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Let me start from the beginning. My prom, as I can remember it (it was only last year, it's not that hard!) seemed like one disaster after another. Some how though, me and the 8 people who shared a limo with me seemed to have fun at the end of the night-- Sort of.

After our shindig, it was around 12 in the morning. We were all decided on going to breakfast, because who doesn't love a Denny's in fancy, sparkly, poofy dresses and suits? (Not that the suits were poofy or sparkly..) But any way.. We pile in to our lovely limo, and start heading off. It turns out our driver was lost, unbeknown to us, and until the thing actually broke down, we didn't know this. Talk about unprofessional, huh?

So, there's this limo on the side of a busy high way, at 12:30am, with no heat, no music, and no lights. We were about ready to break out the secret stash of alcohol they had in the cooler. It wasn't until 2:00AM that they finally sent a new limo, and by that time we just weren't hungry any more. We all went home feeling rather..blah about the whole thing, but laughed the next morning at a hot breakfast and welts on our heads from falling asleep against each other. gonk

How about you guys? Any limo mishaps?
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My limo overheated for Junior Prom, so my fiancee's mom had to take us.

We were all fine, until we ended up having the tire blowout.

I was paranoid. We were standing on an unshouldered highway enbankment, so close to the freeway it wasn't funny. [ The enbankment was hilled, so I couldn't climb up it in my heels. ]

So I had to call my mom who lived an hour away from where we were, then we got lost in the roundabouts in the section of town the event was in. xd

Then I slipped and fell because the dumb-dumbs didn't turn off the sprinkler system at the golf course.

Then the spare tire blew out after the dance =_=; I was so pleased when we spent almost 900 bucks on food.
Well, I went with four other people, and we were all way too cheap to rent a limo, so my friends said we could borrow her neighbor`s cadillac.

So, two days before prom, she comes up to us and says that the neighbors are in Alaska, and they took the cadillac with them! So now, we have no way of getting there! My other friend`s dad is a firefighter, so we then tried to get a fire truck. No luck. And we couldn`t take my parents convertible because it wouldn`t fit everyone.

So we ended up going in a very large truck. It was kind of cool though, we decorated it with ballons and banners and things. As we were driving up to the red carpet, we played rap music very, very loudly. It was sweet.

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