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the definition of n****r is to be ignorant.
I don't see it as a racists term, and I'll never understand why black people take it offensively for the simple fact I'm not black.
But they really shouldn't, its 2012 and not all blacks are ignorant.
The only black person I really don't like and not because he's black would be Lil Wayne.
And the reason why is because in my opinion he just sucks, and doesn't deserve to even be called a rapper.
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those words are terrible, i remember in second grade I tried to pronounce nigeria but pronounced it the wrong way, I got in so much trouble for it and I didn't even know what it meant!
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I think this issue is for the black community to decide on alone. They're the ones who get hurt if the word is used.

However, I think the word should always be allowed to be referred to in academic texts and teaching contexts, provided it isn't used to describe a person, but rather the word itself and how it is used. We shouldn't whitewash history, no matter how painful.
It's a word. I say it sometimes, even though I'm black. I never call anyone a n****r, though.
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in this day, no one really knows .
teenagers and adults use it among themselves in a friendly/brotherly way,
but if someone outside of the group were to say it, it'd be offensive.
it's all a matter of who you use it around, i guess.
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Captain Twinkie
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oh my. you seem angry. lol
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I never use that word, im very respectful to other people of different races smile
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I remember in Social Studies, when the class was playing Scattergories, someone wrote the n-word for one of the options. The American Teacher had an emotional breakdown then (He is white. JS. No, the term "white" isn't racist at all.) gave us a lecture of what the word means, how it shouldn't be used and it's awful how singers use it in raps..he always referred to it as "that word" but it was obvious that he meant the N word.

I've never used the word since.
Btw, did you know that if Nigeria played against Germany... You can only guess as much of what the scoreboard would say. -_- They should seriously change that.
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Bashelia Peppita
What do you think about the N-word? Do you think there's a difference between 'n****r' and 'n***a'? For me, the first one is an insult, and the second one is a cultural word that some black people use for themselves.

Depends on where your from, who you are, and how you personally define it..

I personally think its unacceptable and should be greeted with extreme hostility....

All It is, is a racist term passed down to the slaves from the master and used as a standpoint of power of the other slaves at the time.. Now many a year later.. its fallen into catagories of acceptance.. by youth as common as bi'ch, a's, f'ck, and wh're.

But most others do as the romans do.. you know the term.. "When in rome-"
I think the "-er/-a" thing is ridiculous. If you call someone dummy versus dumb, there's no difference. So why a difference between n****r and n***a? Smh So stupid! Lol S.O.S.= same ol' s—t.
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Well I am not American.

But as long as I know. Negro means Black in Spanish.
So in my view Black and Negro are the same thing.
i completely agree.
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vicious animal
Naughty Little Mischief
What annoys me is that blacks think that the word belongs strictly to them and it was the white people who created the word in the first place.

        I seriously hope you're not implying that if anyone at all, Whites should be the only ones throwing the word around. If I could I'd eliminate it completely from the modern English tongue.


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