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Yeah my brother and I have decided to begin a massive duel. You may watch but please do not bite/shoot either one of us unless we have given you permission to do so. You may bite/shoot other people within here, it's their own fault for wandering in. Which also means that we may turn on them as well. domokun
*Shuffles slowly through the stalls* So... sister dear... Time for your demise....
YOu sound rather smart for a walking dead thing.

(Computer is going soooo slow. @.@)
I'm part Angel... so I do get to keep a little bit of my sanity... *sniffs the air* Braaaiins.....
eek Gahh!
You would think the angelic blood would clean your undead filth. xp
*black slime begins to spill from my mouth as I prepair to bite you.*
(stupid gaia) Mmm... fleeesh.....
*Tries to shoot him off* YOU TOOK MY INNOCENCE! INCEST, EWE! gonk BAM!
Mm... Sorry... I don't control the posts.... sweatdrop
*Moves head so it fits back into place* Gah... bad thing about being Zombie.... head spins from shotgun blast...
*Comes back in doing the chicken dance* *Blinks* Sorry, it was too serious in here... o.O;;
Enjoy your bullet meal. twisted
*continues after Silent* It won't hurt.... much....

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