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Sheshira/Dean forever

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Way way out past where the sidewalks disappear
And up through bright blue blocks of sky
Where the days turn to weeks in the months the year
And we're together, you and I.

We could be looking for the same thing,
If you're looking for someone.
We could belong to each other,
If you're not seeing anyone.

Esta noche volveré
a cantarte pa ra pa pa pa
Esta noche volveré
a buscarte pa ra pa pa pa
El tibio recuerdo de tus labios
y el aroma a jazmín
pa ra pa ra pa ra

Tonight I'll be back
to sing to you pah rah pah pah pah
Tonight I'll be back
to search for you pah rah pah pah pah
I remember the warmth of your lips
and the aroma of jasmine
pah rah pah rah pah rah

Tu aroma
dulce melodía
aún tiene un lugar
el recuerdo que es donde todo sucede.

Nada más, nada queda
solamente tu risa en el bar,
postales que se suceden sin cesar.

Your fragrance
sweet melody
still has a place
in the memory where everything happens

Anything more, nothing remains
only your laughter in the bar
postcards coming without ceasing

Because I'm waiting for you
Listen to me 1,2,3
Baby, baby, baby
Spend your time on me

Spend it, spend it, spend it
Your time on me
Please baby

My moon, my man
So changeable and
Such a loveable lamb to me

By my only things are clear
Baby boy I'm staying here
Lonely lonely that was you
Lonely and so untrue

I love I love I love
This dream of going upstream
I love I love I love
All the trouble that you give me
I know I know I know
That only I can save me
I'll go I'll go I'll go
Out on the road

Because there is no limit
There's no limit
No limit no limit no limit
Limit to my love

Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes round the moon
I see the passion in your eyes
Sometimes it's all a big surprise

'Cause there was a time when all I did was wish
You'd tell me this was love
It's not the way I hoped or how I planned
But somehow it's enough

I've never been so sure about anything before
But this loving feeling, gonna be a feeling I feel forever more
Looking in your eyes, tomorrow's all I see
As long as there's forever baby, I will always be

Saving forever for you, ooh, baby
You are the only one, I'll ever give forever to
Love for a lifetime won't do, ooh, baby
Wanna always stay together, so I'll be saving forever for you

I get lost in your eyes
And I feel my spirits rise
And soar like the wind...
Is it love that I am in?

I get weak in a glance
Isn't this what's called romance?
And now I know
'Cause when I'm lost I can let go

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me

I'm gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me
I've got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me

One more night, one more night
I've been trying ooh so long to let you know
Let you know how I feel
And if I stumble if I fall, just help me back
So I can make you see

Please give me one more night, give me one more night
One more night cos I can't wait forever
Give me just one more night, oh just one more night
Oh one more night cos I can't wait forever

I've been spending all my time
Just thinking about you
I don't know what to do
I think I'm fallin' for you

I've been waiting all my life and now I found you
I don't know what to do
I think I'm falling for you.
I'm falling for you.

You've got magic inside your finger tips
Its leaking out all over my skin
Everytime that I get close to you
Your making me weak with the way you
Look through those eyes

But all I see is your face
All I need is your touch
Wake me up with your lips
Come at me from up above

Yeah, oh I need you

See, my wait is you
My wait is you, my wait is you
My wait is you and I won't go on

See, my wait is you
My wait is you, my wait is you
My wait is you and I won't go on

In other news...

I found that I can have matching outfits with the Dean (well nearly!)
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Though I'm really digging the hat... heart

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

[NPC] Surl E. Dean

Isn't my outfit simply darling?

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