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              Guy hadn't noticed how she was looking at him, he was too busy eating what could have been his last meal. Well, not so much eating as inhaling without the added step of chewing. He finished it off in no time, and only briefly left the table while she was gone to toss his garbage in a nearby trash can. He was back before she was, and sat there waiting for her. "Awesome," he grinned as she came back with the ice cream. He didn't flinch when she told him to straight up, merely did so as though it was second nature. Because it was. He took a spoonful of his dessert and watched her do the same before he answered.

              "Honestly, I took that job because I was hoping it would jump start my brain," it was all very matter-of-fact. "It's hard," he admitted, "being around so many girls. They do exactly what you said they'd do, and a couple have been..." his head drooped a bit, "really pretty, but I can't do anything. I've got a few phone numbers laying around my table at home. I can't use them, all I could do would be talk." And if he say anything like that to them, naturally they'd assume he liked the manly variety of person. And he didn't. He loved women. He just couldn't love women. "I was really hoping I would figure out why I'm like this there, but no dice. Anyway, I'm really good at it, turns out. As long as I work with another person, in case something... happens." He gave his queen a look. She'd just witnessed a something not even a half an hour ago.

              Gideon was near the bottom of his cup when Mab brought up the Winter Lady. He couldn't suppress the shiver that ran up his spine and all the way down to his spoon, rattling it against the paper cup a few times before it subsided. Now there was a woman he feared. There was just some sort of overwhelming presence about her, he couldn't put his finger on it. He liked her well enough, but she intimidate him to tiny little intimidated Guy-pieces. "Chrys? I've seen her around a few times." He didn't know what the woman did in her spare time, but he had seen her at the bar with a man recently. He didn't know anything about the guy, either, just that they had come in looking to have a few hundred drinks and had the cash to pay for it all. He hadn't served them, only heard throughout the night about the strange, beautiful people who were apparently very rich and could really hold their liquor. "I think she's got herself a new beau or something, she came in with some guy a while ago. It's been about a week or so, I guess." He shrugged. Nothing was out of the ordinary with that. "She's probably just been busy with him."

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                                          Francesca rolled her eyes imperceptibly at her companion. With how he treated his books, she was almost convinced he had developed a tiny crush for them, but she guessed that considering his age, cherishing knowledge was not exactly an unusual thing. However, his attitude towards her and her car triggered another upward motion of her eyes which combined with the theatrical sigh that escaped her lips, could not look more offensive.

                                          “Feel free to get yourself a horse and a carriage. I am sure you would deal with the smell of excrements just well big guy.” She retorted, turning her back on him to head out of the store before he could think about another snobby reply. He was always complaining in regards to using the vehicle, or the driver, but she honestly did not remember him studying to get his license. In lack of other possibilities, he should be grateful that he was not forced to stay for half an hour in the bus station, squeezed by a bunch of other people.

                                          “Have you eaten something today?” Ana inquired, arching a brow at him before opening the car. She did not expect the answer to be yes, even though she had hardly an idea as to what his menu included. He probably ate dwarves and she would still be oblivious about it. As soon as he got in the car with her, the Russian locked all the doors, attached the seat belt and steered the engine into function with such an abruptness that the car jerked annoyingly in a back and forth motion. She wanted to piss him off just a little bit before leaving. Apart from the little jokes she played on him, she was actually not that bad of a driver. She simply loved speed once in a while.

                                          “Don’t tell me you are jealous you don’t have an array of admirers like he does.” She teased, keeping one hand on the driving wheel as she checked her phone for any texts. Nothing popped by, and that meant one thing. Polo was busy with something, something that involved a group of blondes, or a cup of expensive tea. She hoped he would not get the insane idea of making her pay the bill, because with how low her funds were at the moment - her salary was on the way- she would probably stuff that paper well deep his throat.

                                          “Just stop acting as if I am going to murder you each time you get in the seat.”

                                          They reached their destination rather quickly. The traffic seemed to be less busy than it had been an hour ago, and Francesca thanked heaven that she did not have to deal with Zyl’s comments for more than fifteen minutes. It was a record that he shut up for most of the time. Blocking everything, Anastasia headed towards the edifice mentioned by Pol in his text. Well. Not exactly as mentioned as it was insinuated, but she was already used with his word games.

                                          She entered the patisserie, followed suit by the older warden, and had no trouble in spotting her other counterpart, enjoying his meal with no girls at his side. She held out her hand for Zyl.

                                          “Two bucks.” A bet was a bet, and it had to be respected.

                                          She sat down next to Polo, not in the mood to order anything. She had already eaten at work, and her stomach was not as enormous as everyone around her believed.

                                          “So tell me, what it was as important as to call us here in such a rush?”

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                                      Titania skipped and hopped onto certain colored bricks that decorated the side walk in a systematic pattern. Her curly brown hair flowing behind her in the appropriate manner with an added glisten from the shine of the sun. Her child like giggles sounded each time she missed a step on her own accord and a slight disgruntled huff came when she was forced to miss a step due to the over crowded streets. She made one large hop and landed on a maroon colored brick, bending her knees to oppose the reacting force. Then Arianna's voice chimed over the crowd's and Titania turned on the points of her toes to face the girl. Her hands neatly laid in the next behind her back as she peered up at the taller sidhe. Her aloof expression changed to a more friendly one hearing the girl's first response though she frown slightly at the second. "More like playing mean tricks on them, hmm." She tilted her head to one side before the next before she giggled quietly.

                                      She smiled knowingly before turning and continuing her little game, though she paid close attention to the words leaving the girl's mouth. Arianna need not say it for she already knew just what she was doing when in the human world when she visited, and the was frequently. She simply ignored it and gave the sense that she didn't know. "Well today just doesn't seem like your day," she concluded before she ended her game and began walking normally once more. She froze and her thoughts ran back to the exceedingly perturb young man. An absent look showered her face as she was lost in thought. "He really is," she said in a whisper to herself as she brought her bent index finger to her bottom lip. She thought about his reaction during their presence and she couldn't help but think that it was very...hindering. Well it was to her. What was the use in a knight who easily showed fear? She unconsciously shrugged her shoulder to her thoughts as she reverted her attention back to Arianna.

                                      A shocked and confused look showed on her face resulting from Arianna's self conversation. She chuckled and bent over slightly as she pressed her hands to her lips trying to silence her laugh. "You are unbelievable," she said in between her laugh. When she straightened her posture she noticed the girl had already entered the Cafe. 'La Vie en Rose' was the name of the upscale french pastry shop. Although it was on the fancier side of cafes littering this particular street, the prices were unmatched and the dishes were impeccable. Just one bite and your taste buds would soar to heights never reached before. Her eyes widened even more and a smile stretched across her face as she read the sign. As she stepped closer to the door the tantalizing scent of the baked goods waved through the air and up into the woman's nostrils. Her eyelids fell closed as she deeply inhaled the smell like some sort of addict. Her palms came to either sides of her face as she cupped her own cheeks and giggled cutely. "I love the scent of sweets!"

                                      Without a second thought or responding to Arianna's snide comment, the youthful appearing queen bolted into the shop. She stood in the middle of the store and glanced up at the crystal chandelier that hung there. A warm smile graced her features as thoughts of her past slowly weaned their way into her mind. Though as they traveled further and further her smile slowly faded until a distinct frown was all you could see on the queen's face. It stayed for quiet some time until she realized its presence. She harshly brought her hands to the sides of her face in a loud snap in a quest to dismiss her past memories and focus on the present. Seemingly successful a slight grin appeared on her face as she turned to Arianna. "What do you mean what are we doing here! And how can you be so unenthusiastic when in the presence of such pleasant goods." A slight pout curved her lips in response. She extended her hand and wagged her finger in the girl's direction. "No lady of my court will be this unmoved by such treats." Her voice was pitched yet held a degree of sternness.

                                      She grinned broadly as she lowered her hand back to her side. "Come on I'll let you treat me," she said with a wink before she giggled. She began walking backwards with no awareness as to where she was going. She then did a small twirl and began skipping into an unknown direction when she was brought to a sudden stop. Due to her absent mindedness and the fact that she was not paying any attention to where she was going she collided with into a table mid-skip and was now laid across the marble tiled floor. Her hair sprawled all around her, acting as some sort of cushion during her impact with the hard ground. She squinted her eyes and swung her head from one side to the next as she slowly came to. A soft yet audible groan slipped her peach colored lips as she sat up while her small hand ran through her hair. "Ouch," she said quietly, finally opening her eyes to assess the damage.

                                      Her multicolored gaze shifted around her and she noticed small pieces that appeared to be a tea cup or some sort of china along with a pool of liquid. Her eyes widened in shock and she gasped as she head snapped in the probable direction the broken china came from. She quickly, and finally, noticed the table that seated a man. She rose to her feet and brushed her skirt before she bowed her head slightly before looking up at the man. "I'm so so so sorry! I wasn't paying much attention...to where I was going." Her speech began to slow as she realized she was the one in fault. Her hands clasped in front of her as she bent at the waist in a deeper bow. "I'll truly sorry, please let me repay you for it," she said as she slowly rose her head and offered an apologetic grin. Yes she was a queen and some may think the actions she just took were not fitting, but wrong was wrong and in the human world she was just like everyone else. That would mean she'd have to humble herself, right? Not that she minded at all.

                                      She straightened her posture. This time her hands where tightly clenched behind her back. "What do you say?" Her grin widened and her usual soft expression shined through. The stunned male glanced up and the girl with a solid stone expression before a smile slowly broke it followed by a humorous chuckle. Titania stared at the man a bit confused by his reaction though it all made sense once he explained himself. He also insisted that the girl not worry about paying the bill. He then stood and glanced down at her before turning and leaving on his way. A slight frown appeared on her small face, but she quickly dismissed it. "So shall we find a table for ourselves?"

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Titania no longer spilled Apollo's tea~
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                                                      The tiny hairs all along Xavier body rouse on end when the man decided they were already close enough pals to sling an arm around the younger boy. Xavier automaticly bristled both from the strange cold that radiated from the man and from the unexpected contact. Xavier wasn't much one for physical contact from anyone.But the feeling was not just the uncomfortableness of the unwarranted contact, but something more threatening and primal that spoke to him on a instinctual level.His whole body screamed at him to flee and he made a jerking movement that seemed like he would do just that before the man released him from the unwanted hold.

                                                      Xavier watched his hand motions for a moment, unsure of what he was doing, looking up at the weird hungry smile of his before he finally gave his name.

                                                      Doctor Alberts...” Xavier repeated curiously rolling his shoulders back.
                                                      I didn't start it..” Xavier said hurriedly and harshly. He was never to blame for any of the fires that started around him, they just happened and like the bike they weren't full blown fires but simple explosions. They weren't intentional and therefore not his fault. at least thats what he told himself.

                                                      Xavier was cut off by the woman suddenly appearing baring the purchases that the doctor had made. And before Xavier knew it he was carrying some of the mans things. The blond had the right of mind to drop them, but he didn't think that would go over to well with this man so he obediently followed after him.

                                                      As he walked Xavier listened to Alberts. He was voicing Xaviers own concerns, Xaviers own thoughts and worries and things he couldn't possibly know unless he was like him himself or had dealt with people with similar cases.

                                                      Usually things just explode” He said softly.

                                                      Look I dont know what you are...I mean...I’ve seen things before, but they never put on a skin and walk around like people do...they're usually just floating around...They dont respond to me when I call to them or even when I try those summoning spells from the internet” He knew he sounded silly what self respecting arcane dabbler got their instructions from the internet. Actually saying it out loud made him feel like he was playing at it, but he wasn't, Xavier was very serious about all of it.
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Please call me Dr. Alberts

["There's nothing to fear, but fear itself."]
["I cannot say that I fear myself."]

["That must mean I fear nothing."]


Alberts let out another one of his amused school girl giggles when the boy insisted he hadn't started the fire. "Oh no, of COURSE you didn't start it. How silly of me...." he said as if talking to a 4 year old who had previously knocked over a glass and blamed it on the cat. He chuckled again and looked at Xavier straight in the eye, "However, the more you resist and try to bottle it away-- the more power it has over you." He shrugged his shoulders and grinned.

He went silent for a little while, listening to the poor kid, and nodding his head gently, as if listening to a client tell their symptoms. "I don't....'put on a skin and walk around like people do'." he corrected, in a cold-cold SUPER ICY COLD manner, almost appalled. Almost disgusted, as if being called some sort of grand sinner. "I am exactly what people perceive me to be. I'm as much a person as you are. I just happen to have a darker half, not always seen by the human eye. I was raised a human--I don't hide myself on purpose, you know..." he frowned deeper, his eyes swirling grey-blue and white. "Some of us weren't as lucky as others." he hissed, "If human is what people an others wish to see me as, then that is what they will see me as." he sighed.

Suddenly, he turned his face back to Xavier, wearing the most extravagant smile on his face. "Summoning spells from the internet...." he scoffed in a laughing manner, "How....cuuuute." He said with an emphasis on the T, especially. "Have any of your little internet spells worked?" he stared at him, bringing his right hand up to his mouth, and gently biting on his knuckle. He gave him quite the inquiring look.

"Have you ever thought of....finding a mentor?" His mind made devious flip-flops as he managed a sugary sweet smile. "I might know of someone willing to help."

This kid had no idea what was in store for him. He really was looking for some assistance, however, it wouldn't be any loss if the poor boy said no. He was almost not expecting him to say yes, yet. Didn't mean he wouldn't come around. After all, the poor Xavier boy was weary enough to almost turn him down once. Luckily, just as Alberts knew he might, he let his festering curiosity get the best of him. That all to enviable curiosity that led to so many bad decisions in human history. Xavier had even gone so far as to ignore all of the warning signs.

"Of course, I'm sure you'll figure it out-with the help of the internet." He stroked his chin, turning a corner, and reaching a rich neighborhood street. In the center of the cul de sac was a nice sized house with maybe twice as many windows as the rest. All of which let in a lot of light, but really did very little for privacy, if it hadn't been for the tint. If it hadn't been for the tint, all the neighbors could see every little thing that happened in that huge-windowed house. It wasn't a hugely long walk, but it most certainly had been one with lots and lots of turns. "I can ONLY imagine how well that is working out for you. And my way would be a lot more difficult--and there might be things learned that wouldn't suit you. Poor boy. And I can't promise my methods are, necessarily, the most forgiving...But they are quick, and they do work."

He crossed his arms, stroking his chin more, as he headed straight for the windowed house, "Of course, it's a lot of work and...well...trusting a little 'ol monster like me might be hard for you." he taunted, "And there are tons of unfavorable things....too."
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sɹɐǝ ʎɯ ɹoɟ sǝıuoɥdɯʎS ʇɔǝɟɹǝd sɯɐǝɹɔS pǝzıuoƃɐ ɹnoʎ

Well...there had been at least some accomplishment to his day. He might not have gotten any useful information about the whereabouts of the coin he was hunting down, but he did get some new...merchandise. And then got rid of it for a decent profit shortly after and didn't have to lug fresh pieces around. He'd also had a grand old time frightening the pretty little kitsune. Good times all around, even if nothing productive had really happened.

The man smiled to himself as he made his way down the street, headed for the seedy little hotel he'd rented a room at. He didn't have to worry, as he walked, about anyone messing with him - they didn't dare. And if they did...they were moronic. He almost wished someone would try, just so he could...play.

But no, he made it back all right. A pity. Kellen dug the key to his room out of his pocket, pondering to himself what he should do with his surprise windfall of money. Maybe he'd go buy a new knife - he'd nicked one of his favorites cutting through the ex-changeling's chest. Caught it on a rib, which was annoying. He was usually more careful than that. One blade had caught his eye at one of the pawn shops he'd been through. Maybe he'd go back tomorrow and take another look at it.

Kellen stretches lazily, closing the door behind him with his foot as he drops his bag on the grimy table. Did he have any food to eat? Torturing things to death always made him hungry. He thought he might have some leftover Chinese food from that takeout he'd ordered the other day. He headed towards the tiny kitchenette to check the fridge to see...

-[Hotel room]-
-(Looking for food)-
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They would spend the next hour or so in that section of the museum, she let Derek and Kessler do what they wanted. But she was here for a purpose and had found one of the things she was looking for that wasn’t easy to find in the first place. Anyone can put a label on an object and call it the real thing. But when doing something so technical and delicate, it wasn’t always a good idea to play with substitutions. If this wasn’t really the hunting horn of the Erlking, the spell could go very wrong.

She spent the time there looking at security, the cameras the patrols of the overweight security guards who tried to look like they were just taking a stroll through the galleries but where really making sure that no one was touching anything they weren’t supposed to. The smartest thing would be to come back tonight to get it, but she didn’t want to and luckily because of the time of day it was not a lot of people where currently in the museum. The question would be how to get it out of the museum in broad daylight.

Ana sent them both off in different directions, mostly to clear people out in the nearest areas. Once it was clear she stood near the case with the horn inside and then closed her eyes. She would need a few minutes to concentrate. With the others standing as guard she set to work.

At first nothing happened and then slowly, throughout the museum alarms started going off simultaneously. They would go off confusing the security guards when nothing in those areas was wrong and then the alarms would turn off as if there was nothing wrong. They eventually assumed there was something wrong with the system but by then, Ana was walking out of the museum with Derek and Kessler in tow a satisfied smile on her face. It wouldn’t be until the following morning when it would become apparent that the ‘horn’ in the case was nothing but an illusion and that the actual item was gone, now safely tucked away in Ana’s purse.

They all climbed into the car and headed back to the fire house where after inside Ana placed the actual horn in a black bag and locked it up in a safe that she had in her room. Once it was safe she headed back out into the kitchen where the other two would be waiting. “Now that that’s handled…only one more thing to take care of before you can both leave.” She looked between the two of them and then the room suddenly went dark, dark enough that even the windows and the lights were blackened out. There was the sound of a choked sound and when the light came back and the shadows vanished, strangely enough back into Ana’s own shadow, Derek was lying on the floor in a steadily growing pile of blood.

Reaching down, Ana picked an item up out of his pocket, a small silver coin. She looked at it and then placed it in her own pocket. Her eyes drifted to look at Kessler silently for a moment. “Thank you Kessler, take care of that please and then you are free to go, that’s all I need you for today.
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♦The determined young man had managed one step towards the door before Bambi’s aura flared and he was forced to take a step back with slanted eyelids to help shield his delicate blues. Why in the hell did anger have to be so bright? Even with the natural barrier of eyelids it was becoming increasingly difficult to withstand the onslaught of colors. Bright gold behind and now this… nothing was more vibrant and quick to change colors than an upset adolescent girl. There was a slight pang of regret in Cato as he saw the current composition of her soul. Darkened green spiraled around a pleasant shade of red that dulled and brightened constantly, but what really stood out was the orange tinge on the outer layers.

How had he not been able to read that before? Was he so out of practice that he missed something so blatantly obvious? Or was it simply that he’d been unable to accept reality and had subconsciously cast aside the sight in front of him? Rather than accept that he’d both been out of practice and unable to accept, Cato conjured the excuse that it was probably the mouthy priest and the holy grounds of the church that threw off his game. Now he was stuck with – what was that word? It’s not exactly regret, but similar… oh great alchemic fire he was actually feeling remorse. A face of utter disgust spread out on Cato’s face at his sudden inner revelation, and that despicable taint just kept eating away inside of him as this brown-eyed doe kept talking.

♦Even if he hadn’t been able to read auras, that hurt was read plainly on her face. It was this that Cato responded the most to. For the most part, people are liars. Hardly anyone wears their emotions so without knowing it Cato had come to rely completely on his ability to read people. Who needs body signals or facial expressions when you can read the colors of their soul? This poor girl in front of him probably didn’t even know how to lie, and that damn orange tinge around her aura reminded him of someone he’d rather forget. It was because of all these complications building inside of him that when she finally did finish speaking with a voice thick with a German accent; Cato could do nothing but looked at her with a bewildered expression. What in the hell was he supposed to say to that? Thankfully they weren’t alone because for the first time since meeting this girl Cato was positively sure she could kick his a**. Wouldn’t that be the story? The great alchemist gets his a** kicked by German Bambi.

♦Then the preachy Father Hunt finally gave Cato the miracle he’d been seeking – an unexpected referee with his impeccable timing to interrupt the conversation. (Though at that point the conversation was incapable of moving forward since Cato was unable to form a stream of rational thoughts let alone words… and the priest did have a rather annoying point.) The opening that Hunt had given him left Cato with options he was forced to consider. Either train with Bambi or possibly fight against her in the future. “Fine.” Cato grumbled as he was forced to accept the offer of training. Although now he doubted that Bam- Eidel, would be happy with those arrangements; why was Cato unable to keep his mouth shut around these people? They were a black hole created exclusively to devour his composure, or so he thought until the door opened and the biggest black hole stepped through the door.

♦Usually Cato is collected even in the middle of a sea of people. An average person’s aura is a collection of various colors surrounding them; a vibrant display of how they’re feeling at that exact moment. Unless the individual’s spirit is particularly strong the aura won’t extend more than two inches from their body. So while distracted to be surrounded by so much color, it’s not a hindrance. It’s an entirely different story when it comes to Fae. The weaker ones aren’t so different than humans, sure the auras are generally brighter and are quicker to change but it’s condensed. Then you have the stronger fae which to Cato are walking, talking kaleidoscopes with the side effects of nausea and seizures given life. If he does deal with these beings then sunglasses are a must, to look on them with bare eyes is to look at the sun for hours at a time. Today, Cato was completely unprepared to deal with fae. There was a small warning sign as an assortment of pigments slipped through the cracks of the door, but Cato had barely time to lift his arm up against the storm of ever changing colors that was closely reminiscent of a 70s disco gone array.

What in the world was a fae doing here anyway? This was holy ground, only the most powerful of them could even manage to keep up a veil of appearance, the weaker might wither on contact. Was Hunt and Eidel aware of this creature’s identity? From the whirlwind of words, whoever this fae was, they knew Eidel. Cato was having difficulty concentrating on anything and was unable to translate the German. A dull ache was pounding in his head and with each passing second it grew in power. The barrier his arm provided proved a futile resistance to the Fae’s aura and at this rate he’d pass out. “Well it was nice meeting all of you, but something’s come up. I left a fire on in my house and I’m afraid it might catch stove.” He rambled, his words an absolute mess from the throbbing in his head. Unsure of the layout of the room, Cato was forced to bring down his arm and use his eyes to quickly scan his distance to the door and how to make it there without colliding into either Eidel or the newcomer. Already his blue eyes had become bloodshot from the strain, and a bloodied tear dripped down his cheek in response to the continued pressure. With swift movements, Cato went around the duo in front of him to the door, thanking all of the magic in the world that it had been left open in the fae’s haste. “I’ll meet you outside the church tomorrow morning Eidel.” Were the only words he managed to say before he retreated out of the room with the case gripped tightly in his hands, the male wasn’t running but he was walking fast enough that he’d escape the building much quicker than he entered.

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There's death not glory.


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Marcus grabbed his coffee and put more cream and sugar in it that should be humanly possible, then again when your immortal who needs to worry about diabetes right? Getting into the car he closed his eyes humming quietly but remaining relatively silent, of course his thoughts drifted back to his fall and how he came to live within this body. It certainly was interesting to know that a man like Marcus would have accepted a fallen angel to live within him…then again Marcus was a very convincing person, being an angel of inspiration has that effect. This wasn’t to say Marcus could not be useful in a physical fight, you think martial arts just happened? He simply did not see the point in fighting yourself when humans were so easily manipulated into fighting, of course that could not be said of all humans….Ghandi for instance was particularly stubborn but the Catholic Church……so easy to coax into starting a holy war.

Opening his eyes he looked out over the parking lot of the museum, now this was interesting, Ana never seemed to be the type that enjoyed the museum though recently she had been looking for something…Marcus didn’t know what her plan was however the fact that they were at the museum could only mean one of two things, A: Ana had found what she had been searching for or B: They were here for information, Marcus had hoped that she would have done extensive research before going to a museum, hell most of the time museums had grade A junk, imitation crap that humans thought were real….again so easy to fool these cattle. Walking through the halls of the museum Marcus’s cane made a sharp tap on the tile floor that seemed to echo.

Finally they stopped at a case looking down into he saw the horn then looked back at Ana “Seriously?...the fey? You know as well as I do how fickle those creatures are, they bow to no one not the almighty himself and damn sure not to us so I do hope that whatever plan you have for the Erlking you have thoroughly thought through Ana…hell other fey fear him….secondly how exactly do we know this horn is even the real horn for all we know it could be some imitation crap like that rest of the “Art” in this place.” Marcus glanced around the area once to make sure there were no security guards before speaking in a low tone “And thirdly when and how do you expect to steal this horn?”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Marcus or one of the others had stolen an Item and it certainly wouldn’t be the last however Marcus could not fathom what Ana had planned, seriously the erlking? THE Earlking, Master of the Hunt, not even Queen Mab could control him and who would want to, the very thought of The Erlking gave most fey the shivers or so the stories go, Marcus had never met them personally to be honest he didn’t even think the Erlking existed, a fairy tale to scare small children and keep other fey in line…but that was the human part of Marcus…the fallen part of him knew better and knew that there were other creatures before the almighty created humans…beings far older than time itself and the Erlking was one, to be honest, if of course the Erlking does exist…simply by his stories he would have earned Marcus’s respect an honor that very few If any have ever had.

Of course Ana never answered his questions and he of course knew better than to press the questions, so doing as she asked he made his rounds urging people to exit and exuding his own personal power to ease them into cooperating, of course he couldn’t control people he could simply cause them to lower their guard around him…view him as a dear friend and listen to what he was saying. It wasn’t long before he moved back over to Ana to stand behind her slightly looking down at the horn he saw that one of his questions had been answered, it was obvious that the Horn in the case was an illusion though a simple human would not have known until the spell wore off.

They walked back into the car Marcus once again closed his eyes and began to hum wondering what Ana could have planned, stepping back into the apartment he looked down at the horn curiously, it was intricately designed but that didn’t mean it wasn’t a fake, plus how the hell did a human museum get a hold of something that powerful? He was thinking it over when Ana had spoken about one last task, then the lights went out Marcus became edgy until the light returned, looking down he saw Derek lieing in his own blood “A shame….I kind of liked him” looking back at Ana he closed his eyes and kneeled down over the body “I’ll see to it he’s taken care of Ana” with that he muttered a small incantation that he had picked up to make things easier in moving bodies. Derek’s body seemed to disappear to tell the truth it teleported a small distance to the ally behind an adjoining apartment complex he would deal with the body later, Marcus had contacts everywhere and the paperwork was easy enough looking back at Ana he gave her a look as though expecting an answer but said nothing and began to make his way to the door.

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                              She was angry. Oh, yes, she was angry, and upset, and hurt. But those emotions were almost fleeting, fluctuating in their intensity as Father Hunt spoke. At first she’d jumped, giving him a wide-eyed look of apology (well, more surprise than apology, but still). She hadn’t really meant to swear – she was just upset. Teenagers do that when they’re upset. But more important than that, did he know German? How could she have not known that? How much easier would this have been if she’d known? She stifled the urge to ask how long he’d spoken her language when he started lecturing the boy about how stupid he was being. Good. But, wait. Did the Father still expect him to train with her, to work to be a Paladin after all the things he’d just said? Wait! She turned her shocked gaze to the boy now. Did this boy just... agree to train with her? After all that awful mocking of her, he was actually going to agree?

                              She’s been so shocked by this sudden change of heart that she hadn’t even heard the door open. But she spun around when she heard her name, and a smile drove the shock away. "Odelyn!" The German speech actually caught her a bit off guard (she’d been there a few days, and was starting to get used to always hearing English), but she only barely stuttered before lapsing into her native language. "You came all the way out here just for me? You didn’t have to do that!" Oh, it was so nice to speak normally with someone. Not that English wasn’t normal or anything. It was just... not normal, you know? She flushed a bit when Odelyn asked why she was upset. She quickly shot a hurt glance over at the boy, and then a cautious one at Father Hunt. (She still didn’t know if the Father actually knew German, and didn’t want another reprimand from him...)

                              "This boy is so rude!" She explained to her fairy godmother. "He just assumes that I’m weak and can’t fight and that I don’t know what it’s like to lose – What does ‘bambi’ even mean?" Her train of thought switched very suddenly, expression shifting into frustration – not at the woman in front of her, of course, but at her own complete lack of understanding. "He keeps calling me that and I don’t know what it means and it’s so frustrating!" She huffed. Surely Odelyn knew what it meant. As far as she was concerned, Odelyn knew everything.

                              She blushed when Odelyn mentioned that she’d barged in. She hadn’t even realized that the fairy had really barged in on anything, or been rude in any way. Or that she had been rude herself, ignoring the men while she and Odelyn talked. She’d just been so excited to see a familiar face... She was about to apologize for her own rudeness, but the boy (whom she'd almost forgotten about for a second there) was mumbling something about fires catching on stoves (What on earth was he trying to say...?), and looked almost as if he was in pain. Oh, no. Maybe she'd said too much. Maybe she'd really upset him when she had snapped back. She gave him a worried look, but didn't manage to say anything before she told her to meet him there the next day and... left.

                              She turned back to Odelyn and Father Hunt, worried look still on her face. "I-I didn't mean to upset him..."
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The light inside the fridge flickered for a moment before going out, but there was enough light from the kitchen to light up the contents of the fridge. There wasn’t much to begin with, week old expired milk which had been in there when he rented the room, some mustard also left in there, some cans of soda but there was no Chinese leftovers. The boxes of rice and chicken chow mien and eggroll he had left in there were gone.

You know… if you really want good Chinese food you need to go to Qīnghǎi Shěng, they make the best braised pork ham in a dark soy sauce, with a couple of their steamed or pan fried pork dumplings and stir fried sticky rice cakes, its as close to heaven as you can get on earth. I don’t know where you got this but it tastes like the wrong end of an a**, and I do mean the animal. Somewhere along the line American Chinese immigrants lost the skill in cooking their own meals, because this is just foul. The eggroll wasn’t half bad, but I’m sure it was the Americanized version.

Behind Kellen, perched on the counter Native American style, legs curled up underneath him sat a man dressed head to toe in black even with black fingernails. He was holding one box of Chinese food in his hand, a pair of perfectly held and used chopsticks in the other. He was staring into the contents of the box as if they offended him and from his comment a moment before it did. But despite his obvious disgust he placed the chopstick full of noodles and chicken into his mouth and continued to eat it.

Without looking up from his meal he lifted the chopsticks from the box and pointed them at Kellen. “Don’t bother with your six little knives, or your measly little dagger, or the wires, and the most good those pins are going to do you is for sewing a dress. I could kill you more effectively with the chopsticks then you could use any of those against me.” He picked up a piece of chicken from the box and stuck it into his mouth before he finally looked up at him.

He set the box aside, laid the chopsticks on top of the box within reaching distance and then dusted off his hands before turning his full attention on the assassin. “Now that introductions are taken care of, I have a job for you.
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» Odelynasidhe
Bippity, boppity, boo!


The surprise and slight reprimand from the Good Father was expected. The Fae did wince, slightly, and recoiled her aura as best she could. With a very slight and respectufl curtsy to Father Hunt, she again chanced a smile, "Again I do appologize. " An almost maternal gaze was given to the upset little Bambi girl. Goodness, those brown eyes were quite deer like, weren't they? "It is nice to meet you as well, Father. I'm Odellyna. " She could have dove into why she was worried and concerned and took the Ways through Summer to get here, but that really wasn't necessary.

What really warmed her little heart, if she had one, was the reaction little Eidel had to her arrival. Why, she ignored the whole butting in even! Poor darling, must have been really upset to let something like that slip her attention. Odelyna just wanted to hug her and tell her it would be all okay, but that simply wasn't a good idea right now.

The Sidhe gave her a warm smile and waved her fingers again, nodding that indeed she had traveled far to visit. Soon the poor godchild was explaining all the woes that had pulled the Fae from her glen in Germany. Apparently the boy caught up the girl... Oh how Odelyna wanted to burst the little bubble and explain that the 'boy' wasn't really a 'boy', just a crotchety old man cursed with imortality. That would open up a whole bunch of new questions. Unwanted questions. So much delicious akwardness, but that wasn't really important right now. »Shh..shh! He's just a bit strained, it seems. « With a reassuring nod, the fairy smiled again, perhaps even giggling at the adorable pout. »I think 'Bambi' is in reference to a deer. You know, that Disney movie with those deer? « She tried her best to explain 'Bambi' without bringing up the ' Bambi's Mom' fiasco. »I think he means you have pretty eyes, Little Eidel.«

The Fae glanced back over at Cato as he announced something that was utter nonsense. Did she fluster him that badly? The way Cato reacted to her was absolutely priceless. The Sidhe caught herself just before a pleased and cruel grin sprouted upon her face, she settled for a frown instead. His reaction, though appealing, did concern her greatly. Did he actually see through her wards? He would most definetally would be monitored, if not pestered. What truely impressed the Fae was the sheer speed he exited the room while leaking blood from his eyes. Ah, she mused, he has Sight. That would explain it. . She had found herself a new play toy.

And from what little she understood of what was going on, she would be pestering poor Cato more in the future. It wasn't every day did one come across a soul without an aura. She wondered exactly what caused such a sour thing to happen.

Her gaze lingered on the door way, her head tilting to one side as she pondered just exactly how she would go about pestering him. No matter, the next time she saw him no doubts he would be prepared and running in the opposite direction like there was a plague of zombies on his heels. Which brought up the question... how was he living without an aura?

The worried look upon the child's face was enough to bring the Sidhe, momentarily, back to the present. She smiled and gently rubbed the girls' shoulder in comfort. "I don't think anything you did upset him, Eidel. " The urge to say something silly and not at all related was strong. Odellyna settled on her lingering gaze at the open door with a very slight frown upon her face. That would be a good start, yes? Yes.
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┌─╫┘XXXXXyour Heart's Blood tastes so Sweet to my TongueXXXXX└╫─┐
sɹɐǝ ʎɯ ɹoɟ sǝıuoɥdɯʎS ʇɔǝɟɹǝd sɯɐǝɹɔS pǝzıuoƃɐ ɹnoʎ

Kellen stood in front of the fridge, staring at it without understanding. Where was his food? He had saved half, last night, just so he could have it today...and it was gone. Had he left it on the counter somewhere? No, he specifically remembered putting it on the shelf in the fridge. So where the hell had it gone? He'd put out the 'do not enter' sign on the doorknob, so it wasn't the fault of housekeeping...and they would have cleared out the rancid milk jug, too, so that didn't make any sense. So...where the hell was his chinese?

The man froze when he heard a voice from behind him. He whirled around, hand dropping automatically to grab one of his knives, crouching to prepare for an attack. He went still, though, when he was confronted with the sight of...another man sitting calmly on the (somewhat grimy) kitchenette countertop, legs crossed, one box beside him, the other in his hands. Who...was this...b*****d...that had broken into his room to eat his chinese?!? And, apparently, to mock and complain about it, also. Caught off guard, he stood there and listened to the (most likely crazy) man rant about the poor quality of the food and where he should have eaten... He was crazy. That was the only explanation. Why else would he have broken into this room just to eat his chinese and then rant about it afterwards? How did he know that there was food in here in the first place?

He couldn't stop staring at him. Couldn't stop watching as the man calmly and skillfully sat and ate all of his food - the food he'd been counting on eating, been looking forward to eating for half the day now.

But then...Kellen snarled and stiffened as the man kept talking, started speaking about things he couldn't have known. How the hell can he know just what sort of weapons he had? Had he been following him? Did he know him? And...his ridiculous claim, that he could use those little sticks of wood to kill him? (Well...it was possible. Kellen probably could kill someone with nothing more than chopsticks, but some...bum off the street? Or some goth wannabe, since he was dressed all black, even his fingernails. Psst, as if.)

Kellen growled softly, narrowing his eyes, standing tensely. The question was...throw the b*****d out, or slit his throat first? Damn crazy b*****d, how dare he eat his chinese? I mean...breaking in is one thing, but breaking in just to steal the only decent food in the hotel room? That's just...being a d**k. Especially sticking around afterward just to mock it while eating it in front of you.

...definitely going to slit his throat. He just deserves it, that d**k.

"Introductions? No introductions were made. I don't know anything about you, who you are, except that apparently you're a thieving b*****d who has nothing better to do but mock my food while still eating it. I was going to eat that, you damn b*****d." Kellen snapped out. His knives hissed as he pulled out two of them, holding them at the ready. "Not the best way to get me to agree to any job for you. Go ******** yourself, I'm not doing anything for you. You have 5 seconds to get out of here before I slit you open." He was being generous, mostly because he didn't want to figure out how to dispose of the body here in his hotel room. It would be an annoyance. He really wanted to kill him, though - he'd really been looking forward to that chinese.

-[His hotel room]-
-{Some food-thieving b*****d}-
-(About to pull out his knives and stick one of them someplace the man won't enjoy)-
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xxYou've been caught so give it all you got
xxnow it's time to m a k e it, m-make it !!
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xxxxxxxxxxxxTAKE, TAKE, TAKE IT

                    Well, s**t.

                    "The damn thing worked perfectly well last week," she cursed, kicking the bike with her foot and throwing a wrench half-way across the concrete floor of the garage. It made an awful racket for the few seconds it hit and slid. Then, realizing what'd she'd done, she turned back to the bike and cussed again, kneeling down on one knee and stroking the place she'd struck as if she'd just spanked her one and only child. Jun stroked and stroked, promising never to hurt it like that again, asking why it made her hit it. She didn't want to hit it. But then it sputtered and leaked oil and she swore at it again, getting up and pacing, hands stuffed in her jacket.

                    It wasn't like she didn't know how to fix it, she'd been doing this for longer than all the competitors had even been alive. However, having her precious bike out of commission a few days before a race was nerve-wracking, and Jun didn't like that feeling. It made her angry. And when she was angry she cussed and threw things at people. And punched. If she was going to get her baby roaring again, she was going to need some juice. The good strong black stuff. And possibly a cigarette. She picked her wallet off the nearby bench and attached the chain to her pants before sticking the money holder in her butt pocket and heading for the door. She locked it and slammed it closed behind her, a little harder than she meant to. Thank heaven and hell that the damn glass didn't break or she'd need something stronger than coffee.

                    She really just wanted to go home. There were no other bikes waiting to be fixed in the shop right now, but she knew the chances of having a last-minute check up or an emergency were highly likely, and she needed money. She didn't actually need money, not in the sense that she wouldn't be able to survive, but she still needed money. So while she was in line at the nearest Joe joint, she pulled out her cell phone and flipped it open. A group of people nearby were staring at her, so she stared back while angrily hitting the numbers of the phone by heart. They stopped staring.

                    Jun put the phone up to her ear and listened as it rang. And rang. And rang. And rang. "Pick up the damn phone!" she shouted, throwing her unoccupied hand up in frustration. She was calling home, and nobody was answering. She finally got the machine, and mentally cursed herself for not having fewer rings on her phone. "If you're there, pick up. Also don't eat my left over noodles, I want those later. But first pick up."

                    P A R K JUN-PAE
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User ImageXXXXXRowan Shandreigh Rhiannon
-[Almost to his apartment/Noone/Headed home to...ugh...study]-

Rowan grinned, almost goofily, definitely cheesily, running his hand through his hair to hide his sheepishness. He cleared his throat, standing straight and trying to appear interesting and attractive and stuff. "Yeah, well...um, you're welcome." He says, his cheeks flushed bright red, ruining the 'I'm such an awesome, suave, cool guy that would be awesome to go out with' image he was trying so hard to portray.

A pity she had to go so soon. Maybe he could've gotten her to go with him down to that coffee shop on the corner. Well, he'd have tea, but...still, it would've been the thought that counted. They could have gone, and could have talked about...um...things. Witchy things? Since apparently she was interested. And she could tell him about wardeny...things..... Oh. Yeah. She was a Warden. He'd forgotten that, during his flirtation session. Could that be a complicator? It maybe could. Possibly. There were all sorts of things said about Wardens...how they were all...'We're watching you.......' and how you couldn't step out of line or they'd be on you like attack dogs. Or something like that. Maybe he shouldn't be flirting with her like this?

But. But...but she was so cute! Rowan had a very severe weakness...for cute girls.

He couldn't help grinning at her as she bid him goodbye. "Yeah...seeya soon, I hope..." He says lamely, waving a little goodbye. He blinked...then once she was gone from the building, he facepalmed. "She...must think...I"m such a dork..." He sighs, muttering to himself.

Rowan yelped and jumped slightly, startled, as Henry suddenly spoke to him. When did he get back into the shop? He hadn't been paying attention, distracted by the girl. "Uh...yeah, sure, here..." He mumbled, pulling his wallet out of his pocket. His very thin wallet. A couple of pictures of his family, his driver's license (that had taken him like three tries to get, and that he didn't use for anything but identification, since he didn't own a car), and a couple of bills. He was running low on money...luckily his next paycheck from his job at the library was only a couple days away, because this used up most of what little he had left. Good thing his fridge was pretty full, because he wouldn't be buying any more groceries for a couple of days.

"Here ya go. This covers it, right?" Rowan handed a couple bills to Henry, only partly paying attention. He was still glancing out the window, watching Ana and Zy'than leave. Well, Ana more than Zy'than, of course. He looked back the wizard as his friend continued to speak. "What guy that was outside? He'd been very oblivious to everything, remember?

Once his business with Henry was concluded, he bid the man farewell - Rowan had some things he had to go get done, and he'd bothered Henry enough. He caught the nearby bus and rode it to his apartment, trudging back home to maybe get some of his studies done - his grandmother was going to call again and he hadn't finished anything she'd assigned to him. He wasn't really watching where he was walking as he went up the sidewalk, then up a set of stairs, headed for his apartment by sheer force of habit instead of paying any attention to his surroundings.
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He shall spurn fate, scorn death, and bear
his hopes 'bove wisdom, grace, and fear...

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