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i went to a concert instead. way better.
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I never got to go to my high school prom my mum didn't let me....My graduation ball was far better. My fiance dropped down on one knee and popped the question.
Imma stay home on my prom night. And play GTA IV. Besides, it's just a prom.
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    I didn't either. A few of my friends and I went to a nice dinner instead. I guess some of them regret not going, but I had a lot of fun. Large crowds of people and booty dancing always just makes me uncomfortable.
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I'm not going to mine, prom is just so bland. Why get all dressed up just to feel socially awkward with people I've gone to school with for many years? And I'm not about to pay 50 dollars for a prom ticket and have to go waste money on an expensive dress that I hate.
No thanks, I think I'll stay home and watch TV or read a good book <3
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Didn't bother going to mine since it was so damn expensive.

Five years later, though, I totally went to my bf's prom. (I'm such a cradle robber~) We had a pretty good time even though all we did was sit around for a few hours and watch people dance like idiots to bad rap with terrible thumping basslines. The best part was when we went back to his place to get into our pajamas, watch movies and scarf junk food till 3AM. Yeah... good times, good times. heart
I'm from Germany, so I didn't have a Prom... We had something familliar, was a graduation party... but I hated the people there... so i stayed at home : D
Actually i never had a prom , we don't do that here [i'm from the netherlands] so i dunno how it's like xD
Got drunk in a parking lot with my BFF instead. Way more fun.

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