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I never went to prom during high school. I went the year before high school in eighth grade, and I went the year after I had graduated. o_O I was never a real big fan of going to prom, and only went those years because I had a friend who wanted me to go the first time, and the second time I had a date who was still in high school.
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I never went to any proms either. xD Not in 8th grade or HS. My school's dances were the most boring things ever.
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I didn't go to school when I was that age.... so I didn't go to a prom either 3nodding
I had fun at my first prom, but not my second one (although after prom was amazing). My sister dropped out, so she never got to go. She always regretted that descion. She probably wouldn't have had much fun if she went, but she deserved (and still deserves) to go to a formal event like that atleast once in her life. I hope she gets it.
I never bothered to go to my highschool's senior prom either. I went to an all-girls school, and I wasn't able to find a date (I was going to ask a male friend of mine to go with me, just as friends... but that's a story for another day). Considering that the only guys there would be other people's dates... Instead, I spent the afternoon shopping with a friend of mine who wasn't going either. Although, I've been able to go to formal events since - my college residence hall holds a spring formal every year, which is a lot of fun. I have yet to bring a date to one of those either, but it's fun that way anyways - I just went with a group of some of my best friends the last two years.
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I didn't go to my prom either mainly because the school I went to didn't have one but I guess if I really wanted to go to one I could have had my friend who did got to a school to buy me a pass but I saw no real point to it... my Middle School dances seemed more fun then my High School ones
Middle school dances = fail (at least where I went)

This'll be the 3rd year I've gone to prom. Freshman year I was dating a senior, and last year I was dating a junior.
This year, I COULD buy my own ticket and go with friends, but a good guy friend of mine asked me.
And of course I'll go senior year.
You have to.
See, I always went to my dances and after a few, you'd think I would have learned my lesson. I was always single and so invariably ended up being rather emo. I think by HS I got over it and just decided it was better to work on my dancing and rhythm. But it's cool, I had fun at my senior prom at least. Junior prom was just a disaster. I wouldn't have gone if I had known it would turn out that way.
I didn't go to my senior prom O:
The only school dance I went to was the Halloween dance at '06.
It was fun though >.>
I never went to prom because the tickets were expencive that I didn't have a dress nor a date emo

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