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Secreto Espada Kiyoi
I'm not saying it shouldn't exist..I believe it should however what is celebrated should be changed. One of my best friends is black and said that when he was in middle school/highschool he learned about slaves and admitted that he shunned all white people for that very reason. He became the same racist type that his people fought to stop. He admitted he was wrong and said this is what needs to be stopped being taught in schools at young ages.

Theres nothing to celebrate but if people want to they will. Just teach the good stuff, not the horrible. It'll ruin the children.
As a pre-k teacher, you have to teach the bad stuff too, because history repeats itself, if you don't teach the bad stuff, it just helps history along, and before you know it, we have another HItler.
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You know the QWERTY layout of the keyboard? That was specifically made to make it harder to type with all the most commonly used letters as far apart as possible. People that typed went through a hard time because when commonly used letters were next to each other they would jam the keys. We all still use it and accept it today. When people realize how stupid this is they start to think "This shouldn't exist"
Will that change? No! We will continue to use these keyboard for quite some time. If you try to get people to change, they're going to get mad or refuse to change. Schools teach this system, schools are teaching this out of date and less efficient method of typing. It's all the way in the school system. We learn it because those people that were first learning to type on the typewriter were having a really rough time with key jamming and we never changed, we never stopped and said "This shouldn't exist anymore" besides a few people that switched to other layouts like Dvorak, and those people were left in the cold for not being able to use other keyboard.

Now take the same exact concept and apply it to Black History Month. Do you get what I'm trying to say? It doesn't really matter how stupid, out of date, or irrelevant it is, it's not going away any time soon. Should it go away? Yeah, it probably should... but it's not.
The keyboard wasn't made to do that, it was made to have the more commonly used letters in the middle. Just sayin.

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