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lol challenged and health was at zero.. I'd make a joke right about now about somebody else wearing you out..
add being a dumb a**.
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ew more like ugly
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Excuse me?

When did we have elctions for Hottest Girl? I wasn't aware this was a replay of highschool. razz
I'm hotter than you, I'm not even a gril or in rich camp!
********, my pig is hotter than you.
haha noob thats what u like like lmao u prolly worth 8k i wouldnt waste my time fighting u if the sky was falling
...meh. stare
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jeez this is rediculous man gaia should never do a cliche event like this again really brings out the bad in everyone o3o;
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heart me heart the battle u guyz im bein a good sport kudos to hoever wins rofl then if we winn we could do sumthin togetther airgo i might whupp ur asssssssss

I came for the free juice and crackers...
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You have 0 health.
So much for whooping our asses, right? ¬_¬
not hot or bright wat could go wrong xD
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I agree with Girlfriend of death. She's way hotter than you! redface

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