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How depressing is it that the worst memories subforum gets more love than the best memories? LAME! So, despite being a lurker, I'll share my memory.

Prom itself was kind of a disapointment, but after prom was so much fun. Everyone went home and changed into pajamas/comfy clothing, and we all met up at the movie theater and saw Star Wars III- Revenge of the Sith. (I still think it would have been more fun to go in our prom gear.) Only problem was that it was so late, I kind of dozed off during all the battle scenes...yet would wake up for all the talking bits. Ah well, it was still really fun and dorky.

Anyone else do anything fun after prom?
after prom: clubbing it, and then beach next day and the day after that amusement park
Seriously, prom was lame. I hated the music, and I swear I was going to blow my eardrums out soon.

...So I left prom two hours early with my date, and we headed back to his house to pack up his 360, watch a bit of TV, etc. And then we went back to my friend's house for four hours of Halo3. <3 Ohoho~ It was amazing though. The after-prom part, I mean.


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I agree. My senior prom was kind of lame. Some folks on the student government had this whole "Happily Ever After..." idea. Somehow their idea of living happily involves LOTS of pastel colors. Ironicly the kids who had particiapted in the "Every 15 Minutes" program (teaches kids why over-drinking is bad which includes having a car accident on the front lawn and kids getting "killed off" all day) anyways, they were the ones who showed up drunk off their a$$es.
But afterwards, my date and our friends went to Denny's where we snacked, told stupid jokes and tried to hoop-shot quarters and paper straw covers down the front of the gals dresses (which at the time was funny to everyone)
And then we got kicked out because we were making such a mess...never were allowed back in.
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I spent the three hours before we were required to be at prom sitting with my date. Not talking at all. Actually, it wasn't that bad - I ended up falling asleep, and I think he did too.

But with that, it was pretty easy to beat. And although I hated laser tag, we went to the beach afterwards and that was AMAZING. heart My date had asked me to prom 2 months before, but we hadn't been dating until almost exactly a month before prom. So when everyone raced out on the pier screaming, we hung back a little and walked together. Holding hands for the first time, and on the ride home we sat together, pretending to be asleep so everyone else would leave us alone. That was a week ago and I'm excited to see where it goes.

I'm reading back over this and thinking I probably sound like a pretty stereotypic love-struck teenager. Oh well, it doesn't really seem to matter at the moment whee

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