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Alright, kids, gather 'round for a fun little anecdote...
It's April, 1999. My ex and I figure since neither of us have dates, why don't we just go together? Sound plan, right? Pfft. Not until his newest girlfriend gets all offended and whines that she wants to go. She's a freshman, why bother? Well, he ditches me to take her, his excuse being that she'll never shut up about it if he goes with me and not her. Have I mentioned he's only with her because he's bored and she's easy? *snort* Anyway, I end up going to prom with a huge group of friends, he takes his freshmo gf. So there I am, sitting at a table near the doors to the courtyard, sitting out a slow song, gazing out the window, when an ominous shadow crosses my path. I look up, and there's the freshmo girlfriend, looming over me, GLARING DAGGERS at me. O_o Wtf. She just stands there and glares... and here comes my ex. He takes her by the upper arm and tries to steer her away from the table before she can open her mouth. They end up leaving early, and I'm laughing like a moron. Never knew what she was going to say to me, but the fact that she hated my guts because I was closer to her bf than she was.... PRICELESS.
Making girlfriends jealous... always fun mrgreen
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I don't think that's very nice. FUN ,but not nice. blaugh
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I'm sorry, I know it's not nice to make fun of her because she was a trampy little freshmo ho... but I can't help it! If you only KNEW her! *snerk* She hadn't the brains god give a goose, she dressed like she was still in kindergarden... this is why said boy is my ex. I loved him dearly, but (I'm not trying to toot my own horn here) I far outclassed him, and he figured it was easier to be with silly brainless fluffs of girls than to get deep and witty with me. His loss. wink

I don't know why she hated my guts so hard.

I can still see her in my mind's eye. She came to prom dressed like she was going to sunday church... and I was wearing a custom jade 2 piece... *chuckle*

Ah well, it's all water under the bridge now, as they say. smile
LOL shes a tard!! whee sounds like a noob!! rofl! rofl i went w/ my ex bf2 lol but he didnt have a gf though+ you did nothin wrong! arrow xd

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