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In a time of great wars there was a out break a virus that was unleashed
upon the humans. there was blood deaths. They seem to never die until
a guy shot on in the head we found a new way to survive
all though the human race is starting to crumble to
pieces there are few that stay alive! they fight for there lives
for there loved ones or pure hatred for these nasty beast!


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Skeleton (pm me it)
[b]Photo: (one at least)[/b]
[b]Age: (oldest being 89)[/b]
[b]Power: (only 1 please)[/b]
[b]Gun: (4 at most)[/b]
[b]Family: (5 the most)[/b]
[b]Bio: (at least a 3 sentences)[/b]
[b]Zombie or human: (got to choose)[/b]

zombie profiles

Please dont post until i accept and and say its okay!
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Alexx jumped from roof to roof avoiding the human flesh eaters on the ground he had a mission to attend to he need to be careful not be caught or he would mess the hole mission. Damn he thought why are there so many rite now its hard enough to do it while its windy but i have a hurt leg. he was heading to the pharmacy to get some bandages for him self. all he knew was that he was the only one left.
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blah blah blah it will bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed and bleed.....

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