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So what would "white history month" showcase?
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Black History month isn't for demonizing white people or celebrating ignorant "niggas" either.
This thread is beyond ignorant. It's plain stupid. Go learn some history then learn how to deal with human beings that don't fit into your close minded world.

Finally someone not stupid!
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You are completely wrong. We need to celebrate the freedoms given to the blacks because of Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation.
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Camryn Always Forever
This forum is plain rude and racist. Colored people need to be heard! heart

First of all black history month is to celebrate those black americans who did something to change the lives of many people.
Isnt that what certain days (such as Martin Luther King day?) are for?

Im not racist.

This is mostly about slaveryyy butttt:

I just wanna point THIS out.
Slavery started in africa. Among themselves. Africans sold eachother.

This is going to sound soooo racist but if you think about it, there wouldnt be a black history month without all the white people.

Im also just going to point THIS out.
I hate how some black americans today are still all kill the whitey! They enslaved us! Lets ******** wit em! xD

Slavery started in 1619. Its 2012. All of those poor people have passed away. None of those white MEN are alive now. The normal white women and men of today had nothing to do with that. Please get over it. Whitey didnt hurt blacky in this day and age. No im not saying that what happened wasnt wrong Im just saying why should the white people have to pay for it now?

Another thing! The pants sagging thing started with male black slaves. But only because their slave owner had a thing for black boys.

Yeah, pants sagging? started by homosexuals.


Anyone who thinks colored people need to be heard, keep rolling in the comments! COLORED AND WHITE PEOPLE FREEDOM AND ALLIANCE FOREVER!!!!!
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I disagree with black history month, but not because "white people deserve their own month too" or anything like that. It's more because giving a black history month is separating black history from white history. Both should be taught throughout the year - nothing good comes from separating black history into a month and bringing attention to it. As you can see from this thread, the very idea of black history month sparks racism. That's because separating races, even for the purpose of good, is still separation, which is still racism. Teach all of your country's history together - don't divide it and give it a special month as if you're forcing it.
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Why does this have to boil down to who suffered most?

Yes Native-Americans have it bad. Their land was stolen from them, diseased killed them, they were murdered, and now they're living on reservations. The same can be said for aboriginals in Canada and Australia (and let's not even go into the mess hole in many parts of Africa).

No one is saying that Black people are better and suffered more than someone else. This is not what black history month is about. Other minorities have months dedicated to them as well. And white people? They have the whole year.Turn the TV on and it is a celebration of good ole white America. Even our holidays-- Independence Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, Thanksgiving. Why fuss because there's a month for a person of a specific background? If you have to study it in school, then study it and move on.

Yes Africans sold others into slavery. Slavery is an old old old old concept. Does it make it right? Heck no. Does it give the Europeans a free pass for the slave trade? Heck no. But it happened. 300 years for our country and we are still living with the affects of it. White people get to live with privilege and minorities live with... well, it certainly isn't privilege. As for black people after slavery ended everything was not peace and love. They had to live with segregation, the KKK, lynchings, racism, prejudice... This is stuff that didn't happy only 300 years ago. The Civil Rights Act wasn't signed until 1964. That's 48 years ago. My grandma was born in 1939... so for 25 years of her life she had to live with racism that wasn't quietly swept under the rug because it's "wrong". And just because the Civil RIghts Act was sign doesn't mean everything just vanished. It's only been about two generations since then and people expect a big giant bandaid and everything is all better? No. And attitudes like those in this thread and many others aren't going to help either. It just reeks of ignorance and privilege.

Now I don't think white people should be eternally guilty because of slavery, segregation, Native-American genocide, gentrification, and the continuing racism that plagues our country. No. But it seems even to be aware of their privilege is hard. Complaining about months dedicated to minorities when there's praise for white America all year long is just ridiculous.

Give this user a trophy and a round of wild applause.
Many people have this crackpot idea about BHM because the media always highlights "slavery" and "Martin Luther King". Most folk don't know anything about more about Blacks (or any other groups of POC) unless they're in the media or barely discussed in a watered down history book.
For those of you non POC who complain of not having a month dedicated to all your glories, every single day is White history month. In other words, there is no need for one since you can count on finding adequate representation no matter where you look-- in school, on television, etc. For POC--well, we simply don't have that luxury. That is why there is a Hispanic Heritage Month, and Asian Heritage Month and so on.
For the record, unless you've been living under a rock, racism and discrimination still exists. It's not the blatant "Jim Crow, White Power" type we've been trained to recognized and shy away from, but instead a implicit and subliminal sort. Also, Abe Lincoln was no hero to slaves. He had his own interests in mind--look it up. Bah, I'm going to end up history ranting here.
Y'know, I feel Gaia half-assed this forum. It's a troll playground, ugh.
First of all black history month is to celebrate those black americans who did something to change the lives of many people.
Isnt that what certain days (such as Martin Luther King day?) are for?

Im not racist.
This is mostly about slaveryyy butttt:
I just wanna point THIS out.
Slavery started in africa. Among themselves. Africans sold eachother.

Slavery started in 1619. .

Slavery goes back to biblical times, you need to read more than your high school history book that makes white people feel better. For informational purposes, the bible claims Jesus was born approx. OUR year 3 BC, which is centuries away from the 1600's.
And in the 1600's was just the modern rise of slavery. slaves to sell to the Europeans in the "New World" (new world my hiney....it was thousands and thousands of years of history we ignored by naming it the "New World"...),
Your misinformation is astounding. Read the "People's History of America" by Howard Zinn.
Then go get a real life.
wow what a load of s**t this thread is.... come on really people. if you don't like black history month don't complain. not trying to be racist, your honey hate to tell you that. i lol at your logic as to why there should not be a black history month. Apparently you need to back to school or do your ******** research. the month is to acknowledge those who actually made a difference. boy so lame i hope you are a troll because this was the stupidest crap ever started lol
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So what would "white history month" showcase?

Everything white people did for society.

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