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Tipsy Gekko

Middle. I'm fat and slow, but smart.
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Familiar Fatcat

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I would not die. For I would be a bunny in the movie and killers don't go after the bunny.
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Fashionable Shapeshifter

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blaugh id be the first to go....knowing my luck id be stuck in a room with the killer and get stabbed in the back or worse D| lol
Hm, the question of one's death is a frightening concept, mainly because we don't really know what will happen after we die. It's definitely comforting to believe in life after death, and there are a lot of anecdotes about how there's really life after death. But there's also the possibility that we will cease to exist, and it's rather difficult to wrap one's mind around that when we exist here and now. Death has always been a concern of religion and philosophy. Other disciplines deal with the concept of death as well, but it appears to be foremost in religion and philosophy.

Horror movies do have general themes when it comes to victims dying, don't they? What is especially striking about those scenes is how the death usually comes very unexpectedly.
i took that quiz on facebook once, I always die in the middle.
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Magnetic Lover

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Definitely somewhere in the beginning. I'm a complete wuss when it comes to horror movies. I always just end up hiding behind a pillow or something lol. xd
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Magnetic Lover

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As for how I'd die, probably just get stabbed lol.
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Magical Senshi

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I'd be first to die they kill me for thinking I was a monster I'm mentally disabled lol
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Vicious Lunatic

I would survive. I would be the evil b*tch that uses everyone to get what she wants, and the gets away with it. heehee~
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Fashionable Werewolf

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I'd be the main character so I wouldn't die! razz
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Lonely Bloodsucker

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I would survive, cause I'd be the killer, and be friends with all my victims so they wouldn't suspect me, then they wouldn't kill me at the end HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh how twisted I am
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I wouldn't die. I'd be the narrator, if there is one.
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Malevolent Kitten

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I'd be the one surviver who then ends up unleashing the horror on the world and then ending humanity sad
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I'd live on in an insane asylum after my remaining victims called the police on me.
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Lupine Treasure

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middle, probably cuz the killer got me as I was trying to escape

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