Got abselutely wasted.

Because we were all dressed up, we passed for eighteen and managed to get served.

My dad comes to pick me up and I am clearly drunk (I can't remember much of the car ride home except laying across the back seat), then we stop off at ASDA and he buys me more alcohol. Wtf?

I though he'd be mad, but I was really too pissed to care.

Anyway, while we were drunk at Prom I confessed to eveyone that I was bi. xD
The guys started getting er... friendly. Iunno. xD
Then the headteacher comes into the pub (and I'm already trashed) so we leg it out the pub and back to prom.
I remember talking to my English teacher (who was drunk too) about crap xD When I next saw her in my English exam a week later, she winked at me. xDDD!

Oh, and someone slapped my a** real hard while I was in the pub and I can't remember who it was. <<;


Getting drunk at Prom.
Awesome things parents do sometimes.
Things that happen when you're drunk.