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War of the Wings: New Generation

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Gintana, a land of great beauty and magic not much is known about this strange and exotic place but it is said to be the home of beautiful and yet dangerous beings. It is rumored that Gintana is the home of, Angels, and, Demons. But these are only rumors, stories that people other lands tell their children as bedtime stories. Stories of great wars, magical powers, beautiful princess’s, handsome princes’s, of Kings and Queens, of knights and mages. A land were there lives more then just ordinary people. But these are all just stories there is no such place as Gintana, Demons and Angels do not exist. Thats where your wrong Gintana is real and the beings that call this land home are everything that is rumored they to be. But do not get too excited, though the land of Gintanas beauty is unmatched and the people who live her live in peace this land is plighted by war and its ground is stained with the blood of many. But if the ones who dwell here live in peace, how can the land still be at war? That my fired is easy for thought Demons and angels are now at peace their land is now being attacked by a foe who that never encountered beings from a land that was once like theirs who have come to steal the magic and life force from gintana,These beings are known as Winglies.
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Gintanas History

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A long time ago a few thousand years to be more precise there lived a princess her name was Ellina Li Angels. She was the youngest angelic princess, her two elder sisters and her self grew up in a time of war. The Angels where fighting against none other then the house of Vi Demon the royal family that ruled t the side that belong to the Demons. they had Three sons in this family two of witch where twins. During this war The land was stained with both innocent and non innocent blood . villages where burned or pillaged by bandits or the Enemy army and villagers of both sides could not keep their families fed or afford their homes the land had turned into great poverty. But then one day Princess Ellina fell in love with Linmus the Twin brother of the Eldest son of the Demon royal family. With his help and that of her best friend Alli and his older brother They got married and soon became the new king and queen of the land. under their Rule the War ended, peace and prosperity soon covered the land and life flourished.

The Time under the Rule of Queen Ellina and King Linmus where known as the golden ages. Soon new species came to their land and it no longer was just Demons and Angels there where humans fairies, goblins and many more species. they all lived together in peace. Everyone thought the the golden ages where going to last forever but when the Good king and queen died the kindome of Vi angles was attacked, and the Castle Fell to ruin. the Family of Ellina and Linmus fled to the country side where they started a new life as normal people. years went by and the time of the golden ages where long gone the peace and prosperity that the good King and Queen strived so hard to achieve since their teen age years was forgotten and the land was torn into five different kingdoms Each with their own Hate filled and menacing rulers. The userpers of the land started to destroy everything each striving to be the greatest then the others and have complete control. All the while the true rulers of the land lived normal lives, But thanks to a group of people the five Dark Warlords where defeated. and the Land was then ruled by Five Great leaders though the never claimed them selves as kings. with their guidance and knowledge they brought the land back into peace the time under their rule was known as the silver ages. when they felt they where no longer needed they disappeared with out a trace.

The silver ages Lasted for many years until once again the land was under siege with out a royal family to guild the people a young Evil leader took over the land and plunged the would in the greatest darkness anyone had ever seen. All races but Demons and Angels where slaughtered to extinction this evil lord ruled this land with an Iron fist. He Claimed this land for what seemed like and eternity. but then one Day two young Warriors Came out of the wood works. One was from the demon family Dark Heart the other was from the forgotten royal family Vi Angels. together in an epic battle that lasted for ten days and ten nights They defeated the Dark king. but now was a new problem. Who was the true king of the land? they both couldn’t rule it together. With that they split the land into half each building his own kingdom.

The land of Gintana had come to a full rotation the family of Vi angels were once again in power but they were at war with the Royal family Dark Heart. during that time the stories of the Great King and Queen had been reduced to a siple fairy tail, both in books and Even the family of Vi angels them selves had forgotten the teachings of the Great King and Kind Queen.

(( Thank you: Onirama, scropio666, One Eyed & Saraitsu for the insperation of that story.))
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The story now

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So everyone knows the story of the great king and queen, everyone knows the tail of the dark lords and the five powerful warriors, everyone has been enlightened on the story of the Dark king and the two warriors of Vi angel and Dark heart. Everyone has seen and been through the great war of Vi angel and Dark heart and how it came to an end. But what had happened since then? well this i will tell you now. After Ellinas: The youngest daughter of King Odin named after her grandmother the queen of the golden age and Prince Ludvaynes: the middle son of Dark Heart: Wedding and the war finally was brought to its conclusion Ellina was crowned Queen and Ludvayne, King, after her father mother stepped down from their positions. Now Ellina and Ludvayne have been ruling over Gintana in peace for the past twenty five years. But something has come that had disturbed the balance of Ginatana something that no one had ever thought would happen, a new enemy has shown up, and enemy no one thought they would ever see this enemy is known as Winglies. The Wingly race has shown up into Gintana determined to sap all the magic from the land and leave it dead, as well as turn all of the resadance of Gintana into slaves.

This is where our story starts,you will be playing the children, the next generation of Gintanas royal and non royal families. But what path will you take? Will you help defend gintana from the wingly attacks? will you help the winglies succeed in their mission? or will you not even bother? The fate of Gintana rests with you what will you do?

(( Link to War Of The Wings: A New Hope If you would like to read up on this story))
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Gintanas Royal families

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Dark Angel: Once Ellina and Ludvayne were married the names of Dark Heart and Vi Angel were merged into one as a symbol of peace between the houses. Dark Angel are the now ruling family of gintana. this family includes Queen Ellina, King Ludvayne and their three children A prince who is the oldest and heir to the throne and two daughters.

Vi Angel: The family that carries the blood of the great king and queen of old, This title of this family is still carried by Princess Rai and Princess Iris Ellinas two older sisters.

Dark Heart: The royal house of demons, the title of this family is still carried by Prince Shirenas also known as Naz and Prince Alexander or as he is widely known as Lex Ludvaynes older and younger brothers.

Royal family slots

Dark Angel

King: Ludvayne Darkangel
Queen: Ellina Darkangel
Eldest Prince: Hunter Darkangel (( 22))
Eldest princess: Persephone Darkangel (( 21))
Middle Prince: Pons Darkangel (( 19))
Middle Princess: Clover Darkangel (( 18 ))
Youngest princess: Kiya Darkangel (( 16 ))

Vi Angel

Mother: Rai Vi Angel
Father: Kensei Vi Angel
Oldest son: (( Open))
Oldest daughter:
middle daughter:
youngest Son: (( Open))

Mother: Iris Vi angel
Father: Hessie Vi angel
Oldest son:
Twin brother:
middle daughter:
youngest son: Ryuu Vi Angel (( 12))

Dark Heart

Father: Alexander (( Lex)) Dark Heart
Mother: Zerael (( Zera)) Dark Heart
Eldest Triplet son: Vexx Dark Heart (( 19 ))
Middle Triplet Son: Luke Dark Heart(( 19 ))
Youngest Triplet son: Talien Dark Heart (( 19 ))
Youngest Daughter:

Lost Dark Heart:

Father: Alexander (( Lex)) Dark Heart
Mother: Unkown dead
unknown Eldest son: Lux Darkheart (( 23))

The lost Dark heart is Lex's illegitimate son, Lex has no idea he is even alive, He knows his father is the youngest Dark heart prince, and has probably met his father once or twice but has never reviled that he was Lex's son. He has watched his father from a distance and seen him marry another woman and have three other children. It is up to you how he feels about that, and up to you if he hates his father or not. It is also up to you how his mother died. So have fun with the Lost dark heart i can wait to see him.
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Winglies story and Royal Familes

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Winglies who are they, where did they come from and why did they chose Gintana? Winglies are a mysterious species from the way the look the look as if they could be of a elven heritage but then, they show you their wings. Winglies wings are much different from those of a demons or an angels, their wings are made of pur energy that they can summon and unsummon at will, unlike demons and angels if they are shot or stabbed in the wings they will not be harmed for thier wings are not truly solid. Their wings tend to look like those of fairy wings which has people confused on their race, are they elven or are they fairy? winglies are vastly more technology advanced then the people of gintana, they have actually created flying air ships.That run on magic, they use these to invade the other lands. They have powerful weapons that not even other lands have seen, all of which are powered by energy and magic.

But thats the problem though Winglies are magical beings their magical abilies are limited, for the use of their technology they must use their magic to power it and there for makes vulnerable when going against Gintanas people. For unlike demons and angels who’s abilities are limitless when it comes to how much they can use. Winglies can only wield magic for a short time before they are no longer able to and have to end up relying on their weapons and skills.

So why are they here? their home is dieing. Winglies are a race that come from a land really far away, their home land was just like gintana at one point in time, beautiful, properious, rich in magic. The winglies were the rulling race in their world, all the other races were below them. but thier land is now dieing and the creatues who once lived there as well as the other races all fled for a better home, they don;t what is causing it, but their land was posioned and is falling apart. so Despretly they set out to find a way to save their home. The queen of the Winglies heard that if they could replish the rapidly depelting magic they can save their home, and so they have taken it upon themselves to go from world to world, invade these lands and sapp them of thier magic in hopes to save their own world. They also take some fo the resadents of these lands as slaves, since the creatures who once lived in their world fled.

The Family Celso Is the ruling family over the winglies governed by a Queen, she has no king to help her rule, but she dose have two older brothers who act as her advisors, and a son, the wingly prince. The family also consites of another male the princes Cousin and son to the oldest wingly brother and one last female another one of the princes cousins and the daughter to the middle brother.

Royal family slots

Wingly Queen: Sibella Celso
Wingly Prince: Clien Celso (( 22 ))

Eldest wingly Brother/Adviosr :
Elest son: Mako Celso (( 22))

Middle Wingly Brother/Advisor:
Eldest Daughter: Rosalyn Celso (( 17 ))
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Military Fractions

Darkangel Military

Crimson Fang
Commander: Prince Alexander Darkheart. ( Lex)
Symbole: Mark of the Fang

The crimson Fang is a relatively new fraction of the military, created twenty five years ago by King Ludvayns younger brother, Prince Alexander, or as he is widely known as Lex. The crimson fang started off as a rebel militia, created for the soul purpose of taken down the enemy who threatened to destroy the Darheart kingdom form the inside out. It consisted of meny different types of people, from the civilian who wished to take up arm and defend their home, to knights and soldiers of the already established Darkheart military who resigned from their duties as part of the Darkheart military for various reasons, and everything in between, criminals, assassins, mercenaries, you name it, the crimson fang more than likely had them among their ranks.

Now twenty five years Later the Crimson fang is a established and highly respected military fraction of the Darkangel reign. They still consist of the highly various types of people among their ranks but they have been honed trained and refined to be better than they have ever been. The Crimson Fang pride themselves on their abilities of stealth and surprise. They are known as the ghosts of Darkangel thanks to their skill of being able to phase in and out of places silently, like Assasins. Barely anyone notices them until they actually make their presents known. Though they are skilled in the assassin ways, they are also skilled fighters, so if stealth doesn’t work, they still kick some a**.

Though they are a bit of a wild bunch they are fiercely loyal to the Darkangel family, Lex himself makes sure of that. Their uniforms are normally that of assassins, bandit, or mercenary clothing. All of the Crimson fang members wear up on their clothing, and some even tattoo it onto their bodies, the Crimson fang symbol .

Imperial knights

Commander: Lord Asch Liengod

The Imperil Knights is a military fraction consisting of only nobility, well mostly nobility. The Imperial Knights is mainly an Angel fraction and consist mainly of male soldiers. The only women that you will more than likely find with in this fraction are Amira, Aschs wife and their daughter Ashley. There is only three demons that have ever been allowed into this fraction and that was because certain circumstance allowed it. They are a bit arrogant, they too are fiercely loyally to the Royal family, and will gladly lay their lives down in service to the crown.

Darkangel Elites

Commander: Varies

The Darkangel Elites are a more skilled, more trained and more advanced version of the Regular Darkangel military. The elites are both male and female their ranks consist of both noble and non-noble blood. If you wish to make it into the Elites you will have to work hard, train hard, and fight hard.


Commander: Varies

The knights of the Darkangel military are just a higher ranking then that of normal soldier, they are both male and female, most knights are of noble blood that have not joined into a noble military fraction such as the Imperials, and have just decided to stay with in the regular forces. Though there are people of non-noble blood who have joined the ranks of knight hood permitted through various acts of loyalty and bravery.


Commander: Varies

The soldiers are the normal forces of the Darkangel military, they consist of both men and women and about ninety percent of the soldiers were born of non-noble blood, they are great fighters and though they are the lowest ranks of the military they are actually the most respected by the Queen herself for if it wasn’t for them as the infantry forces their lands would have fallen and Gintana would be no more.

Celso Miltary

Celso Royal Guard
The Celso royal Guard consist of highly skilled wingly knights who are close to the Celso royal famlies, it is their job to protect the Queen, the prince and the rest of the Ceslso royal family with their lives.

Celso Elites
The Celso Elites are the highest ranked with in the Celso military, aside for the Royal guard, they are of winglies only , just like the Darkangel elites they are very skilled in combat and consist of noble winglies and noble winglies only. They are both male and female.

Celso knights
Just like the Darkangel military the wingly knights are a higher rank then that of a normal soldier, the only difference in this one is that you have to be a wingly to become one. Just like the Darkangel military they are of male and female and consist of noble and non-noble blood though most is noble.

Unlike the Darkangel military the Celso soldiers are not the lowest rank around, though the consist of mainly non noble blooded winglies there are very very few slave soldiers as well, that have only made it to the rank of actual soldier by some strange mirical.

Slave soldiers

Slave soldiers are the lowest ranking of the military, A slave soldier is just as their name seas, a slave who has been forced to become a soldier for the Celso military, wither it was against their will or not. Slave soldiers hold no wingly blood what so ever and there for can never advance in ranks. They are normally the first sent out and first to die. Unlike the Darkange military the slave soldiers get no respect form their wingly captors.
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1. No Godmoding! i am the godess here
2.Ask a person if you can kill their character before you do
3. cursing is aloud just not too much
4. i don’t mind miss spelling but no text talk
5. i am pretty laid back when i comes to how much you type so i don’t mind one liners you can post more if you want is fine with me but i don’t mind one liners. Thouhg i can not tell you about your fellow rpers.
6. Have Fun and Post often
7. Wait until I accept your profile before you start officially but even though your profiles not up your still aloud to post.
8. Romance is a Major so please but when it comes to cybering don't do it. Time skip.
9. pm Meyour profile with the title Defender of Gintana((if you’re an angel or demon)) Gintana is ours ((if you’re a Wingly or a wingly slave)) or else it wont be read.
11 please post with picture in every post
12 If you quit please pm me telling me you quite dont just leave us in the dark
13: Please tell me when you will be gone for awhile, unless you comp fries or u get sick then i understand.
14: i reserved the right you change the rules when ever nessasary
15:put a wahmbulance some where in your pm so that i know you read the rules
[16: I dont care how many people u have as long as u can keep track of them and play them all.
17: don’t mess with the profile layouts like centring them and everyting it makes it harder to keep the profiles orginazed.

19: no mind control powers, no mind reading powers,no aura sensing and if you’re an elemental you can not listen to others conversations using you ability. Like the wind can not tell you something that is supposed to be a secret or the water can not be your mirror and spy on people.

20:if your going to be a Royal you must be active not the one post then leave nonsense. its really anoying.

21: Please no: sally ran into th to the forest " hello" when the people are like twenty miles from where Sally was or the whole mark walks right up to sam and gose " i hate you" and walks away. When the people where inside a building with tones of securty no were near where Mark was. those are just stupid posts that are not even reading whats going on or giving any thought to it. they are just completly disreguarding the rp. when i say i dont mind one liners i mean that the one linder actually has to go with the story not randome nonsense. if you post like that please dont submit a profile because you will be deleted atomatic after your first post.
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Profiles/ OCC

[imgright]INCERT LINK HERE -- Crop to roughly 225x350[/imgright]
[align=center][b][color=color2]{[/color][/b] [size=16][color=color1]FIRST NAME[/color][/size] [b][color=color2]×[/color][/b] [size=16][color=color1]LAST NAME[/color][/size] [b][color=color2]}[/color][/b]
[align=right][color=color1]⋗⋗⋗[/color][url=Link to full picutre][size=10]-characters catch phrase-[/size][/url][color=color1]⋖⋖⋖[/color][/align][color=white]XXX[/color]

[size=11][color=color2]In the blink of an eye [/color][color=color1]Age[/color] [color=color2]years came and went,
Although it doesn't tend to matter, I'm a [/color][color=color1]Sex[/color]
[color=color2] If you would like to know i am a,[/color] [color=color1] Race[/color]
[color=color2] I was born to be a [/color][color=color1]Position: (Royal family member (king, queen, oldest daughter?), warrior, common folk, Other?)[/color]
[color=color2] I can take you on [/color][color=color1] Abilities (( no more then four) [/color]
[color=color2] With these by my side i can not fail[/color][color=color1] Weapons (( no more then three))[/color]
[color=color2] So you can know me better,[/color] [color=color1]Brief Bio[/color]
[color=color2] This is who i am[/color][color=color1] Personality[/color]
[color=color2]The one who controls my mind, body and soul [/color][color=color1]Username[/color]
[align=right][color=color1] The song i Live by[/color] [url=Link to song here]Your anthem[/url] [color=color1]♪[/color][/align][/size]

Profile for Winglies

[imgright]INCERT LINK HERE -- Crop to roughly 225x350[/imgright]
[align=center][b][color=color2]{[/color][/b] [size=16][color=color1]FIRST NAME[/color][/size] [b][color=color2]×[/color][/b] [size=16][color=color1]LAST NAME[/color][/size] [b][color=color2]}[/color][/b]
[align=right][color=color1]⋗⋗⋗[/color][url=Link to full picutre][size=10]-characters catch phrase-[/size][/url][color=color1]⋖⋖⋖[/color][/align][color=white]XXX[/color]

[size=11][color=color2]Like i care if you know, i am [/color][color=color1]Age[/color] [color=color2]years old
Although it doesn't tend to matter, I'm a [/color][color=color1]Sex[/color]
[color=color2] [/color]If you would like to know i am a [color=color1] Race[/color]
[color=color2] we will crush you [/color] [color=color1] Position (( Royal family memeber, Warrior, Slave, other))[/color]
[color=color2] Fear my power,[/color] [color=color1] Abilities (( no more then four))[/color]
[color=color2] My most Loyal companions[/color][color=color1] Weapons (( no more then three)) [/color]
[color=color2]This is my story, [/color][color=color1] brief bio[/color]
[color=color2]This is who i am [/color][color=color1] Personality[/color]
[color=color2]The one who controls my mind, body and soul [/color][color=color1]Username[/color]
[align=right][color=color1]The song i Live by ♫[/color] [url=Link to song here]Your anthem[/url] [color=color1]♪[/color][/align][/size]

Profile thread OOC Thread
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Open Family Slots

Hidden city wolf pack:

The wolf pack that protects the sacred tree Tendrisell and the hidden city beyond the Elven spirit lands. Once was only consisted of three siblings Aofeidi the eldest brother and the Alpha of the pack, Mohen the middle brother and the packs guardian and Chiyun the youngest sister and the energetic and caring omega. The pack flourished when it gained its four new members. Lae once a sad and broken lone wolf with a dark past looking for her place in the world. Mystic the traveling princess from the Lunar clan searching for her destiny. Nailah The mysterious elder, and Zadane The loyal guardian and close puppy hood days friend of Mystic. The small Family pack that was once just the three siblings grew rapidly with the help of these four new comers, some of the wolves even found love. Aofeidi the pack Alpha and Mystic the Lunar clan princess had fallen for one another with out even knowing it, together they lead the pack as the Alpha male and female. Mohen the Bata of the pack and guardian and Lae the Lone wolf fell for one another and together they make one interesting pair. The Pack grew even more with the coming of puppies and soon became one large happy family.

Children of Aofeidi and Mystic:
Eldest son: Nova ( 23)
Eldest daughter: Taken (20)
Middle son: (( 15-18 ))
Youngest daughter: (( 6-16 ))

Children of Mohen and Lae:
Eldest son: (( 23-25))
Eldest daughter: ((19-25 ))
Middle son: (( 15-18 ))
Middle daughter: (( 15-18 ))
Youngest son: (( 6-16 ))
Youngest daughter: (( 6-16 ))

The Vachal Neko Crew:
The Vachal Neko family is a strange and unique family indeed, Consisting of the Father Devdan Vachal who is born as normal Demon with strange abilities. He is a warrior and takes honor to heart. The Mother is Kali Vachal, a full blooded Neko with a soft heart, kind touch and playful ways. Together with their four children they make the Vachal Neko family.

Children of Devdan and Kali Vachal:

Eldest son: (( 23-25 ))
Second Son: Chess Vachal(( 22))
Eldest daughter: Raven Vachal ((20))
youngest son: (( 9-19))
Youngest daughter: Pelay Vachal(( 8 ))

Attention! If you choose to be a wolf clan member your person is allowed two forms one wolf form and one human form, they do not have wings for they are wolves not shape shifters.them changing form wolf to demon or from demon to wolf is not an ability that is just what they can do so it dose not take away from your ability slot. If your person is a child of Devdan and Kali Vachal your person is aloud three forms their true neko form, a normal human form and normal cat form. Just like the wolf pack members they are able to switch between forms dose not count on the ability list so there for they will not take up your ability slot. REMEMBER! THIS IS ONLY IF YOUR CHARICTURE IS APART OF THE WOLF PACK OR IS THE CHILD OF DEVDAN AND KALI VACHAL!! If your person is a normal Demon or Angel then they are shape shifters and there for if they are to change forms that is an ability and there for must be reported on your ability slot. ALSO! The children of Kali and Devdan Vachal are the only Nekos in this rp, if you are trying to be a neko and are NOT! part of the family you will not be accepted.
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List of important events

December 11th: War of the wings: A new hope, finishes and War of the Wings New Generation finally Opens!

December 16th: The winglies attack! The ball is interrupted and proclaimed over, everyone either goes home or goes to Alaias to fight.

December 24th: Attempted assassination! Some members of the Ripjaw guild came to the castle and had tried to assassinate Ellina the queen and her family while King Ludvayne was away. Ellina managed to kill two of the members with the help of Akira and Lux.

December 27: Second attack! Sibella the wingly queen has just given orders to attack both the capital and the first well of Gintana magics, will they succeed?
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Day, Time and Weather

Day: Friday

Time:7:00 Am

Weather: cloudy morning
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Other Interesting Rps

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