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((Ooc: Sorry about vanishing, my parents had a surprise trip planned. I will be able to post either tonight or tomorrow :] ))
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¥unsuke Ẅayland

[[ Codename: The Flamingo ]]

”I once saw the light,
xxxxxFor I had white wings and a halo,
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxBut that is the Devil’s joke…
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFor I am forever trapped in Hell."
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Yun's body had long submitted to the deep underworld he had learnt to know as unconsciousness. It was a sad fate, for he remembered his last few conscious words were that he would hate Alex for what he had done to Yasushi and Shizumi. Rage of hatred had wracked through his body as he lay dormant on the bed, out cold, as he slowly healed. The pinkette's subconscious didn't even pick up the two new figures in the room, seemingly arguing with each other in robotic voices. No... he was too far gone to notice any of that. Then, however, there was this annoying pang at his cheek, and he tried to wave it away, only to open his one vibrant green eye to come face to the silverette girl. "Shi-" he started, but was quickly interrupted as Shizumi shoved a candy in his mouth and refused to let him spit it out. Prying at the girl's hands, moans and groans of protests fell muted as he flailed somewhat, not quite used to the flavour of the candy or prepared to be "attacked" the way he was. Forced to suck on the damned thing, Yun sat patiently, an irritated look on his face twitching with the grotesque hate for the candy which was to keep him alive every three days. And eye scanned the room and the pinkette was glad to see that Yasushi was looking a little better than he was before, and although he knew the blonde wouldn't remember him, it was still a good feeling to have. Normally, Yun would want to introduce himself again, since he figured he still wanted to be friends with Yasushi, but he was hindered as Shizumi's hands still covered his mouth. "Mmmph."

[W]ith: A Group of People
[L]ocation: The Infirmary
[C]ast [P]oints: 175,000
[C]andy [A]mount: 2...?
[D]ays [L]eft: 3...?
[O]ut[O]f[C]hoices: Gah! I'm finally back. Sorry guys. @ ^ @;

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¥μ’μҜi ҜΣỈÐØ

"Slit the throat of reason and reality …”
"...Cut myself and scream for their insanity."

xxxxxYu'uki couldn't help but giggle slightly at how exasperated the Director was about having to move the body. Alas, he did, shoving it into the freezer without a second thought. She nodded in agreement when he stated that they would dissect and package later... they had things that needed to be done beforehand. As she informed him about the robot, she nodded again at his request, pulling out her phone once again. "The Hand... hm, I've always wondered... and that boy," she commented dully as she typed away on the keypad to her cellular device sending out a text to Daisuke. Soon enough, Yu'uki figured, she'd be able to dissect the blonde boy and figure out the true reason of his regeneration, and possibly use it for her own personal gain. Closing the phone against her chin, the woman looked up toward the ceiling thoughtfully, as if thinking about something trivial. Shaking her head, she returned her gaze to the Director. "Things should be progressing much faster toward our own path now. Be a little bit smoother, I would hope." Turning away, Yu'uki went to a file cabinet, and upon opening it, she pulled out a couple file folders. "Oh, just a trivial matter, but how to you feel of that Hokashi boy and the pig-tailed girl, Haine? -a page flips- I have noticed that they are usually together when they enter the Infirmary as of late." Nodding to herself, the doctor closes the file, tucking it under her arm as she turns to the Director, leaning back against the file cabinet, an eyebrow raised in curiosity.

+- When I can feel my skin crawl
When I'm about to crack
The hunger for revenge
gives me strength to stand
I will be your Deadman
With nothing but this blood on my hands
Stuck in your "Wonderland"
I just want to make you bleed like me -+
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]-[ Lotte Kāmin ]-[


Requiem Aternam...
Bullets right through the sternum,
Lullaby to Hell, babe.
Reaper's got your name!

Lotte had lit another cigarette as he walked down the halls. He thought about that gunshot he heard just a few minutes before, and figured he had missed out on something entertaining. His mind soon went back to the fact that he would eventually have to talk to the creepiest man in the universe and sighed. Then he got an Idea. He could just give the results to Doctor Yu'uki, then she would give them to the director instead of doing it himself. When he got to Yu'uki's office, his triumphant smile quickly faded. "Of course..." The Undertaker sighed as he heard the Director's voice, though Lotte's expression became one on intrigue when he heard a bit of their conversation. He then decided to open the door, before he was caught eavesdropping. "I hope I'm not interrupting something." Lotte said with his usual sarcastic tone with his usual happy-yet-melancholy smile on his face, as he stepped into the room. "Ah, Director, just who I was looking for..." He bleated, holding up the clipboard with the Deadmen's secondary blood test results. "You did say you wanted these when I got them, right?" He took a step forward, flipping through the pages once again "And I suppose you would like to see these too, Miss Yu'uki?"

With: Yu'uki and the Director
Location: Just inside the door to Yu'ki's office
Cast Points: ?
Ooc: I'm finally able to post again!!!
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The Name's.....: Sizu omigawa
I'm....:15 Almost 16
I've been in here....: Just brought in
Why does my blood do this?!: Crow claw and spiked fists.
I miss the old days...: Shizu was a Model for Japan daily
What am I good at? Well....I can run pretty fast,Fights fist to fist
Don't touch that!...:HEY WATCH OUT !
What am I in here for?....: One day at his job a kid was running around and tripped and it knocked over and hit shizu in the head then his branch acted up killed atleast 30 inoocent people

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((OoC: Since I think this rp up and died on us, here's another DW my friend started))
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< OOC: Omg I know I'm like replying to a thread that died - ugh I loved this rp too - I feel like it was my fault that this roleplay kind of died and was kind of discontinued. Idek, but akdjxcl. HOPEFULLY WE CAN ALL MAKE A NEW ONE OR SOMETHING. I'm sorry I disappeared too ugh.

Okay, end semi-apology rant thing.

Ugh let's start up a new deadman roleplay or something with the same characters, idek.

Kaykay. I'm done ugh.
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So.. I was clicking through old subscribed threads, and you know.. I saw this. Had good memories. [enjoyed the jacked up plot I was trying to implement as the director.]

So I thought I'd post here. See if anyone was still subscribed, see what you were up to.. And maybe.. Spark enough hope to start a new one of these. o uo

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