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Hmmm showers seem to be popular these days. *Installs a shower on one of the bathtubs and admires my handywork*
Gets up, grab pizza, walks back... maybe that will encourage some activity here. wink
*peaks head in
*takes advantage of their being only one guy
*strips and hops in the soapiest tub wait ing for a girl to fall in. (:

wow totally perverted lmfao cool

Darn... a girl with wings... well, she's not gonna slip in anytime soon. Drat...

Lmfao rofl
Bathtubs are totally more original than showers though 4laugh
Ahhh if you can't compete with showers join them blaugh
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this is the funest bathtub party i've ever been to! actually, the only one i've ever been to...well, gtg ppl, gonna watch a movie *picks up own bathtub and leaves* latr ppl! smile
*runs in screaming* "alright who put a random bath tub on my bed not cool........ and why is there a shower stall on the celing"
Woops, I thought something was weird with the shower when I tried to use it. sweatdrop
Oh and you're free to beat me up for free exp while I sit in this bathtub. *Sits in a bathtub* xd
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Gets up, grab pizza, walks back... maybe that will encourage some activity here. wink

-Strips off cloths, grabs a pizza slice, and slips on a random banana peel. falls into the tub with Michuru, his pizza penetrating hers- ahhhh whoops
Ohhh I know *Fills a tub with gold and bathes in it* 4laugh
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Pizza bath <3
Ahaha *Splashes gold around* rofl
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*knocks on the door and then opens it slowly, peeking in* h-hello? *sees bathtubs and naked peeps and gold stuff and pizza. eyes widen* yayyyyyyy!!! lol *runs in and jumps into random tub. yay bubbles!!!! wiat- i cant see!!!! lol haha i'm blind! help!

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