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Homan. My senior year, the popular kids (composed mainly of homecoming court members) decided they would take a party bus to the dance. And decided it was an even better idea to load the bus with alcohol! And get hammered before the party!
So at the dance, we're waiting for court to be called out to dance, and we notice it seems only the king and queen (who were both awesome, and not stupid party bus riders) and two other court members appear. Where's our court?
The first kid to get off the bus was so drunk he fell off the stairs and onto his face. That, I assume, was their cue. Everyone on the bus was hammered, and consequently suspended. It was great seeing one of the dumbest bitches at my school sobbing as a cop and our principal talked right next to her.
But one of my favorite parts. They found a bag of weed, and had no trouble identifying the owner. Since he WROTE HIS NAME ON IT.
My senior class, oh yeah. They're headed places.
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Thats amazing I wish I was thereUser Image
LMAO that was the best prom story I've ever heard so far.

That is HILARIOUS! xd xd xd
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Only an idiot would write their name on their drugs.
Those aren't my drugs officer I stole them!!!

>P That made me lol. good story!!!
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Oh man.
I would laugh my a** off xDD
-would love to see all the bitches in her school get arrested for weed and alchohol-
That's the prime example of how much is required to be in school leadership positions >.< Ah kids today. They're going to do great things. Way to set the standards!

Ha, serves them right! What dumbasses.

A bunch of people at my school got caught drinking in a hotel room after prom, and a couple of them were even arrested, including one queen candidate and the duchess.

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