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So I recently picked up Netflix again and I saw they added Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey which is basically a cute bio about Kevin Clash who is the guy that puppets the loveable furry red monster Elmo. I totally cried near the end when Mr. Clash was passing on his skills as a puppeteer to another young girl who also dreams of working with the Muppets. Really the whole movie is a crowning moment of tear jerking and heart warming. I love how Elmo wants to grow up to be a teacher. I thought YAY I have something to common with Elmo now. I can't wait to tell my future students. xd Really I recommend this little doc just for fans of the Muppets, puppeteers, or even for Black History month. I recommend this because it's awesome seeing a young person following their dreams and finding success and allowing nothing to get in their way.

Thank you Mr. Clash for bring the love. I wish more people were like you and I wish Gaia overall would be kinder, and sweeter to each other just like you and Elmo. emotion_bigheart