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Created by: - Lord_Francois -
Level: Literate [3 paragraphs or more]
Status: Open / Accepting
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Supernatural


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‡ Story ‡

The world is a pretty scary place, murders, robberies, gang violence, suicide, abuse, corruption... things we don't like to think about but it’s crammed down our throats every night on the news. Even when we are kids we don't catch a break. There is stranger danger, math homework, and the boogey-man. There were monsters in the closet, under the bed, behind the shower curtain, under the basement stairs, and the old house down the street you were sure was haunted....the truth is...it probably was. There might have been something dark and sinister under your bed or in the closet waiting to attack you, and creepy crawlies under the stairs, a poltergeist in the house of the man who passed away there. Monsters are very real.

Seattle Washington, has an oceanic climate, we get mild, wet winters, and warm, dry summers. We get a lot of rain.

My name is Henry Blackstone; I run a small magic shop downtown, ‘Blackstone Arcane & Magic’ and…I’m a Wizard. Yep, a wizard. I get my whackos that come in, people who don’t know the difference between real magic and the pretend. Mostly they are teenagers who think it’s cool to play witch or wizard and I’ve had more then my fair share of strange looks and suggestions that I should get some help or take medication. I guess I was hoping too much when I wanted things to calm down for good, Karma biting me in the a**. But the world seems just that much darker.

∞╬══→ The Missing ←══╬∞

It was all over the news, the disappearance of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Walters, five year old daughter Sarah Ann. She disappeared from their Central Park loft apartment on a Friday. Her parents were out of the house and she was home with a nanny when she disappeared. There was no ransom note and the police are still looking for information of the kidnappers. Her name and face are in the papers, all over the news, flyers, even milk cartons.

It a sad thing when children go missing.

But children don’t normally go missing tucked in their beds from windowless rooms.

At least…not by any human means. Usually a single child missing wouldn't raise any alarms, it's sad, but you can't save everyone. The problem is; this isn't the first nor will it probably be the last. Lately there have been some rumors... and I don't mean just the usual bumps-in-the-night; there's something else scurrying just underneath the radar. It's the calm before the storm and I can already tell it's going to be a downpour of trouble.

∞╬══→ Strange Things ←══╬∞

Normally the darker side of the world can keep to themselves, but lately they’ve been getting bolder. Coming out of the wood work so to speak. Seattle is near a forest, so yes we get reports of big foot, the wolf man and others. Only there have been more and more sightings lately, why are they showing themselves now?
If this is true then that means major trouble.
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‡ Rules ‡

Out of Character:

«« Common Senses.
● Be Respectful:
To the Gaia T.O.S: A lot of time and effort was put into creating and pulling this role-play together. We’re all adults and you should know by now what the TOS entails, please keep to them so that we can enjoy this rp for a long time to come.
→ Courteous: Be Nice. I can and will kick you out for being a dumbass jerk. Keep it cool and don’t aim to hurt just because you can. We are here to have fun, that’s the goal.
Got an Idea?: That’s great, bring it up I would love to hear your suggestions about how to improve things or if you feel like throwing in a twist to the plot. I want people involved and not afraid to come to me either privately or in the OOC if you have an issue. Some problems if I consider it a group issue I might bring up to the OOC for discussion, others we can hopefully work out. Please also understand though that not all suggestions will go your way. I’ll take them into consideration and will listen to the full explanation before coming to a decision. Be willing to hear me out and I’ll be willing to hear you out.
● Content:
Use your own judgment, Use Common Sense; By all means go nuts and crazy, its your character and they should be able to curse, drink and do stupid things to their hearts content. Romance, Violence and grown up themes are going to happen and are encouraged, just think before you type.
● Braaaaains:
Don’t God Mod. You can’t kill off another player’s character without their permission. Your character is not omnipotent; they can’t know things off the drop of a hat (even if you do). They have to dig like the rest of us for their information. Don’t talk in Text talk. Don’t expect to get in auto-hits every time, and take hits every once in a while.

«« Posting.
● Profiles:
→ Please send profiles to me of course before posting them in the thread and starting to role-play. Hopefully you’ve read the rules, but you can title it however you want as long as I know it’s somehow connected to the role-play. I am not putting a limit on character creation, however, please keep in mind that you must be able to handle off them equally. Think carefully before creating a character, give them a purpose, don’t create them just to drop them later. Please send all character profiles to me for approval.
● Formatting:
→ It seems to be the big thing these days so I wont discourage it, but I’m not going to make it a requirement as well. I won’t require a picture, but a simple banner with your character name would be nice. If you are going to do a picture make sure it’s a decent size that doesn’t stretch out the page.
● Posts:
Reading & Literacy: Make your posts easy to read, smaller fonts and overly bright colors make it difficult. Decent grammar, punctuation and length are a bonus. You are not required too, but something that always helps me is writing my posts in a word document and then transferring it over.
Length & Activity: I’m not looking for a novel, and believe me I don’t want to sit there and read a novel. Try for a decent length of three paragraphs or more. Characters have thoughts and emotions, inner dialogue can help drag out a post to a decent length, make them plot, scheme, mock people in their head, I know I do that in my head. As for activity, try to keep up with the role-play. I know life happens, and real life interaction is more important then online, that comes first, but try. Nothing kills a thread faster then people vanishing without a trace. If you have an issue or you can no longer continue, please let me know. That way if you have someone waiting on your response we can let them know as well and they can move along.
“Excellent”: Plot, scheme, be diabolical. Both with your-self and with others, plot in the OOC and in pms, keep secrets. Throw me a curveball. Make people work for their goals, a few well placed wrenches make things interesting. Doing this not only helps keep the story going, it’s a good way to work your character into a plot. Make connections with characters outside of the story, make knowing someone part of their back-story.

«« Lastly: When in doubt, ask questions. I’m here to answer. And most important of all, have fun. That’s why I’ve put so much work into this rp. ^_^

In Character:

«« The Law:
Enforcement: There are laws and Laws are to be kept. Both mundane and magical, you can and will be punished to the full extent of the law if you are not…careful…in your criminal dealings. Seattle P.D. take their job very seriously. The Wardens, are worse, you would have better luck breaking mortal laws then breaking the Laws of Magic.

«« Realism:
Urban Fantasy: I know that you can be the big bad wolf of the supernatural world with incredible strength and powers. But even they have their limits, will have flaws (as in more then one). They can be super sexy, intelligent, diplomatic, but everyone makes mistakes once in a while, your character will too.
Distinctive: Be an individual, give your character substance; give them odd background stories, make them from somewhere interesting. We might be taking place in America but its been called the ‘Melting Pot’ for a reason, we come from all different ethnical backgrounds with different religions and beliefs. Even the supernatural, their legends started in other places like Germany. Make things interesting.
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‡ Announcements ‡

* Aug: 8th, 2012; R-P Open.
* Aug: 19th; Time Skip pg. 12
* Jan: 12, 2013: Time Skip pg. 26
* Apr: 21, 2013: Time Skip pg. 38
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‡ Characters ‡

✵ Fae ✵

Queen Titania - (M a n i a c a l Giggle)
Summer Queen, leader of the Seelie.

Lady of Summer - Open
Summer Lady, Seelie

Summer Knight - PuddleInk
Mortal Defender of the Summer Court. Empowered with the powers of Summer.
Jasper Meyer

Queen Mab - (Miss Dellaney)
Winter Queen, leader of the Unseelie.

Lady of Winter - The Morrigan (ZingyZing)
Winter Lady. Unseelie

Winter Knight - Open
Mortal Defender of the Winter Court. Empowered with the powers of Winter.

✵ Other Fae ✵

Seelie Fay:
Followers of the Summer Court.
Unseelie Fay:
Followers of the Winter Court.
- Iktinos Meili Elias Alberts (NlETZSCHE)
- Odelynasidhe (Puddleink)
Technically neutral, freelancers or follow Oberon.

✵ Order of the Fallen ✵

Leader – Ana Vanek (- Lord_Francois -)
Others – Two spots available
- Marcus Kessler (Shade Morningway)
- Asad Hadithi (NIETZSCHE)
- Saxiel (Maderu)
- Malphas (ZingyZing)

✵ Mortals ✵
Completely human characters.

- Mundane Humans-
- Alice Bychkov (H3p4tic4)
- Asher Romero (jadeshaw88/ on Hiatus )

-Templum of Angelus-

High Priest -
Leader of the Templum of Angelus.
- Father Ewyn Hunt: (- Lord_Francois -)
Priests - Three spots available
In charge if the High Priest is away, leaders of the Paladins.
Paladins -
- Cato de Lamar (Maderu)
- Kellen Thieron (Arianna Lithenbourne)
- Eidel Baumann (Miss Dellaney)

Wardens – Two Spots Available.
Enforcers of the Laws of Magic.
- Zylthandroxus. Zy'than (PuddleInk)

✵ Other ✵

Those who are supernatural creatures that do not fall under the category of Fay.
- Hiroshi “Minori” Miyamoto (Maderu)
- Xavier Kindler (H3p4tic4)
- Henry Blackstone (- Lord_Francois -)
- Rowan Rhiannon (Arianna Lithenbourne)
- Aliynae Smith. (Arianna Lithenbourne)
- Kahedin Isaac Hoel (ZingyZing)
- Brenna O'Connor (H3p4tic4)
- Friedrich Huckebein (The Mage of Space)
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‡ Factions ‡

✵ The Sidhe Courts ✵
The two ruling courts of the Sidhe, Summer and Winter and their lands occupy most of the Nevernever. Their power is strong enough to alter the change of the seasons or the weather in the mortal world and the balance is very precarious. Each court is ruled by two ruling bodies the Queen and the Lady each powerful in their own right. Each court has a knight, a mortal champion embedded with the powers of the court appointed by the queen, who may involve himself or herself in mortal affairs unless ordered otherwise by their queen.

Sidhe cannot tell a direct lie, but instead are masters of twisting words in order to convey falsehoods without actually lying. They are strictly concerned with the wording rather than the intent of agreements and will specifically place loopholes in agreements which they can exploit. In almost every case, a mortal making a deal with a Sidhe will end up causing the mortal to get the short end of the stick with any attempts to withdraw from the deal causing the mortal to become further involved with the Sidhe. Sidhe are also vulnerable to cold iron. This weakness also extends to any form or alloy of iron, such as steel blades or iron nails. The Knight of each court does not share these weaknesses, although it is hypothesized that iron or steel may bypass certain defenses or magics used by the Knight, those magics being Sidhe in origin.

✵ The Summer Court (Seelie) ✵
The Summer Court is the more warm and caring side, but is just as scheming as its Winter counterpart. Summer faeries typically are more nurturing of mortals, but this is not always true. They are associated with the element of fire. Their lands in the Nevernever are bright, sunny, warm, and lush with vegetation. Most of the lesser creatures of Summer are typically not malicious, but can seem so when they involve themselves in mortal affairs.

✵ The Winter Court (Unseelie) ✵
The Winter Court is colder and much more merciless than its Summer counterpart. The lands of Winter resemble a tundra or frozen wasteland, with the center being, a massive fortress made of black ice. Some of the lesser creatures of Winter include trolls, goblins and fetches, spirits which feed on the fear of others. When dealing with mortals they tend to be more cruel then their Summer counterparts.

✵ The Wyldfae ✵
The Wyldfae are creatures of Faerie which do not belong to either Winter or Summer. Most of them do freelance work instead, capable of choosing whichever side they want in a given conflict. During full-scale conflicts, the Wyldfae feel a "calling" which drives them to choose one side or the other. If they are forced to choose sides in a war between Summer and Winter, they will align themselves with the faction most appealing to their personalities. Therefore, the nastier and more murderous aid Winter over Summer.

Oberon is the direct leader of the Wyldfae, also known as the Erlking or Elfking, he is a Faerie at least as powerful as Mab and it is said that he is King of the Goblins. He can be summoned by ritual to Earth in order to lead "The Wild Hunt", a massive predatory stampede in which the Erlking calls all nearby beings (mortal, supernatural, faerie, or otherwise) who consider themselves hunters to join him in his charge. The Wild Hunt will kill anything in its way unless it joins the hunt.

✵ Templum of Angelus ✵
A mortal organization that deals directly in the affairs the Sidhe and supernatural in the mortal realm. They have made it their job to make sure the balance of power remains level and that no lasting harm comes to humans should the Sidhe step out of line. Levels of hierarchy lie in the organization which falls under High priest, priests and paladins.

✵ Order of the Fallen ✵
The ‘Order of the Fallen’ is a union of a human host and one of thirty fallen angels or demons. Each fallen being is bound to a tarnished silver Roman denarius which bears it’s respective Fallen’s sigil; the thirty denarii represent the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas Iscariot, and may possibly be those very coins. Once a human has physically touched one of the coins, the fallen bound to it is free to communicate with its new host and able to bestow knowledge, physical prowess and magical ability for as long as the host maintains possession of the coin.

If the coin is merely touched briefly and not actually picked up, a shadow copy of the fallen is put into the hosts mind to tempt it to pick up the coin completely and finish the bonding. It is not nearly as powerful as the original, but even this mental copy is capable of extreme power, such as casting life-like illusions for the host only. It also possesses all the knowledge of the original – a heavy temptation itself. Once the coin is taken up, though, the shadow is no longer necessary and vanishes.

The amount of influence a Fallen chooses to exert over its host can vary, the Fallen can completely take over the host’s body and keeps the host’s soul tortured and trapped. Some Fallen can choose to work with their host in a beneficial partnership. The Fallen who dominates their host’s soul are less powerful then those that work with their hosts. This is most likely due to the issue of free will, since the ones that deprive their hosts of it are unable to draw on as much power. In all cases, however, the free consent of the bearer is necessary to permit the Fallen’s influence. If the Fallen has not completely overtaken its host, it appears that the host is able to consciously free himself from the influence of the Fallen, simply by abdicating the power it provides and surrendering the Denarius. If the host of the Fallen is a magic-user of some sort, the only way to be free of the Fallen is for the host to put aside magic forever and give up the coin.
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‡ Races ‡

List of Lengendary Creatures
If you wish to be something more original, although I'll need to approve it.

✵ Fay or The Sidhe: ✵

Also known as the Fair Race and make up the largest portion of the supernatural community. Powerful creatures and are generally described as human in appearance and having magical powers. All except the darker half of the Sidhe courts like the Trolls and Goblins. The fey are generally split into two classes, the Seelie, and the Unseelie.

The Seelie Court is seen as more beneficent toward humans. They are known to seek help from humans, to warn those who had accidentally offended them, and to return human kindness with favors of their own. Still, a fairy belonging to this court will avenge insults and could be prone to mischief. One of the most common types of Seelie Fairies are Hobgoblins. Shakespeare's character Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream is one of the most famous Hobgoblins. While, as part of the Seelie Court, they are most well known by their love of pranks and practical jokes played upon humans. However, they never take the joke too far and can be very kind and generous.

The Unseelie (Unholy or Unblessed) Court consists of the malicious and evilly-inclined fairies. Like the fairies of the Seelie Court, neither are the fairies of the Unseelie court always evil. However, when forced to choose, they will always prefer to harm—rather than help—humans.

✵ Weres ✵

There are four types of Weres, and they do not apply only to werewolves, but any type of were creature.

✵ 'Classic Were'
The 'classic were' is someone who uses magic to change themselves into the creature of their choice. The transformation spell will work for anyone who learns it. The physical body is transformed, but the mind remains the same. This can be a disadvantage in the beginning because, although the person gains all the senses of the animal, they do not have the life experience of using them. The were must learn to use smell and hearing as their primary sensory input rather than sight, and learn to move and react to their environment as a four-legged creature. All this takes time, but the were can eventually learn to do well in their new form. The creature form has all the natural capabilities of the ordinary creature; silver is not needed to kill them and they do not heal wounds any more quickly than normal creatures. This type of were can reassume its human form whenever it wishes.

✵ Hexenwere
The Hexenwere changes by the use of a talisman imbued with powerful magic to transform itself into a huge animal. The hexenwere's animal form is much larger and more powerful than any natural animal counterpart, possessing enhanced speed, strength, and ferocity. The only part of the hexenwere that is unaffected by the transformation are the eyes, which remain the same color as their human form. The talisman itself may take many forms, including a ring or amulet, but most commonly appears as a belt made from the animals pelt. The talisman engenders the transformation by providing an anchor for a spirit of bestial rage, and is activated with an incantation by the wearer. This spirit protects the human personality while in wolf form. However, the hexenwere loses all human inhibitions and runs more on primal human desires. The hexenwere can be wounded or killed by normal weapons and can be forced to transform back into human form if someone manages to remove their talisman. A hexenwere may reassume human form at will, but the power that the talisman gives the user is addictive—in many cases, this addiction begins to affect the user's mind and personality in human form, much like a drug addict needing a fix. The most seriously afflicted lose all impulse control, becoming violent and sociopathic.

✵ Lycanthrope
A lycanthrope is someone who is a natural channel or medium for a spirit of rage. The lycanthrope is born with this ability; it does not allow them to physically change into the animal, but grants them a beast-like strength. When this spirit takes over, the lycanthrope becomes stronger, more aggressive, and more resistant to pain, injury and sickness. They heal wounds rapidly and tend to congregate in groups much like packs with an Alpha leader. Although harder to hurt or kill than an ordinary person, lycanthropes can be killed with ordinary weapons.

✵ Loup-garou
A Loup-garou is the closest to the monsters of legend. These weres have been intentionally cursed by someone to be possessed by a animal like demonic entity at every full moon. They become near-mindless killing machines with supernatural speed, strength and ferocity. They recover from injury almost instantly, are immune to poisons as well as any kind of sorcery that attacks the mind. They can only be killed by a weapon made from silver which has been inherited—not just purchased. The curse of the loup-garou can be hereditary if the one who placed the curse specified it as such. Usually the person afflicted with the curse is aware of their condition and will have enough sense to isolate or shield themselves from society to prevent the horrible damage they would inflict on the rest of the people with the next full moon. As such, Loup-garou attacks on the populace are thankfully rare.

✵ Mortals ✵

✵ Magic Users:
The humans capable of magical powers without an outside source.

✵ Paladins:
Humans with strong powers usually built on faith and considered holy warriors, although many can claim to be paladins of a higher order, there are technically only three who are True Paladins and are under the employ of the group called the Templum of Angelus.

The True Paladins are empowered with ethereal strength, power and foresight. Usually these Mortals are chosen because of their exceeding faith in a greater power. Not necessarily 'God' but something greater then themselves.

✵ Vampires ✵

Vampires are separated into two classes by characteristics. The White, Red courts. Though both hold some of the same principles.

The White court:
Are similar to succubi and incubi, feeding off the emotions and life force of their prey. They are born to their vampiric state, rather than being created (as is the case with Red Court). They are for all intents and purposes human until their vampirism manifests sometime around the age of their maturity. As with the Red Court, their first feeding (with its subsequent and almost inevitable kill) usually marks their full transformation. However, under specific circumstances, individuals descended from White Court vampires may curtail their transformation into vampires by simply deciding to walk away and remain human, though that takes a tremendous amount of will power to avoid making that first kill.

White court vampires are sexual predators: using their supernatural good looks and psychic aura to attract both men and women. During intercourse, or any direct physical contact where emotions like lust are heightened, they feed off their prey. Victims of the feedings grow to enjoy the experience and become bonded to their predator like a drug addiction. (Much like Red Court)

The White Court is not endowed with as much physical strength as the Red court under normal circumstances; usually, their physical performance levels (standing jump heights, endurance and so on) are slightly better than those an ordinary human of equivalent size and health, but they can channel unused emotional energy as fuel for performance boosts of limited duration. On the other hand, they make up for it by having far fewer vulnerabilities. Symbols of faith do not harm them at all. Their power derives from an internal demonic essence they call the "Hunger" which acts like a battery. If they refrain from feeding for too long, the "Hunger" drives them into a frenzy where they must feed (almost always killing their victims), and can drive them permanently insane. When needed, they tap this store of energy to augment their strength, speed, resilience, and healing ability far beyond normal; while doing this, they radiate waves of cold, their skin whitens, and their eyes turn unnatural silver. White Court vampire blood is pinkish instead of red and has an euphoric effect if ingested.

Their largest weakness is true love: people who are, or have recently been, in real, affectionate and sacrificial love are highly resistant to White Court control, and can even physically burn and blister vampire skin. Also, White Court vampires are born, not turned like Red and Black Court vampires; if the offspring of a White Court falls in love with someone that feels the same way before feeding for the first time, the love can destroy the demonic side before it can manifest allowing the person to live a normal, mortal life.

The Red Court:
Are basically just like your common vampire beliefs that we have today. With some differences. They are incredibly strong and fast, and can shake off any injury quickly. The Red Court is not vulnerable to sunlight, but is to having their bellies cut open, which can spill the blood they have drunk and eventually kill them. And they are vulnerable to symbols of faith such as crosses and holy water, but also any strong symbol of faith that a person has enough will to believe that it will protect them, like a pentogram or a Jewish star etc.

Their saliva contains a potent magical narcotic which gives the prey a euphoric feeling and is highly addictive, allowing the Red Court to control their victims rather easily. The narcotic lowers the victim's inhibitions while dulling the pain of the vampire's bite. Addicted humans will go to great lengths to protect their vampiric masters, and willingly provide information from the mortal community as needed.

The Red Court is also capable of transforming ordinary humans into vampires in a two-step process: the human is first infected with the vampiric thirst for blood (gaining supernatural speed, strength and endurance in the process) and then completes the change into the demonic form upon killing a human victim in their first feeding and drinking their lifes blood as it's called. Infected humans with sufficient strength of will can refrain from feeding for an indefinite length of time (magical bonds, and avoiding physical intimacy all help), but there is no cure.
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‡ Magic ‡

Magic, is universal. It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the clothes we wear. Magic is essentially everywhere we look, hear, experience, touch, taste, smell. It's who we are, what we become, Even those who don't use magic or don't believe in it are protected by it. The world is run by magic. Not in the physical sense like a president or anything, but there are rules that have to be followed. Like physics or gravity... or... Karma...

Another small thing about magic, it's a belief thing. If you don't believe in the magic you are using, it won’t work. It's all about wills and belief. And I don't mean belief like faith in God or something.

There are all types of magic, There are the lesser powers like tarot reading, psychics, palm readers, and then some of the stronger powers such as Faery Magic. Magic is generally inherited through family, from either parent, or even a grandparent, some times magic can skip a generation, don't know why. I don't make the rules. I just know them.

But there are also laws that are generally supposed to be followed: Most of this magic is considered dark and forbidden by most civilized society. But that doesn't mean people still don't tend to dabble in it every once in a while.

The Rules are: These Rules are enforced by a group called the Wardens. They are usually unforgiving and the punishment is usually death.

Thou shalt not kill by use of magic: Unless its in self defense... or if it's to kill something from the Nevernever... or a vampire or werewolf... but other then that killing another living person with magic is frowned upon.

Thou shalt not transform others: Which means using your magic to force someone to shift into a shape that is not their own. Think of it as a type of torture.

Thou shalt not invade the mind of another: Messing with anyone's mind with magic is generally frowned upon. As it takes away free will and generally caused severe damage to the persons mind, soul and emotions.

Thou shalt not enthrall another: Enthrallment is the term for magically dominating another through binding their will to one's own. It is not the same as compelling supernatural creatures through deals or summoning spells. As long as they do not alter the mind of the being it is not considered enthrallment.

Thou shalt not reach beyond the Borders of Life: This Law prohibits both research into and the practice of necromancy, described as the summoning, binding and exploitation of the unwilling dead. The Law applies specifically to human necromancy, though it is implied that the distinction for use upon animals is all the same frowned upon. It is unknown if this rule would apply to dead non-human sentients, such as beings from the Nevernever.

Thou shalt not swim against the Currents of Time: This prohibits any attempt to change the past through temporal manipulation for fear of paradoxes. Even magical prediction is frowned upon except in the vaguest, most general forms.

Thou shalt not seek beyond the Outer Gates: What the "Outer Gates" are is unknown, but the implication is that they mark the furthest boundaries. Beings from beyond the Gates are known as Outsiders, and are among the deadliest known threats to humanity – their existence itself is antithetical to the universe.

Other Magic Facts:

Names: Names have a power of their own. Giving any magic user your name from your own mouth gives that magic user any amount of control over you they wish. They can summon you, control you, and even kill you if they wish. Though true names are harder to acquire then just speaking. It's all about pronunciation and syllables, You get one bit wrong and the spell usually blows up in your face. Names make up who we are as a person, describe you in some way. Human names are harder to use then most supernatural names. Humans change themselves all the time. So the meanings of their names change to reflect that.

Everything in the whole world has its own name. Names are unique sounds and cadences of words that are attached to one specific individual-sort of like a kind of theme music. If you know something's name, you can associate yourself with it in a magical sense, almost in the same way a wizard can reach out and touch someone if he possesses a lock of their hair, or fingernail clippings, or blood. If you know something's name, you can create a magical link to it, just as you can call someone up and talk to them if you know their phone number. Just knowing the name isn't good enough, though: You have to know exactly how to say it. Ask two John Franklin Smiths to say their names for you, and you'll get subtle differences in tone and pronunciation, each one unique to its owner. Wizards tend to collect names of creatures, spirits, and people like some kind of huge Rolodex. You never know when it will come in handy.

Thresholds: Homes are protected, don't know what it does. But supernatural creatures and magic users cannot enter a home without permission without losing a big chunk of their power while they are inside the house. But the house has to be a home. With a family, love, a sense of protection. Bachelor pads don't seem to cut it.

Objects & DNA: Items of value, something that belongs to someone or was passed down from generation to generation. Have important value. They can be a form of protection, magic in their own right if you believe in them. Also, for a magic user like a wizard, it can be a connection to that person. A way to find them if they are missing, best for location spells. Or in darker circles for spells to kill them. The same thing goes for anything that is a part of the person, hair, blood, clothes, fingernail clippings and such. Get into the habit of throwing them out, I do.

Magic-circle theory: Most magic involves a circle of one kind or another. Drawing a circle sets a local limit on what a wizard is trying to do. It helps him refine his magic, focus and direct it more clearly. It does this by creating a sort of screen, defined by the perimeter of the circle, which keeps random magical energy from going past it, containing it within the circle so that it can be used. To make a circle, you draw it out on the ground, or close hands with a bunch of people, or walk about spreading incense, or any of a number of other methods, while focusing on your purpose in drawing it. Then, you invest it with a little spark of energy to close the circuit, and it's ready.
One other thing such a circle does: It keeps magical creatures, like faeries, or even demons, from getting past it. Neat, huh? Usually, this is used to keep them out. It's a bit trickier to set up a circle to keep them in.

Third Eye or The Sight: The sight is an ability magic users learn to use and acquire to their advantage. It allows you to see the truth of things, how things really are. Like aura's, truths, the real person.

The kind of things you see when you learn how to open your Third Eye could be blindingly beautiful, bring tears to your eyes-or they could be horrible, things that made your worst nightmares seem ordinary and comforting. Visions of the past, the future, of the true natures of things. Psychic stains, troubled shades, spirit-folk of all description, the shivering power of the Nevernever in all its brilliant and subtle hues-and all going straight into your brain: unforgettable, permanent. Wizards quickly learn how to control the Third Eye, to keep it closed except in times of great need, or else they go mad within a few weeks.
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