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Cause these are always the funniest.

So my senior year I only went to one party, but from what I heard it was the best. Some guys peed in one guys beer and almost had him drink, but he ditched the beer and went back to wooing the hostess's dog. The hostess herself got drunk and threw a bra at me that night. When we were trying to get her to go to bed (6 drunks and two sobers, I was a sober) and had to carry her up a whole 6 stairs, she started screaming, "NOT THE STAIRS!!!!! NO!!!! NOT THE STAIRS, ANYTHING BUT THE STAIRS!!!!!!!!!"

Oh, I wish I could relive that one again.
After prom it took me about two weeks to get rid of all the glitter on me. My mom smothered it all over every visible part of my body. I looked like I was some kind of mutant part human part glitter!
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      Unless Ï grip the sword,
      Ï cannot protect you.

After my prom Me and my friend when to a park and played on the playground. It was pretty funny with us being High school Seniors on a playground. After that When went to see Ironman.

      While gripping the sword,
      Ï cannot embrace you.
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After my prom, my group of friends when over to a one of thier houses and huddeled uner blankets around a fire and ate smores. ^-^
After my prom, my group of friends when over to a one of thier houses and huddeled uner blankets around a fire and ate smores. ^-^

Yumm....smores are the best, but after prom smores must have been amazing!
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After prom my friends and I tried to go to the movies but the movie we wanted to see was sold out so we went to the steak and shake across the parking lot and ate food. xd It was great because all the old people there at 12.30p were looking at us like we were crazy because all the guys were in tuxes and the girls were in super fancy dresses.
After my prom, we went to a billiards hall. rofl It was pretty awesome.
We skipped out on prom a bit early to head over to my friend's house for some Halo3. <3

And in one round, my date was playing a pink Spartan, and my guy friends asks, "Hey, what are you using to accesorize with all that pink? Like, what color eyeblush?" Seriously, everyone just started laughing, being like "Wtf is eyeblush!?" And he just looked around helplessly saying "I don't know make-up terms!"

Ahh it was just a short, hilarious moment.


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