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Long ago the three races lived in harmony, helping one another in every way they possibly could. The three kingdoms were Maralon, the Vampire Kingdom. Shishane (She-sha-neh), the Werewolf Kingdom. And, Asgardin, the Human Kingdom. Of course, everyone knew that if two of the races were to combine, it would create utter chaos. Of course, teenage hearts are hard to control. And one day, a Vampire and Werewolf fell deeply in love, getting married secretly. But Marci, the Vampire got pregnant with a baby, and back then, the mother would have to die if they wanted the baby to be gone. The father, Darren had no idea what to do, so they ran away together, to the human kingdom. Soon though, their parents found them and the baby, named Elle. The humans were outraged that they had such an abomination in their kingdom, so they blamed the Vampires and Werewolves for letting this happen. And of course, the Vampires blamed the Werewolves for getting Marci pregnant, and the Werewolves blamed the Vampires for giving birth to such a thing. The baby was killed by a drowning, after only being alive for 2 months.

The parents, Marci and Darren were married off to other people of their own races, having children with their new husband and wife. Although the two people were still looked down upon, the two races said they must have children, to keep the race going...and today the are decendents of both Marci and Darren, and all the decendents are part of the Elle.

Today there is a group that is known as the Elle's, named after the baby that was killed just because of it's race.They are made up of Humans, Vampires, and Werewolves, trying to help stop the war, with less violent tactics. But the trick is, one person who is in the group, is the Princess of the Vampires, and if found out that she is in this group, she will have a stake put through her chest.

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*What ever I say, or what the Mods say, you have to listen too.
*You may NOT post until I have your profile posted and have PMed you back saying you can post.
*Before killing someone, you have to ask them if it's okay, and if you do die, you MAY create a new person, but you have to PM their profile to me first.
*Romance is allowed, and so is fighting, and swearing, but keep the swearing to a minimum.
*To say something as yourself you have to put it inside (( )), [[ ]], or {{ }}.
*I may add some rules later, so check this from time to time!
*When you talk use "_", and if you are thinking use '_'.
*Try to post every day to every day to every two days.
*Do NOT control any one elses character without their permision
*You may have another character as long as it isn't a big part, and no you don't have to send their profile to me!
*This is a semi-literate to literate roleplay. NO USING NUMBERS for words or going "u" or "ur" while acting as your character!
Note: I do know that it is summer, and some of you may travel, so if you are going to leave for over two days, please leave a note in your last post, or PM me so I can post that you are going to be gone.


*Master of the Deadly Sins*
*Bella Lovs Edward*

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Character Name:
Weapons (you may only have a Katana if you are a HUMAN, and you can have mind powers) :

Username: Master of the Deadly Sins
Name: Marine
Age: 15
Race: Vampire
Bio: Marine is the Vampire Princess in the group of Elle's. She was born to the wealthy kingdom of Maralon, to King Victor, and Queen, Marlene. She was raised with manners, and was taught that the humans and Werewolves can never be trusted, and she was also taught of the group of Elle. Although this strange group brought up her curiosity, and she seeked them out, and joined them. She must find a way to balance her royal life, and the life of a Elle.
Weapons: Can control water, has two daggers, and a sword.
Picture: User Image
Username: Bella lovs edward
Name: Blake (Blay for short)
Age: Looks 16 Really 110
Race: Vampire
Weapons: Double bladed staff, Long Sword, Pistol/gun, claws, fangs
Gift: Seeing the future (visions)
Bio/Story: I was abandoned at the age of six since I had visions and was considered a freak. I've lived on my own for my entire life and have learned the watching others fight. I'm a quick learner and a very nice person if you get on my good side. I’m also apart of the Elle.
Picture: User Image
Username: Happy_Kat 261
Character Name: Annaleesa
Age: 16
Race: Human
Bio: Her parents didn't approve of the fact that she thought all vampires and werewolves were good and was cast out of her house. She is also part of the Elle's.
Weapons: Hypnotize
Picture: Annaleesa
Username: UnknownMarauder
Character Name: Marina Otoll
Age: 17
Race: Werewolf
Bio: The daughter of a prostitute and a wealthy business man, Marina was left to fend for herself at a young age. Growing up without bias, she was often looked down upon by the others of her race. When Marina heard about the Elle, she basically gave her own race the “Screw you, I’m leaving,” talk and joined up with the Elle.
Weapons: Claws, teeth, and strength
Picture: Marina
Username: XHeart Break By DeathX
Character Name: Assenav (Uh-sen-iv)
Bio: A young teenager, who was a decendent of the Father of Elle. She hated the fact that the Vampires and her own kind were fighting and blaming each other. Now at the age of 16 going on 17 she is a loner and living in the wild.
Weapons: Claws, Mind powers with other Werewolves
Picture: Human Mode: User Image
Werewolf Mode: User Image
Username: Ichigo the Neko
Character Name: Kera Thomas
Age: 17
Race: Vampire
Bio: Her parents died when she was a little girl. Her brother went missing when she was 9. She lives on her own in the mansion her parents left her in their will. She was also left their money, so she is kinda rich. She likes to play video games in her spare time and work on RPGs. She doen't go to school, but she knows all about the human world from books. She also knows about what happened with the werewolves and the vampires, but she lives inbetween the three kingdoms and stays out of the fights, so i guess she would be considered an Elle.
Weapons: Weapons
Picture: Kera
Username: CupcakeWithSprinkles
Character Name: Katanni
Age: 4500 looks 17
Race: Day Walking Vampire
Bio: Katanni's parents were both killed when their house burned down. Her parents didnt notice the fire when her dad was yelling at her mother. Her father pushed her mother into the fire on accident but didnt bother to help her out of it. Her mother grabbed her father's ankle before he could escape. The last words she said to him was "If I'm going to hell, you're coming with me..." Katanni made it out safely with a couple burn marks on her back. Her father made her necklace for her 1st birthday. When she lived on the streets, someone tried to murder her but all her angry was released and she ended up murdering him. She ran far away to Italy and broke into an abandoned house and made it her new home. She is also part of the Elle.
Weapons: poison needles and as mind powers.
Picture: Katanni
((I will make the posts for him in green later in the role playing))
Username: Master of the Deadly Sins
Character Name: Marcus
Age: 17
Race: Vampire
Bio: Marcus was a decendent of the vampire Marci, and his parents were poor. They almost never got to feed him when he was young. But they had joined the Elle long ago, and had set off for a meeting when he was ten. They never returned. He guessed that they were killed in the attack on the Elle. They never got away in time. He now wanders the steets robbing people, but does have a good heart deep down. He is not part of the Elle, but does not like the war.
Weapons: Sword, dagger, and fangs.
Gift: Can show you who you truly belong with, and can read minds.
Picture: User Image
Gaianame: Minxies
Character Name: Atokata Jipushi
Age: 16
Race: Human ((Witch))
Bio: Born in a happy home, Atokata almost immediately started to learn the powers of energy and witchcraft. Her mother teaching her the wonders of nature and magick. When Ato was only about 7, her mother died and so now she lives with her father.
Ato still studies magick and witchcraft on her own and knows small things. She's got a very gentle nature about her; and doesn't like to fight.
However she does have a VERY strong will.
Weapon: Herself, kinda...
Picture: Atokata
((Using Dark blue writing))
Username: Bella Lovs Edward
Name: Alec
Age: Looks 17 Really 86
Race: Vampire
Weapons: Long Sword, Gun, Fangs
Bio/Story: Unknown, except he only remembers that he was in a battle a while back and has two scars down his back. Apart of the Elle.
Picture: User Image
Username: White Dragon of Legend
Character Name: Ren Tatsuki
Age: Looks 18, but actually age unknown
Race: Vampire/Werewolf
Bio: Ren was born in a village that was like everyone else, but ended up have to run for her life because bandit's came to destroy her village. She ran far enough to stumble onto this place, and has vowed to get stronger as she get's older. She is the only daughter of a vampire and werewolf, thtat she knows of. She was an only child, so no siblings. She was gving the family treasure before her parents were killed. She also has a diesease that she coughs up blood, but it can't get to serious unless doing a straighning activity.
Weapons : She has gloved claws.
Picture: Vampire
User Image
Username: xHoshi
Character Name: Yuki
Age: Unknown
Race: Human (in the Elle)
Bio: a girl who gre up without a known background. She is the col type who always wears a kimono, good at music and dancing.
Weapons (you may only have a Katana if you are a HUMAN, and you can have mind powers): Fans and Flute. (the fan is for dancing which has powers to make people drowzy and the flute is a magical flute that will hypnotize the enemy so she can control them)
Picture: http://i165.photobucket.com/albums/u67/Ookamilover21/Anime pics/anime67.jpg
Username:Amira Tanemura
Character Name:Ana Helsinger
Age: 14
Race: werewolf
Bio: Born into the Helsing family and trained to fight things supernatural and otherworldly, Ana was a born hunter. She was scouting in the woods with her father and Friar(he never leaves her side) when a vampire came and captured her father. Friar was preocupied with the vampire and didn't see the werewolf coming up behind him. Ana jumped in front of friar and was bitten by it. She shot it with silver bullets and kiled it. She now wanders the vampire kingdom looking for her father. She also looks for a cure to turn her back into a human. She changed her last name so as to hide from the rest of the world until she finds the cure and saves her father.((sorry if its a bit too van helsing, i just love that movie.))
Weapons (you may only have a Katana if you are a HUMAN, and you can have mind powers) : All things that weakon vampires and werewolves as weapons(crossbows, wolfsbane, stakes ect.), and enhanced werewolf abilities.
Picture:User Image
(Is a rouge)
Character Name:Vae
Bio: A very young vampire that likes to hid himself from the world around him. When all eyes are open he hides himself and likes to hid from the world around him.
Weapons:MANRIKI-GUSARI Double weighted chain
Picture: User Image
Username: NINJAS_chan

Character Name: Alice Yuki Hart

Age: 19

race: vampire

Bio: Alice can't remember anything from her life, except her name. She can't ever recall why she's there.

Weapons: Alice can read minds, and weilds a katana with some strange incription engraved on the side

Picture:User Image

*We need more humans! Try to get your friends to join and ask them to be humans please!


*Master of the Deadly Sins-I am after the 20th and can only get on 3 days of the week--
*Bella lovs edward-August 1-4th.9th through the 16th
*Ichigo the Neko- July 29th through August 2nd
((I added two more rules, go read them if you want too!))
Marine ran down the stairs of her castle, her dress billowing out behind her. 'Why did my parents make me get up this early to talk to me?!' Marine quickly entered the throne room and bowed before her parents.
"Marine, dear, thanks for coming down here but we had some very important news to tell you," her mother said quickly.
"Now to the news, the humans have found out about our weapons, and all of our royal family is at danger, and we must go to hiding," her father boomed.
"Father, mother...i've told you that violence is not good and you know I hate this war! Why must you make me suffer the consequences when I don't even like any of this," Marine screamed?!
"It's for your own good, dear....," her mother whispered.
"No it's not! It's for your own good! I'm 15, and a good fighter, I can stay here!"
"No one will want to marry you then!"
"Who says I want a husband?!"
Marine stormed out of the room and back to her room. She quickly tore off the dress and put some shorts, a tube top and a sleevless jacket. She put her crown on. ((Like what shes wearing in her profile picture.)) And ran out of the castle to meet the Elle. She snuck out of the outer wall of Maralon, and traveled to the center of where the three kingdoms met. Once there she went stomped her foot over the ground before she heard a hollow sound. She looked around to make sure no one saw, and reached down and crawled inside.
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Blake walked swiftly through the city of Maralon. The cloak's hood covered her snow white hair with light purple streaks and intense purple eyes and lips.
She knew she neeeded to stay hidden since she was easily recongnizable. She remembered the last time she got caught. She cringed at the thought.
She reached the outer wall of the city and found the shortest part of the wall, looked around and then jumped.
She landed neatly on the other side. Then walked quietly to the center of the three kingdoms.
She looked around to make sure no one had noticed or followed her. Then knelt and lifted a hidden door and climbed in.
The short drop from the door placed Blake in one of the major corridoors of the Elle headquarters.
She reached up and pulled off her hood. Her white skin seemed to glow as she walked through the dim light of the pathway.
Marine was leaning over a table crying silently when she heard footsteps behind her. She could just see white, but quickly ran into another room, just incase. When in there, she pulled out an Elle cloak made of black, with an E in the corner of the cloak. She quickly wipped away the tears, then she walked out, to see Blake.
"Oh thank goodness Blake, you scared me, I thought someone had found out about us..."
Marine quickly walked over to the table, tracing the underground tables with her sharp finger nails. They would have to wait until the other members got here. Then she'd have to tell them all about her news that she got earlier this morning.
Annaleesa shook her head as she walked towards the wall and ran through what she had just heard. 'Werewolves and vampires are not all cold and heartless people! I hate that my parents think so.' she thinks to herself and jumps over the wall to where the three kingdoms meet. "Hi Blake! Hi Marine! How are you guys today?"
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((My visions are in Italics))

"I didn't mean to scare you, Marine," Blake apologized.
She looked over Marine's shoulder at the tables of the underground headquarters. Then she sensed something, Blake stepped away from Marine and reached for
her gun and hid it in her cloak.
"Hi Blake! Hi Marine! How are you guys today?" Annaleesa greet.
She saw Annaleese walking down one of the side corridoors. She quickly replaced her gun in it's holster and turned back to the tables.
"Hey Annaleesa," Blake greeted.
"Seen anyone else coming?" Annaleesa asked.
A large group of people, seated around a circular table discussing problems of some sorts.
"Quite a few are coming," Blake said after her vision was over.
Just then Marina walked in, ""Hey, folks. I haven't missed anything, have I?" Marina asked, taking her seat.
"Not yet," Blake said.
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Marina sat in an alleyway, lighting a match and watching it burn halfway before tossing it into a puddle not too far from her.

"I guess I better get going," she said to no one, standing up and running a hand through her blond hair and walking the familiar paths to the Elle headquarters. "Hey, folks. I haven't missed anything, have I?" Marina asked, taking a seat.
Marine looked around.
"Hey everyone, thanks for coming...now I have something important to say to you all...the humans found out about my parents weapons, and their threatening a full on attack. That could kill tons of my people. And my parents just want to protect themselves and go into hiding...and take me with them...I may have to leave Elle.." Marine sat down and had a depressed look on her face.
Annaleesa stares at Marine in shock and sighs heavily. "I'm confused! Why do you have to hide with them?'
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Blake's mouth dropped from what Marine said. She quickly took a seat so they could begin discussing ways to fix this problem.
"Hide the weapons, then who ever knows won't be able to find evidence," Blake explained her plan.
While listening to the others' ideas, Blake sat there trying to find a fool proof plan and tracing the tattoo that ran up her right arm with her index finger of her left hand.

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