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How come hispanics only get a day but blacks get a whole month? Didn't we have to deal with being called 'spics' and whatnot?

Research before complaining.

September/October Hispanic Heritage Month
The first Hispanic Heritage Week was approved on September 15, 1968. The month gives people the opportunity to plan and participate in ceremonies and activities that recognize the contributions of the many diverse cultures within the Hispanic community. In 1988, the celebration was expanded to a month and goes from September 15 to October 15.

It exists. It's just not widely erm... advertised(?) like black history month because there are more of us black people. And unfortunately America is a big baby that needs to take one step at a time. Once blacks have actually been accepted as equals, then we can move onto Hispanics. I know this probably sounds awful but just looking at how accepting America really is... yeah we got a long way to go.
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Yup.... I'm disappointed too.
I was told in another thread that asking questions about the racial differences isn't racist, mean or stupid.
But I find in many threads when REAL questions are asked trolls and a** wipes always end up accusing you of being a hater or racist.....

No I don't think the black culture needs it's own month.
I do think the racial scales need to be balanced out more in the public schools. (all year long)
But I'd likely go nuts on a teacher who taught about some wonderful man who did many great & important things and then tagged on to the end of the lesson "btw, he was black".
What the heck... so what, black people can do amazing things as well.
I get upset when people act like a black person doing something amazing is somehow not normal. (and to me, that's what BHM teaches)

But I'm not in school anymore so I don't really get this BHM stuff shoved down my throat.
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I can't wait until Asian history month this May!
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People are all, "Oh white history month is every other month." Well do the same for black people. Why should they only have a month for their history?

They shouldn't. However, take another look at the first half of your post; it's flip, but it's summarizing the reality that people of color have not only historically been subjected to vile stuff due to racism but their history (both achievements and struggles; their existence, basically) has been systematically diminished and outright cut from the recording & teaching of history.
Because of that (90% of the time the only history being taught is about white people) Black History Month exists. Not to increase separation, but to make up for it.

And a few decades of talking about Rosa Parks & George Washington Carver every February hasn't fixed that, so in the same breath that we acknowledge that it is a bandage or supplement to a broken system, we have to acknowledge that taking it away won't leave us with a history (the subject) that actually teaches history (the stuff that happened). :/
Take it up with the State then. In private school they weren't afraid to teach us the truth, In public school they are afraid of someone getting upset about it. Slavery came from Europe first. Do the black people there get a black history month? Do the people in Africa get one? Where it all began? They had it just as bad, if not worse.
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THIS. Seriously though. It's kinda effed up T___T
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What I don't get is WHY people

decide to emit such hatred
and racism towards other


Most of the topics I've seen are about some BS about

n----rs and why there isn't a 'White History Month'.

I find it disappointing that so many people are this way.

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