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Water balloon fight! emotion_awesome
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spoopy doo
Water balloon fight! emotion_awesome

*hits you with a water balloon in the back* surprised
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In less than an hour my contest will no longer be accepting new participants.
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Welcome to our Beach Party contests! Throughout the Beach Party event we'll be hosting an array of contests that you can join in and participate in! You'll be able to enter, have fun, hang out, and win awesome prizes!

Contest Guidelines
  • Unless otherwise stated, all contests will end on August 31, 2014
  • Unless otherwise stated, all prizes will be awarded by the first couple weeks of September.
  • If you have a question about a contest, please read through the contest and contact the contest holder
  • All awards and prizes given out are at the discretion and approval of the contest holder and/or Gaia Staff and moderators

  • Please do NOT spam. Even though this is an event thread, you are expected to follow the forum rules.
  • Please do NOT steal any images made for this thread or hosted in this thread. Give credit where credit is due please.
  • Please keep all of your posts legible (i.e. no bright colors), and make sure your posts are clean enough that the content can be found without needing to resort to detective work.
  • Please do NOT quote any of the contest posts.
  • All Gaia Terms of Service and Rules & Guidelines restrictions apply. We want to give you nice things; don't give us reason to take them away.
  • This is not the place to bring up issues such as bans, warnings, or any complaint regarding Gaia with the Moderator staff.
    • To ask about a ban or warning, you can send a PM to any Moderator.
    • To contest a ban, please file a General Account Inquiry ticket in the Help Center, found by using the Contact Us link.
    • To file a complaint about a Moderator or staff member, please send an email to usertalk @ gaiaonline dot com.
    • To report a hacking, please use the Report a Hacking form.
    • To report a scamming, please use the Report a Scamming form.
    • To report abuse or harassment, please use the Report Abuse or Harassment form.

Here you'll find a link to all the different contests we're running, be sure to check them all out!

Zero's Art and Beach Excitement Contest
starzXnight's Beach Party Contests
Shirlox's Beach Party Fishing Contest
Prue's Summer Fund Raising Shebang
Raz's Beach Party Dress-up
Fun in the Sun Avatar and Story Contests
Aleksei's Beach Party Haikus
Watervoir's 4-koma (4-panel comic) Contest
Val's Post Contest
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what happened to all the NPC's? D:
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cool 4laugh
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posting to remember this place.

I want to do the comic-y thing later
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~Da llama queen~
what happened to all the NPC's? D:

emo The Dean's too busy to humor this poor girl's feelings of love. But that's okay...

Jahmez is very polite and does make a point to respond to you. (He also accepts friend requests).
I want to JOIN. waaaah this must be fun! biggrin smile scream
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My 4koma comic is finished heart
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Invisible Lunatic

spoopy doo
Water balloon fight! emotion_awesome

*hits you with a waterballoon*

Are you entering the 4koma contest? It's ending today

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