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Kawaii Kitten

aw, cute, ya'll are back together? 4laugh i'll take a celebratory bikini.
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Apocalyptic Wench

Awesome! Anythings great but green would be loved.
I need some beach gear, there's none in my inventory redface help a gal out?
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[NPC] Jahmez Bleakstone
I...yes...much better...

-thumbs up- wink

[NPC] Jolie McTeaserson

Thank you, Jolie! whee
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Magical Member

Eheheh, hello! heart
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Feline Hunter

[NPC] Jolie McTeaserson

I've Lived in Suffering and Anguish
Used and Tormented by Others.

From: [NPC] Jolie McTeaserson
Message: Wow, you have like, wings? That's so cool!

Yeah, part of being a Succubus is getting your own Wings. It's one of the many perks.

Also, thanks for the top. Glad to know I'm not the only one who likes Blue.

Now that I'm free I'll turn it around...
See how the Others feel.
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Fuzzy Bunny

I saw you two being adorbs at the bonfire. I totally wanted to snap a photo, but my camera's broke.
How about a friendly game of beach volleyball?
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Floppy Member

From: [NPC] Jahmez Bleakstone
Message: You look like you need these...I...sorry if I'm mistaken...

Aha I did! Thank you! Complete set yay! <3
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Dangerous Darling

Happy to hear things worked out between you and Jahmez. 3nodding

I'll admit, I do love bikinis. Anything tossed my way will be appreciated.
[NPC] Jolie McTeaserson
Like, hi everyone! emotion_yatta

Hi, How are you tonight?

I'm okay! It's just hard work handing out all these bikinis!

Sorry if I'm like, slow to respond or forget to - I totally get scatterbrained when I have to concentrate! heart
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Floppy Member

From: [NPC] Jolie McTeaserson
Message: You like, so need the pants to match, right? <3

Ahahaha your lovely man gave me the bottoms just then as well!

(would anyone like to swap a bikini piece from another set for a red pair of bottoms like the ones I'm wearing?)
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You are officially the coolest person here! I'm a shy person but maybe I'll have a chance to get some more swimwear. I don't really have much. sweatdrop
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Kawaii Bunny

        User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. thank you for the bikini top! n__n its very cute
        i'm gonna put it on right now
The permit you have is an advanced permit!! I'm still requiring the official paperwork from you, McTeaserson!! scream
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Deadly Bibliophile

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[NPC] Jolie McTeaserson

How do you keep your tan so even? I'm always burning so I'm hoping you might have a few tips o3o

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