the same when it comes to historical fiction, too.
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I have an entire bookshelf dedicated to history books in my room, plus a shelf on another. Most are books about WWII and the Civil War (USA), but the rest range from early history to Biblical history to recent history. I haven't gotten to read them all yet (college and work get in the way). I can't seem to get enough history! One of the books I am currently reading is "How the South Could Have Won the Civil War" (yes, it was actually possible they could have won!).
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I have a lot of books about the WWII era on my shelf, and a handful of books covering various points during the 17th and 18th centuries.
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I have a lot of books about pirate history. I like history, but generally I prefer learning about daily life rather than general events. Probably because I'm already decently familiar with most general events.
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Sometimes I read weird history books... Like one I read recently about the Beast of Gevaudan. Guilty pleasure of mine.

I also like books on archaeology. Does that count?
i love Japanese history
and strange history books
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Oh yes. Tons.

I have all the myths and legneds books ranging from Norse to Japan. (not history persay, but cultural backgrounds).

I have done exstensive research and reading on King Henry the 8th and his many wives, as well as the entirity of British monarchy. Just for fun. :3

I also love watching histroical documentaries. :3 Which Netflix has alot of. heart
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I was reading at work yesterday and an older gentleman came in and yelled at me for reading fiction. He told me that he would bring me some real books to read, books about the civil war. It made me realize that I really don't read that much nonfiction and even fewer history books. The next book on my to read list is now a book about the Boxer Rebellion.
Yeah I do I like WW2 books. Historical autobiographies and biographies.
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I do, but it depends on the topic. Myths and legends and the historical circumstances surrounding them fascinate me. I also like firsthand accounts of historical periods. I'm not big on historical fiction at all, though.
Put me in the spotlight...

I don't but I do read historical-fiction books. I've learned a lot about people like Anastasia, Florence Nightingale, and so on through them. I think straight history wouldn't do it for me but I absolutely adore historical-fiction.

I was born for it.

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