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Lovely Broken Soul
"you're welcome by the way." The man stood up and dusted himself off. "Seriously, has no one taught you to say thanks? Now let's go before that psycho returns with more bombs."

"Y-yea. Okay." The child whimpered, starting off with him. He wasn't sure if he should follow him or not, but... he HAD stopped attacking him... and saved his life on top of it all. At the very least, it would be worth it just to figure out why he hadn't died.

The man took off being trailed swiftly by his new accomplice. He hated the idea that the murderer he had so eagerly been hunting turned out to be a child and he could do nothing to avenge all those families who would never see there loved ones again. After a few blocks he picked out an old rundown bar that looked to be empty and he broke the door to splinters. He turned to the boy and said, "Get in quickly before anyone sees! You and I need to have a talk."
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Lovely Broken Soul

"If you don't know who they are, then you're bound to run into one of them eventually," Adan answered diffidently. His eyes flick over to Dominique's and he says, "I have no intention of causing violence here. This is my home...such as it is for now, anyway, and it would be very poor manners to go and do so, hmm?" His gaze had slid back toward Corvin toward the end.

With a wave of his hand, he motioned for the Dealbound to take a seat if he so pleased. Adan turned and went into the bathroom briefly, fussing with a few bottles in the medicine cabinet to bring back to the kitchen. Leaving them on the counter, he got himself a glass and, after a moment's pause, asked, "You guys want anything to drink?" Regardless of their answer, he'd get himself some water with which to take the pills he gets out from the bottles.

One bottle held pain relievers and was thus ordinary enough, the other one wasn't such a common thing to see: iron supplements. While he was getting the pills out, he'd then say, "So, you want to know more about my mother and the ones that absconded with her, right?"
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Lovely Broken Soul
Dominique's gaze flickers nervously between the two, before she sighs and lets her eyes close. She politely declines the offer for a drink, disappearing under the blanket and getting comfortable. It doesn't take long before she finally relaxes, drifting off into much-needed slumber.

[ you two can go ahead and post for a while ! i'm probably heading to bed myself, but i'll keep an eye on the thread and dominique will wake up from her nap eventually ~ ]
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"Water would be fine for me as well." He answered.
"Yes. Yes I would like to know what happened with your mother." He added, stepping further inside Adan's home and taking a seat. This was very new for him. He didn't normally give his targets the chance to explain themselves this way.
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Lovely Broken Soul

"Mm..." Adan pulled out a second glass, filled it with cold water from a bottle in the fridge, then brought it over to Corvin. He then retreated back to the kitchen and took the pills. "Alright...I don't know which angel brokered the Deal with you, so I don't know how much you know about the planes that deal with the afterlife. The Underworld can be considered a hub plane, souls end up there that either don't have anywhere else to go, got lost somehow, or willingly put their fate on the plane. At the heart of the plane is a city called Stygia, and in the center of that is a place called the Well of Oblivion."

He paused to drink some more water, his eyes half-lidded as he brought up the necessary information from memory. "At the bottom of the well is Oblivion, an event horizon of sorts. Whatever goes past it no longer exists. Just above in the walls of the well are the tombs of ancient beings called Malfeans. They're the slain spirits of Primordials...just consider them ultra-powerful deity-level beings. The Well and Oblivion were created as a result of their deaths, or so the legends go, and they desire to bring everything into Oblivion. It's the whole 'If i can't have it, than no one can' mentality, I think."

"Now, they can't leave their tombs, so they created servants to enact their will. These ancient souls are now known as Deathlords, though there are newer ones that occasionally arise. They rarely are able to leave the Underworld to come to the land of the living, but they do have armies, some having more than others due to differing personalities and plans. Their generals are Deathknights, and they are mortals who have sold their name and their existance to the Malfeans, though each answeres to a particular Deahtlord they serve. A Deathlord can have more than one, though they rarely have more than a dozen, and even that's rare."

"Now, the Underworld's topography roughly matches that of our world, it's appearance shapped by the memories of the souls existing there. This city's counterpart lies in the lands claimed by the Lover Clad In Raiment of Tears...they're big on titles like that since they gave up their names, same for their Deathknights...and she has a handful of these servants. She's one of the more proactive Deathlords, enticing people to serve willingly. Her greatest prizes are heroes that she convinces the Malfean's cause is just, and that brings us up to how my mother fits into all this."

He paused again for more water, gingerly rubbing at the abused patch of his scalp. That was going to be a pain to wash later. Sighing, he continued, "Mother was what you could call a hero type. Generous, giving, and able to kick a** when necessary. She's a human shifter, as well, and had by this point become a paragons of humanity. One could call the Deathknights the death-oriented version of Paragons. So, she was a big prize for the Lover. So, she was late-term in her pregnancy with me when she got ambushed one night by her servants and dragged to the Underworld. She was kept in one of this cages that sapped her energy and worse, real vile contraptions. She was stuck in it until my father and the allies he rallied at such short notice came in and rescued her. The time in between is what got me exposed to negative energies, which is why I show up, I presume, as something you you should target. I've been vetted by one of the Angels of Death though, so I wouldn't suggest actually doing so."

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