So anyway, this is the Winter Ball at our school, because I'm only a sophomore, no prom stories for me!! (yet, hehe)
So since about 5th grade I've been madly in love with this one guy. He's tall, blonde, and kind of a nerd, shy, sooo cute ^.^ Through the rest of middle school we somehow ended up becoming really good friends.
Freshman year rolls around, and one day he asks me to go to this dance with him, and then comments on how nervous he was (at this point we've been good friends for awhile 3nodding 3nodding )
So about a week before the dance, I found the MOST BEAUTIFUL blue dress, but my mom didn't like it because it was 'too provocative'. xp But the next day we found an absolutely gorgeous red dress, and looking back on it was the better choice.
Before dinner, my mom must have taken about 200 pictures of us. It was crazy. Everyone was mad at her later, but the pictures turned out well (for me, anyway). We went to dinner in a group of 5. Me, my date, my best friend and her date (our gay best friend, who is amazing!!), and my other "best friend", who is a clingy leech-user-retard. She had a date, but 2 days before the dance he went to Hawaii. Hehehehe........and this girl had originally planned to steal my date.
The dance was awesome, we all had a great time, even though my date and I avoided the slow dances, because we're both really shy. That's my only regret crying
So sophomore year (this year), the leech-friend is absolutely positive that my dream guy is going to ask her, and they are going to start dating, blah blah blah....anyway one day during a break she and the gay best friend pester him about who he's going to ask, and he keeps saying that it's "a personal thing" etc., but eventually asks me again heart heart Leechy was very very pissed, and Rob was happy because he didn't have to change the dinner reservation.
So Leechy decides that, since she can't get a date (her boyfriend, who ditched her for Hawaii the year before, was constantly rubbing in her face that he has a smarter, hotter date, but she deserved it, because this girl is a b***h), it's a good idea for her to ask my other best friend, whom I had told her I was in love with (because I didn't want her stealing my true love). She asks him because she thinks I'll be mad about it or something. This guy went with her only because he wanted to go to a dance at my school. And he forced me slow dance with him for one song, which really made Leechy mad). But once again, avoided slow dances with my date. Damn this shyness....aslfjaslfasjfasjfk
Anyway, I am verrry veeeerrrrrryyyy blessed to have such good friends and to have 2 near-perfect dance experiences. I hope prom is as good as these two nights were!!
Oh, and Leechy is still hitting on my dream-guy. He's a little afraid of her....she's a stalker. I'm not even kidding.