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                            C r e a t o r : Dare2493
                            I n s p i r a t i o n : The walking dead, a previous one x one, other roleplays around the community
                            L i t e r a c y : Literate and above.
                            T y p e : Zombie filled, apocalyptic world.
                            P h o t o C r e d i t : photobucket, edited in picnik

                            P r o f i l e s

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                                                    S t o r y

                                                    Warning...Warning...This is not a drill.

                                                    That was all the patients and staff in Atlanta, Georgia's hospital heard before the doors were sealed shut. The facility had been tampering with viruses, deadly ones. After mixing a little of this with a little of that, they discovered something that could, and unfortunately would, change the entire way of human life.

                                                    Dying patients would offer themselves up as test subjects for the doctors that told them it could benefit the rest of human kind. What the doctors were really doing was looking for a weapon. Something they could shove into their imports and watch as the people across seas fell. What they didn't plan on was finding patient 0041. He was a younger man of maybe thirty. His body had been plagued with cancer for years, and he figured he might as well give up his fight and do something that would help his family in the future.

                                                    The doctors exposed him to virus 0032, then sat back to watch the effects. At first the man carried on like he had for the past week. His breathing was shaky, his eyes tired. After the third day a fever set in, one that continued to spike even after being treated with mild medications. A thin layer of sweat made patient 0041's face shine under the florescent lights. That very night his body started to convulse, and his heart gave out. Patient 0041 was dead...

                                                    or was he?

                                                    The doctors were upset with the results. After months of hard work all they managed was to bring a slow end to a dying patient. They would deal with the body first thing in the morning. For now, they needed to rest. They covered the failed experiment with a sheet before leaving for the night.

                                                    The janitor showed up later to clean the rooms as he always did. Occasionally he would talk to the man that would eventually die. He hated the experiments these people did. That night when he stepped into the room he noted the covers pulled up over the younger man's face. His heart sank for a moment until a small groan sparked some hope. Maybe this young man would pull through after all. The man put his mop down and scampered over to the bedside, quickly removing the thin sheet to expose a very pale man underneath. The corpse in the bed appeared to be rotting, blood was coming from his mouth.

                                                    “Son! Son snap out of it!” The janitor grabbed ahold of patient 0042's shoulder. The experiment turned and sank his teeth into the janitor's wrist, removing a rather large chunk of flesh. The employee screamed for help, and banged on the emergency button before falling to the floor. By that time the corpse was out of bed and ready to eat the rest of him. The doctor's didn't know it yet...but they had successfully brought the dead back to life.

                                                    The experiment terrorized the rest of the hospital as it mindlessly wandered throughout the rooms. With every bite it created a new problem. Within a week, the entire town of Atlanta was infected. Within a month – it was the entire world. There are a select few that have been able to overcome the challenges they have been faced with, and those few continue to survive on the outskirts of cities. Is there any way that they can truly solve this epidemic? There's talk of a cure that was developed in Los Angeles, California. Or will they become zombies just like everyone else?

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                                R u l e s

                                1. I am NOT a babysitter. There is no reason I should have to place you in time out for breaking rules. Here, we play just like it's baseball. Three strikes, and you are OUT. Get it, got it, good.

                                2. This is a literate roleplay. Now, everyone has their own opinions on what this means exactly. So, just to clarify what I mean when I say that. You must post atleast ten sentences, or as most people put it, two paragraphs. I understand that on occasion you might be faced with writers block. It happens to a lot of people. But that's no excuse to post one sentence and expect the others to have something to reply to.

                                3. This thread DOES have limits. While romance is encouraged, I will not promote sex. If, for some reason, your characters decide they want to take that chance in a zombie infested wasteland, fade to black. I do not mind if you swear. However, please keep it decent. I don't want to see stars every other word. Thank you.

                                4. Be respectful of others in the thread. Your character does not have to like their character, but I don't want drama happening in the OOC. Along with this I shall mention there will be no god modding. If you wish to puppet your partner's character for a brief moment, ask their permission.

                                5. News flash – your character will in no way, shape, or form, be perfect. They won't know all the answers to the problems they are faced with, they won't always have a shelter to run to, they can't carry thirty days worth of supplies on them at all times and they most definitely will not be immune to the virus. If they get bit for some reason, they WILL turn into a zombie.

                                6. While this is a tragic event and most people will have lost family members, I don't need gary or mary sues. Yes, your life sucks. Everyone's life sucks at this point. Get over it – you're trying just to survive right now.

                                7. I will not require that you make your posts 'pretty'. But, I will ask that you at least provide us with the name of the character, and a photograph. Real images for this roleplay, please.
                                8. All profiles should be submitted to me with the title 'Tumbleweed'

                                9. Oh, and if you're talking Out Of Character, and it is in this main thread – please notify us by using the following indicators: OOC: , [ ] , { } , ( ).

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                                  P r o f i l e s


                                  [size=18][b]L[/b][/size] e t s [size=18][b]S[/b][/size] t a r t [size=18][b]W[/b][/size] I t h [size=18][b]T[/b][/size] h e [size=18][b]B[/b][/size] a s I c s . . .

                                  [imgleft] REAL PICTURE HERE [/imgleft]

                                  The name's [b](First Middle Last)[/b], doll. And there's a few things you should know.

                                  I'm young, if you consider [b](age)[/b], young.
                                  I might only stand at [b](height)[/b], but I can sure pack a wallop!
                                  It might look like I have love handles developing, but I swear I'm only [b](weight)[/b].
                                  It takes some work to control this [b](Hair color)[/b] mane.
                                  If you weren't aware, I kind of have this thing for [b](Women/Men/Both Genders)[/b].

                                  [size=18][b]W[/b][/size] h y [size=18][b]A[/b][/size] m [size=18][b]I[/b][/size] [size=18][b]H[/b][/size] e r e ?

                                  The story of my life is, as follows - [b](Background Story: Alteast two paragraphs detailing who you were before and after this outbreak. What did you do? Why are you of all people still alive?)[/b]

                                  [size=18][b]O[/b][/size] h [size=18][b]A[/b][/size] n d [size=18][b]Y[/b][/size] o u [size=18][b]S[/b][/size] h o u l d [size=18][b]K[/b][/size] n o w . . .

                                  The past has made me who I am today. [b](Personality: atleast one paragraph)[/b]

                                  Seriously, I'd go toe to toe with a creature for [b](Likes)[/b]

                                  But, introduce [b](Dislikes)[/b] into the mixture, and I'd rather hide for the rest of my life.

                                  [size=18][b]B[/b][/size] a n g , [size=18][b]B[/b][/size] a n g

                                  I wield [b](weapon one)[/b]
                                  and [b](weapon two)[/b]
                                  and you can't forget [b](weapon three)[/b].

                                  (You are allowed three weapons and only ONE of them may be a gun. Get creative, and think realistically. No one hundred pound kid is going to haul around a shot gun and a ton of ammo. GET REAL. I will be picky about this.)

                                  [size=18][b]A[/b][/size] l l [size=18][b]I[/b][/size] [size=18][b]N[/b][/size] e e d [size=18][b]I[/b][/size] n [size=18][b]L[/b][/size] I f e...

                                  I could never fathom leaving [b](Things you are never found without. Ie; a special necklace, bracelet, water, bag, etc. AND MAKE IT REASONABLE. There's no way your character can run at break neck speed for an extended period of time with twenty pounds worth of s**t strapped to them. Get real.)[/b] behind.

                                  [size=18][b]I[/b][/size] f [size=18][b]Y[/b][/size] o u [size=18][b]H[/b][/size] a v e [size=18][b]A[/b][/size] [size=18][b]B[/b][/size] o n e [size=18][b]T[/b][/size] o [size=18][b]P[/b][/size] I c k

                                  If you need to know something, try contacting my lawyer, [b](username)[/b].


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                                    M e m b e r s

                                    Juliet Marie Klein - Dare2493

                                    Seth Michael Klein - Dare2493

                                    William Michael Klein - Dare2493

                                    Finn 'Dodger' Fitzpatrick - TheBamboozler

                                    Scarlet Joan O'Mally - Dare2493

                                    Jesse J. Carson - Midnight Mona

                                    Skylar Tores Johnson - Sloth Moustachio

                                    Avery Grace McCreary - Sheepsarewoolly

                                    James Tiberius Lanam - micco77

                                    Slig Odd - SLIG

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                                      R e l a t i o n s h i p s

                                      Juliet Klein - Seth Klein : Twins

                                      Juliet Klein - Liam Klein : Siblings

                                      Seth Klein - Liam Klein : Siblings

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                                        C o n d i t i o n s

                                        Atlanta is a hot, humid mess as it always is. The sun is shining bright and there isn't a cloud in the sky!

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                                          A n n o u n c e m e n t s

                                          Everyone is starting out in Atlanta, where the outbreak took place. Find some way to make some type of connection with the others in the city, or get ready to pack up and leave on your own! Atlanta is running low on supplies and growing in critters every day!

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                                                      Creak. Creak. Creak.

                                                      Juliet was waiting for the floorboards of the run down mini mart to snap beneath her feet. This place always made her nervous, but her nor her two brothers were magicians, and supplies were not going to appear out of thin air. The blonde had a large backpack with her, and hopefully she would continue to avoid all the monsters lurking around. Day time was the best time to avoid most of them, but there were still a few that would brave the sunlight in search of food.

                                                      Juliet's green eyes looked over to the door. It was the only entrance, and only exit this place had. She glanced around the store as she removed the backpack from her shoulders. The small shop was running low on a lot of things now. If the Klein siblings did not get a plan together soon, they would be facing the uncomfortable reality of starvation. The blonde let out a soft sigh as she packed ramen, trail mixes, beef jerky, a box of cereal, cans of soup, and cans of vegetables into the bag. The woman wiped her forearm across her forehead to remove the beads of sweat forming on her brow. Georgia heat was very unforgiving in summer attire, and in jeans it was even worse.

                                                      [******** heat and water in the air.” She groaned and zipped up one of the pouches then moved on to the next empty pocket. Seth had wanted to take the risk, but Juliet doubted he would have gotten down the block without passing out. He was used to drier heat. When all the pockets were filled the woman hoisted the load onto her back. The pack would definitely slow her down, but so far she had been lucky. Knock on wood, that luck would stay the same. Juliet picked up her trusty baseball bat and cautiously walked to the front of the store, cringing at every creak the floorboards made. They hadn't snapped yet, but they would.

                                                      The coast was clear as she stepped onto the sidewalk. It was just a couple blocks to her house, and hopefully there were no day walkers around. The bat was positioned over her shoulder, ready to crack anything that dared cross her path. As she walked up the street Juliet kept her eyes peeled. Only idiots expected the best.

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                                        S e t h && L i a m

                                        “Would you sit down, please? Watching you pace like that gives me the willies.” Liam pleaded while Seth continued to stride back and forth in front of the door. His question caused his older brother to pause and look at him. His eyes were annoyed, but also drenched in fear. Liam hated when Seth got this way, but could not blame him for his actions. Juliet had told them both to stay put while she ran down the street to gather things to feed the two of them. It was the anticipation of when she would be walking back through that door safe and sound that was killing Seth. Liam was concerned, and scared, but would not admit defeat. His sister would be coming back safe and sound. Then, the siblings could concoct a plan as to where they were going and how they would get there.

                                        “I can't Liam. If she isn't back in fifteen minutes I'm going to go get her myself.” The pacing resumed, and sent a chill up fifteen year old Liam's spine. Kids were meant to be kids, not to live in a world like this. There was no more running around outside, or going to see friends, or playing video games for shits and giggles. No more. No, now there was sitting inside all day, learning to use objects around you to bludgeon those creatures to death, learning how to survive on the little that you had.

                                        The child sighed and flopped back down on his sisters bed. Arguing with the twenty six year old was like arguing with a brick wall. Then again, Liam assumed he would much rather argue with a brick wall. At least that could not talk back. But, he supposed he knew why Seth was so distraught. There was something about twins that just did not make sense. Their youngest brother who had passed away seven years ago, Zane, had a twin, Oliver. Oli was usually a playful fellow, always trying to keep Zane's spirits up, but when Zane passed away Oliver became very withdrawn. If Juliet did not come back, would Seth act the same way? Liam shook his head to remove the thought from his mind.

                                        'She is going to be back any minute' he told himself and hugged a pillow to his chest. 'Any minute now.'

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                      Super Noob

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                      J E S S E - C A R S O N

                                                            The gentle smoke trail of a crumpled cigarette slowly drifted from the broken yet boarded-up window of a dingy boarding house, placed in-between the fingers of a rather shady-looking young man. "What a shitty day." The man let out dully, letting out another deep exhale of smoke as he sat in the window seal of a second-story room. Being a northerner, he really wasn't used to this climate. It was hot, it was wet, it just ******** sucked.

                                                            Still though. He really didn't have a whole hell of a lot of time to just sit and piss around. He was running out of supplies. It'd been a little less than a week now. His wounds had mostly healed, but he'd lost more weight than he'd ever imagined he could lose. Food wasn't the easiest thing to come by, after all. Being honest here... he wasn't really in the best position. Back in Milwaukee he had a goal: get here to his brother's place. Somehow, he'd managed that. But now... well ********, what was left other than just plain survival?

                                                            He let out an irritated 'tsk' and flicked the now diminished cigarettes butt out the window. He hadn't seen anyone pass by all day, sure to take watch and peer through the ill-placed boards as he sat there. The streets were mostly clear from those walking fleshbags too. If he was going to make a move, now was the time.

                                                            Reaching down and pulling a green duffel bag in his lap, Jesse made sure all of the necessary supplies were in it. A flashlight, some bottled water, an assortment of canned food, some clothes, and a few other things laid in there. Bypassing all of it, he unzipped a pocked and took out a few shotgun shells. "Really? This is all I have left?" He questioned himself. It was rhetorical. "Fantastic." He gruffly stuck them in his pant pocket.

                                                            He threw the duffel bag under the bed, tapped his boot to make sure his knife was in-tact, and grabbed his shotgun, throwing it over his shoulder as it hung loosely on his back from its strap. He looked over on the bed where he'd thrown the tire iron he'd found a few days back, picking it up and examining the blood stains still on it. Beautiful. Really.

                                                            His leather pants would be a pain in the a** in this heat, but they stayed. The leather jacket? Yeah, it could come off for now, stay nice and safe here in his little hideout. The city-slicker gave himself a final run-down before slicking his hair back in the rusted mirror, both leftover hair gel and sweat smoothing it back nice and suave, though a little couldn't help but be unruly, sticking out wildly here and there.

                                                            Once he exited the room, he barred the door from the front with a dresser sitting out in the hallway. One thing he'd come to find out were these monsters really weren't that bright. Though people were another problem, it wasn't like he had a key to lock the stupid place up with or anything. Gripping the tire iron tightly, Jesse finally set out for supplies. Food and water, preferably. Medicine, ammo... hell, anything, really. The boarding house was pretty much clear, but he was still sure to be more than careful. Once he had the stairs clear, it was just a hallway away to the outside world.

                                                            He was just about to make a mad dash through the hallway... until a scratching noise could be heard in one of the rooms off from it, most of the doors to the rooms being wide open. It didn't take a genius to figure out what it probably was. Still, peeking around the corner, there sat a woman in a half-degraded blue dress and bonnet, dumbly scratching at the floor. Jesse quickly pulled himself back. "Well s**t." Was all he could get out under his breath. Looks like he'd just have to wait for her to move or turn away before he could sneak by. Taking on one wasn't too bad, but if he didn't have to fight, it was best not to. From the way things looked, just one measly bite could turn you into one of them.

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